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7 Of The Best Bikes For A 300 lbs Man & Big Guys - What You Should Be Riding To Lose Weight

I reviewed 7 of the best bikes for a 300 lb man, with a mix of mountain bikes, fat bikes, hybrid bikes, e-bikes, and road bikes...basically something for everyone! I started my cycling adventure overweight so I know the difficulties involved when looking for a bike. Fortunately, I got the cycling bug and I've never […]

Schwinn GTX 3 Review - Are Schwinn As Good As They Used To Be?

Has the Schwinn GTX 3 caught your eye? Firstly, well done for coming here! I'm going to give you an in-depth Schwinn GTX 3 review. Giving you the information you need to decide whether this is the next bike for you! There are many features of this bike I love, the brakes, stability, durability, commuting […]

7 Ways To Keep You Moving...7 Of The Best Bikes For Seniors

I put 7 of the best bikes for seniors through their paces to give you an honest review of them. As a cyclist and a lover of all things bike-related, I love testing out new bikes for all different types of riders. Spoiler alert...I rated the the best bike overall for seniors. Want to know […]

Value For Money Cycling At Its Best...The Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300

I was fortunate enough to review 8 of the best hybrid bicycles under 300 dollars. I'll be honest...I was pleasantly surprised by what you could pick up in this price range! I'm a cyclist and I like bikes. Actually, I love bicycles! The right hybrid bike can give you some of the best rides out […]

Trek Verve 2 Review - How Does It Compare To The Verve 1 & Verve 3?

Trek is a well-known brand in the cycling world. It sometimes feels like they're everywhere...but are their bikes any good? The Verve 2 a hybrid bike with a difference. It's comfortable, easy to handle, making it a great choice for a commuter. As far as bikes go, it's affordable and designed not to break the […]

One Bike to Rule Them All? Hybrid vs Mountain Bikes

To the bike enthusiast, hybrid bikes could be considered the best thing since sliced bread, with all the features of a road bike and mountain bike packed into one unit. Hybrid bikes are great over any terrain and would suit the avid cyclist, owing to its versatility between use for leisure and commute and its use […]

Schwinn Bike Reviews – Epitome of German Innovation

The company was started by German Ignaz Schwinn and the brand has grown to be among the best bicycles in the world. Established in 1895, it is also one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world, producing world-class bikes for everyone and all demographics.  As we take a look at some Schwinn bike reviews, […]

Best of Both Worlds with the Best Hybrid Bikes Under $200

Ever come across an all in one shampoo, body wash and facewash guys use? Hybrid bikes are exactly that in the bike world. Unfortunately, at this point, there are no feature worthy hybrid bikes under $200, so our best hybrid bikes under $200 review includes the cheapest options out there. However, we update the list frequently so if […]

Best Hybrid Bikes for Women – The One You Will Hit Tails and Speed Across The City With

Best Budget Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Are you trapped between making your pick between a mountain bike and a road bike? Do you enjoy exploring off-road trails as well as speeding across the city? If the answer to both questions is yes, a hybrid bike which brings you the best of both mountain bikes and […]

Hybrid Bike Tire Pressure - How Do You Achieve The Perfect PSI? (And So Much More)

Do you know what the best hybrid bike tire pressure is? You probably don’t as it’s something even experienced cyclists struggle with.  You may love your hybrid bike. However, you may have been inflating it wrong all this time. This seriously affects its performance. As a result, rides are uncomfortable and you’ll find your bike hard to […]

From Touring To Off Roading - 10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000 And Their Marvels

(Product prices are subject to changes and could be higher than the stated price range.) Looking for the best hybrid bikes under $1000 may seem daunting. That’s why we wanted to make the search easier for you.  We want to offer you a hassle-free, easy to read guide that will get the job done. See below to […]

When The Road Simply Isn’t Enough...12 Of The Best Budget Hybrid Bikes Under $500 [And A Buyers’ Guide Thrown In]

(Product prices are subject to changes and could be higher than the stated price range.) I tested 12 of the top hybrid bikes out there under $500, there were a few surprises...want to know how I got on?...keep reading! It's no secret that I like bikes. In fact, that's an understatement, I love bikes! Mountain […]

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