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Schwinn Bike Reviews - 16 Bikes for Every Rider

For more than 120 years, Schwinn has sold bikes with the consumer in mind. Affordable, yet reliable and durable, their bicycles are what you’d call a safe bet.  Nowadays, the brand is known for its high-end cruisers and e-bikes. But they also make quality mountain and road bikes when you know which one to look […]

Do Electric Bikes Burn Belly Fat or Just Another Misconception?

I started my cycling journey while being overweight so this is close to my heart. I found that the more I rode, the more pounds I lost. I’m not talking big rides either. I would try to combine frequent low-impact rides with high-intensity interval sessions thrown in, which worked well to increase my progress. When […]

Fancy an E-bike? These are the Best E-bike Conversion Kits

It’s always good to try out new things but sometimes you can’t let go of the past. If you want to get into the E-bike trend, but you don’t want to let go of your old bike, this article is for you. The easiest and cheapest way to get yourself an E-bike is to simply […]

Put a Spark Into Your Commute! Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

(Product prices are subject to changes and could be higher than the stated price range.) I tested and reviewed the best electric bikes for under $1000. I'm a recent convert to the e-bike. I will admit I was a bit of a snob and didn't think much about the electric bike. However, after hiring one […]

Best Electric Bikes Under $500 To Add A Spark To Your Commute

(Product prices are subject to changes and could be higher than the stated price range.) I put 7 of the best electric bikes under $500 to the test. Can e-bikes replace cars?'ll find out here! As a rider who snubbed e-bikes for a long time, I eventually hired an electric mountain bike and my bike […]

Best Folding Electric Bike Guide – Fold Your Bike and Join the Hype

Yes, E-bikes are the new thing but folding E-bikes?  Just like the world evolved from 1.44 MB floppy disks to 1TB USB flash drives the size of your thumb, everything gets compact and evolves to better suit the fast-moving pace of the world today. Folding e-bikes allow you to take your bike indoors. You can easily store […]

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