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How Much Does A Mountain Bike Weigh? (Why Does It Matter!)

Mountain bikes have an average weight between 28lbs and 30lbs, but they can be as heavy as 40lbs depending on the type of mountain bike you are looking at. As a cyclist of many years, and an ex-semi professional rider, I am someone who has worked in bike shops. I have spent a lot of […]

How to Inflate a Presta Valve and Do It Properly?

To inflate a Presta valve, you must unscrew the core valve, push a pump on, and inflate it with air. Once inflated, remove the pump and screw the core valve back up. As someone who has worked in the cycling industry for years as an athlete and in bike shops, I am asked many questions […]

Can You Put Road Tires On A Mountain Bike? - How Safe Is It?

The short answer is, yes, you can put road tires on a mountain bike, but it does come with a few complications. You need to know these before you start, to make sure it is safe to use. As an experienced cyclist and someone who has done years of work in bike shops, this is […]

Hydraulic vs Mechanical Disc Brakes, What Should You Be Using?

Hydraulic disc brakes are much better. They require less maintenance, are more powerful, and can self-adjust. Compared to mechanical brakes they are more efficient. As a bike shop worker and semi-professional rider, I feel I have a good understanding when it comes to bikes and components.  In this article, I’m going to tell you why […]

Exercise Bike Vs Elliptical Trainer, Which Is Better?

When you think about cardiovascular workouts, we all have a weapon of choice to hit our fitness goals. A common question we get asked is whether you should choose an exercise bike or an elliptical for your workout. I believe for all round fitness the elliptical trainer is better. As a personal trainer, I have […]

Drop Bar Vs Flat Bar Bike: What Should You Be Riding?

Drop bars are used on road racing bikes and flat bars are found on mountain bikes. I have ridden all over the world as a cyclist and found both drop bars and flat bars useful in my adventures. You would be surprised at how well they work in various terrain. The purposes of drop bars […]

Is It Possible? Can You Ride A Mountain Bike On The Road?

As a cyclist who has been riding bikes for many years, I often get asked, "Can I ride a mountain bike on the road? Of course, you can, but there's a lot to consider before you do. Most cyclists use mountain bikes for their intended purpose, but some cyclists use them on the road for […]

How to Adjust Peloton Bike Seat, Are You at The Right Height?

You can adjust the peloton seat via the handles, which are situated on the base of the seat post and under the saddle.  As a bike fitter myself, I know that getting the right saddle height can completely change how your Peloton Bike feels. Over the years, I have helped many people achieve the correct […]

Fast or Slow: How Long Does it Take to Bike a Mile?

The amount of time it takes to bike a mile can vary. There are several aspects that determine how long it takes to tackle a mile. On average, it takes someone to 11 minutes to bike a mile, regardless of the factors. I have a naturally competitive streak so when I first got into cycling, […]

Measuring Up: Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

The answer to the question are Peloton shoes true to size is sometimes. If you have "standard" or narrow feet, then the footwear will fit as claimed. In case you have slightly wider feet, you will face an issue. Despite being an avid outdoor cyclist, I rely on my Peloton for getting through the colder […]

How to True a Bicycle Wheel (Without Replacing It)

To true a bicycle wheel, you’ll need to play with the tension of the spokes by fastening the nipples. Once adjusted, the spoke will correct the deviation of the rim, allowing you to ride your bike like nothing ever happened. I have been riding bikes for more than a decade, during which I've bent countless […]

Do All Bikes Have Quick Release Wheels?

Quick-release wheels were a mystery to me when I started cycling. I understood the concept and wanted it but wondered, do all bikes have quick-release wheels? No, not all bikes have quick-release wheels. Some still require you to use tools to remove the wheels. In this guide, we’ll be looking at how you can tell […]

Do All Bikes Have Gears?... Bicycle Gears Guide 101!

When I started looking for my first bike, I was mystified by its gears. Nor was I even sure if all bicycles had gears. So “do all bikes have gears?” is not such a silly question! Let’s break it down. The vast majority of bikes have gears, though there are exceptions. The number of gears […]

Do All Bikes Have Inner Tubes? - Take A Look Inside

Bike tires are great until you get a flat. When that happens, you need to know what you’re doing so you might be wondering “do all bikes have inner tubes?”. The majority of bike tires do have inner tubes, but not all. There are some good reasons why your bikes should have inner tubes and […]

Do Electric Bikes Burn Belly Fat or Just Another Misconception?

I started my cycling journey while being overweight so this is close to my heart. I found that the more I rode, the more pounds I lost. I’m not talking big rides either. I would try to combine frequent low-impact rides with high-intensity interval sessions thrown in, which worked well to increase my progress. When […]

Hybrid Bike Tire Pressure... Your Guide To Easier Cycling

To get the most out of your hybrid bike tire pressure, you should have the pressure set to 40 - 70 psi. There's more to managing your pressure than just pumping air into softer tires and letting it do its magic. However, it's not a hard job and you can master it quickly. Speaking as […]

Is Cycling Aerobic Or Anaerobic? - Don't Hold Your Breath

Whether you like to ride in a leisurely manner or power through your rides, you may have wondered, “is cycling aerobic or anaerobic?”, is it your lungs or your legs that give you the power to make it to the finish? Cycling is both aerobic and anaerobic. To get the most out of your training […]

How To Tighten A Bike Chain In 5 Easy Steps!

If you find that your chain keeps dropping off or coming loose, you will need to tighten it to prevent an accident. As an experienced cyclist who has fixed chain issues on many a roadside, I can tell you that it doesn't mean that there's a problem with the bike. It likely means that there's […]

How To Remove Bike Pedals In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Removing your old bicycle pedals can seem that a workout in itself and one I haven't always won...until I found out the right way to go about it! Part of the problem comes from the fact that 'righty tighty, lefty loosey' doesn't necessarily apply and I feel like that's been ingrained in us so why […]

How To Raise Handlebars On Mountain Bikes: A Cyclist's Manual

Achy neck? Back pain? General numbness? These are all signs that your handlebars on your mountain bike could be too low. Knowing how to raise handlebars on mountain bikes could be your answer. I know this as I suffered from bad back pain for several rides before I figured out what the problem was. A […]

Best Bike Brands - The Cyclopedia

Buying your first bike can be a daunting task. Even if it’s not your first, the endless brands and varieties in the market can even confuse the pros. How good a bike or the brand is doesn’t just depend on the price or “premium” feel. The quality of components, how long they’ve been around in […]

How To Put A Motor On A Bike Step By Step (Easy & Simple Guide)

Putting a motor on your old bike is a great step to giving you more speed and your bicycle and new lease of life. I used to snub my nose up at everyone who wanted to have a motor on their bike. Why would you do that? Well, one day I tried a bicycle with […]

Learn How To Remove a Bike Crankset Before It Gets Crankier

If you’re a cycling enthusiast like me, it is always recommended that you learn a few essential skills that might be useful. Replacing or tightening a bike chain, changing a tire, or removing a crankset are a few basic skills you could learn which can help you save cash when it comes to bike repair or maintenance. No […]

How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes - 7 Proven Methods

There are many ways in which you can get rid of bike grease stains. From the traditional methods of using , , or soap to more unconventional forms like applying , , or chalk, there will undoubtedly be one that will work for you. I’ve stained my pants more times than I’d like to admit, […]

How To Shorten A Bike Chain In 3 Easy Steps!

Bike chains of the incorrect length can cause serious shifting performance and take out the enjoyment of cycling. Removing a few links from the chain is the answer and it's quick to do! I've been that rider. That rider who ignores maintenance. About to cycle up a hill, change gear and the bicycle takes a […]

How To Convert Bicycle Into Electric Bicycle- Stepping Up Your Cycling Game

A bike can be converted into an e-bike by installing a conversion kit. This will provide the bike with a motor, powering it through either the front wheel or the rear wheel. As a true e-bike convert, I was keen to explore the world of converting your old bike into a powered bike. E-bikes are […]

Cycling Safety Essentials: How to Adjust Bike Brakes

If you ride a bike, then maintaining brake health should be a top priority, period. Every cyclist should know how to repair bicycle brakes. The effectiveness of bike brakes reduces over time. This can be caused by a variety of things but most of the time it's due to the pads wearing away and the cables stretching […]

How to Turn Left On a Bike – The Safest, Fastest and Easiest Maneuvers

Turning left on a bike... sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. Since the general rule is that you should cycle with the flow of traffic, cyclists are supposed to keep to the right side of the street. So a left turn essentially means that you're going up against traffic rather than following it. Sounds scary, […]

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