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Cycling Enthusiast / Mechanical Engineer

Hailing from Germany, where the first bike was invented is no coincidence. The cycling bug hit Conrad when he was really young, and he has been sick for quite some time now.Germany is a leading cycling nation. His first cycling experience began with him commuting to school with his friends. Racing to school was the best feeling ever.As Conrad grew up so did his passion for cycling. He used to race in local competitions but never made it to the professional level because of his other love : EngineeringAs a mechanical engineer by profession, Conrad loves to understand the mechanisms behind machines and how they work. This intensified his passion for bicycles.Engineer by day and blogger by night, Conrad wants to share his knowledge with the global cycling community.

Grace Lian

Grace Liang

Cycling Enthusiast / Professional Consultant

From the moment Grace got her first bicycle as a child, she knew that cycling would be more than an arbitrary hobby for her. From casual weekend cycling to several adrenaline-laced races in her later years, Grace grew from a rough-and-tumble tomboy to an avid cyclist as an adult. Grace inculcated her passion for the sport into her studies and her career. Following a degree in sports medicine and physiotherapy, Grace is now a professional consultant, helping up and coming athletes not only with their health, but also in their foray into the cycling world. From the latest bike to the best way to tackle cyclocross, she’s the one to go to!

Now living in Sydney, Australia, with over 20 years’ experience on the trail, we are fortunate enough to have Grace share her views, tips and tricks on everything cycling-related on Cycling Global.

Amy L

Amy L

Cycling Enthusiast / Writer

I'm Amy, A writer and when I'm not writing, I'm usually found on two wheels! I own several bikes; my favourite has to be my faithful Bianchi Infinito CV. We've been through a lot together - we've even been to Paris together...twice!. My first carbon bike. My first love. Cycling is my passion and climbing is my thing, so if there's a climb out there you think I should know about - let me know!

robbie ferri

Robbie Ferri

Cycling Enthusiast / Writer

I’m Robbie Ferri I’m a Cyclist from Norfolk UK. I have been cycling for many years and found myself in Time Trials, Ultra Cycling World Records, and Bikepacking Races. I have worked in a Bike shop and with some of the industry’s leading brands. I’m also an experienced Spinning Instructor and avid Indoor Cyclist. If I’m not cycling, I’m writing about it.

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