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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Bike Tire (All You Need to Know)

Carlos Glover
September 14, 2022

Naturally, when it comes to bike tire replacement, the first thing that´ll come to mind about replacing your bike tires is the new bike tire cost. You´ll normally be able to find a decent tire for about $50-$200/tire with installation costs included. The price of the tire really depends on material, size plus the installation costs for the bike.

As a biker, you don't want to hear that you need to replace your tires, mainly because it's something that requires money and precious time and effort. For me personally, it was always a bit of a pebble in my shoe. However, it is a necessary evil everyone has to go through in order to keep riding and avoid a flat tire every now and then.

In this article we´ll take a deep dive into the bicycle tire world, understand the differences in tires and their prices, so you can know exactly what you´ll need to do to get your bike up and running.

Price of Tires by Type

Back in the day, only on-road and off-road bike tires were produced. Since then, as bicycles have become bigger in the sports and transportation world, a whole array of tires, experimenting with size, width and air pressure have come to market.

Different Colors of Bicycles

Clincher Tire

Clincher tires are the most abundant and popular choice in the market. They work by placing a tube between the wheel and the outer casing of the tire. Rather than inflating the tire itself, the air goes into a tube, which is protected by the casing.

Clincher tires are very accessible, effective and easy to fix. However, they can get easily punctured, which can lead to a flat tire.

The average cost for Clincher Bike Tires is around $50/Tire.


  • Pirelli P7 Clincher tire have a great price and quality for what you´re paying. These tires are not so tough to remove and have great grip.

Tubeless Tire

The Tubeless bike tire is slowly but surely rising into the best choice of wheel in the biking scene. They offer the perfect middle ground between clincher and tubular tires. They are perfectly at the middle in reparation costs, accessibility and installation and price when compared with tubular and clincher bike tires.

Although clincher and tubular bike tires are incredibly popular and used everywhere, tubeless tires are slowly beginning to take the lead. They offer the best of all worlds and the best puncture resistance of the three.

These bike tires will set you approximately $100/wheel.


  • Tubeless tires are on a whole other level. The Vittoria Rubino Pro IV tires, are extremely affordable and have great durability and versatility.

Tubular Tire

Tubular Tires are normally glued to the edge of the bicycle rim. Unlike clincher tires, air is held in the tire itself, which can give the appearance of a rounder look.

These tires are lighter and faster than clincher or tubeless tires. They are also extremely durable and feature great quality. However the biggest setback these bike tires present is that they are incredibly difficult to fix and service.

These tires are particularly found in race bikes, as they have great grip, stability and low weight.

This bicycle tire can reach prices of up to $100/wheel. However, you might be able to find plenty of options for less.


  • Continental Giro Tubular is a great choice for a bike wheel, not only for it´s extremely cheap price, but the quality of continental tires is well-established.

Mountain Bike Tires

Also known as mtb bike tires, this particular bike wheel is especially made to resist the treacherous off-road biking conditions. You´ll find that mountain bike tires can be extremely wide. This allows them to take a lower air pressure and thus protect themselves from any damage mountain debris could cause.

Mountain bike tire widths are measured in inches and can be anywhere from 2.3 in to 3.7 in per wheel. Safe to say, these tires are gigantic.

Mountain bikes usually have tubeless tires, as they are the most resistant tire. They also have some of the thickest tire treads to give the bike some grip in tough terrain. Finally, it is not uncommon for mountain bike tires to vary in design from the front wheel to the rear wheel. This is mostly due to grip logistics. Nevertheless, the wheels are the same.

For mountain bikes, a new bike tire cost is normally between $30 to $100 depending mostly on tire size and quality.


  • Continental tires are fantastic for mountain biking. Getting one of these will make your bike look and feel good for a not so high cost.
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Gravel Tires

Gravel tires are the perfect middle between mountain and road bikes. These tires allow the bike to explore rougher terrain, and also go at a faster, more agile speed than a mountain bike.

Gravel bikes usually range in size, normally measuring between 28-50 mm in width. The wheel width depends on design and use case. Staying true to its versatile nature, these wheels normally have a multifaceted tread which allows it to go quickly in a straight line, but to have plenty of grip on a curvy road.

The average price for a tire is $60.


  • The Ritchey Alpine JB Tire is the ideal gravel tire. These tires are dual threat and have great quality. With these tires, you can ride anywhere.

Road Bike Tires

Road tires are the original tires. Made for the road, their main objective is to take the bike as fast as possible from point A to point B. They are narrow, smooth, light, and run at high air pressures.

These bike tires have a flat tread design, meaning they work at their best when they go on a straight line. They are usually seen on commuter bikes. These tires are normally more compact than mountain tires, with an average tire width ranging between 18-28 mm. Because they are meant for speed and grip, this bike tire is especially vulnerable to being punctured, potentially leading to a flat tire.

The average cost of this particular bike tire ranges from $ 60 to $100. However, you can find them for as low as $25/piece, and for a quality bike tire you could pay as much as $150/tire.


Hybrid Bike Tire

Hybrid bikes are rising to popularity in the biking community. They offer the best of both worlds as you can pedal and do some exercise. If you´re feeling tired, you can use the electric motor to ride the bike.

When it comes to hybrid bike tires, they are equipped for a variety of uses. People will most likely use a hybrid bike as a road bike, rather than use it as a mountain bike. Therefore, hybrid bike tires are very much similar to road bike tires, built for high speeds and efficiency.

Hybrid bike tires must also be designed to support more weight, as hybrid bikes are usually heavier than road bikes. You´ll most likely find a wide road bicycle tire on this type of bicycle or something similar to gravel tires.

You´ll find many hybrid bike tires between $25-$65.


  • Vittoria Randonneur are well established quality tires made for the road, but capable to withstand anything.

Airless Bike Tires

With new technological improvements made every day, airless tires have come into the bicycle world.

Made of special foam, these tires are a testament to endurance. They are new and more expensive than other bike tires. However, their maintenance and repair costs are virtually non-existent, making them a very attractive choice. These tires are compatible for all kinds of surfaces.

The only downside to using these tires is that they have tons of holes which can get filled by debris. To avoid damaging the bike tire, you´ll have to clear out this debris quite often.

The average price for these tires is around $100/tire.


  • Catazer 26in tire size these tires ride great. The best part is that you don´t have to worry about air but they are a bit pricey.
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Factors That Influence Bike Tire Prices

Now that you know about the most common types of tires, there are some extra characteristics that your bike could have. These could end up bumping the bike tire replacement cost.

Tire Purpose

If you´re planning to use your bicycle for a specific purpose, such as downhill biking or extreme sports, you´ll need the perfect set of tires for the job. Getting special tires might just bump the price.

Size and Width

Depending on your bike´s size, you´ll have to choose your next bike tire accordingly. However, a general principle with a tire category is the bigger the tire, the higher the price. Not all bikes are compatible with all wheel sizes, so take that into account as well.

Tire Materials

Although most tires are made out of rubber, some specialized tires are made from other materials. One example of this are airless tires, which also use a special foam. Although most tires are made from rubber, the material in your tires could impact the price you´ll have to pay.


When it comes two the installation of your brand new bike wheel, there are two possibilities. Installing it yourself, or going to a bike shop for some help. Here's an analysis of how this could go:

Replacing the Bike Tire Yourself

When it comes to replacing a bike wheel, mounting the tire onto your wheel will be your biggest challenge. To accomplish this, depending on your level of knowledge and expertise, you might choose to do it yourself. If so you´ll need these things:


Time and Cost

Fitting a tire could prove to be a challenge as there could be small variations between rims and countless other factors. Here are some tips to make it a bit lighter in the case you´re having some trouble:

  • Make sure the tire's bead is resting in the center of the bike tire.
  • You should try to finish fitting the tire at the valve.
  • If it´s really complicated, you can lubricating the bead, which will help it slip on to the rim. It mustn't be a special lubricator, water with some soap will do the trick.

In regard to time, fitting the whole tire shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. If it´s extremely challenging, it could be longer. However, if it´s too difficult go to a professional as you could risk damaging the bike.

The cost of doing it yourself is quite cheap. You´ll only need your bike wheels, your bike, maybe a few bike materials such as and a couple of ordinary home tools to fit it. The total cost should be only that of the tires plus $10-$15 on equipment. The price of the bicycle tires can vary depending on the type.

Going to a Bike Shop

If you´re having a really tough time installing the bicycle tires all by yourself, it's wiser for a professional to do it. You can always turn to a bike store for help. However, it won't come that cheap. The cost of installation should not be higher than $50. This could potentially vary from shop to shop.

Mechanic Fixing A Bike


If you´re going to get a tire replacement, go for high-quality bike tires, regardless of whether it's a road bike tire, a women's bike tire, big, small, wide, etc. Getting quality bike tires should also upgrade the bike quality and make your bike ride more enjoyable.

When looking for the ideal replacement tire, there will be many different bike tires to choose from. Take into account factors like the size and width of the bike wheels, so you don't get the wrong ones. You should also pay close attention to bike weight, as it could help you or stop you.

If you get a flat bike tire you just can't fix at home, taking your bike to the local bike shop is a great alternative. Although bike tire costs are higher in bike shops, it shouldn't dramatically affect the bike tire replacement cost.

In some cases, if the outer tread of the tire is in good condition, but the inner tube is damaged, you might be able to swap it with a new inner tube instead of buying a new tire. Be sure to buy a spare tube in case it happens again.

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Closing Thoughts

If your tire is truly in a bad shape, it is time to get it replaced. You could do this one tire at a time or replace both at the same time. This would be the best choice, as both tires will wear down similarly.

It is also important to be aware of the bike tire you need. You can always pick from a wide variety of choices, but make sure they are compatible with your bike by taking measurements prior to buying them.

If you´re thinking of adding a special kind of tire to give your bike a new or innovative look, it is completely possible. Just make sure your bike will still be enjoyable to ride.

Depending on your level of knowledge, you could try to install them yourself. Don´t worry if you can´t. Visiting a bike shop will get the job done, only adding a few bucks to your budget.

So how much does it cost to replace a bike tire? The answer depends on your choice, but it should be somewhere between the $100-$400 range for both tires ($50-$200/tire).

Carlos Glover
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