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Trek Verve 2 Review - Is It Better Than The Verve 1 & Verve 3?

Amy L
February 25, 2024

Trek is a well-known brand in the cycling world. It sometimes feels like they're everywhere...but are their bikes any good?

The Verve 2 a hybrid bike with a difference. It's comfortable, easy to handle, making it a great choice for a commuter. As far as bikes go, it's affordable and designed not to break the bank.

However, the Verve 2 isn't the only bike in the range and there are plenty of hybrid bikes on the search market so how does it compare?

Let's jump into the Trek Verve 2 review and see what we think!

What Is The Trek Verve 2 Disc?

The Verve 2 is a hybrid bike. For those looking for a comfortable bike, that is ideal for commutes and weekend rides, this bike is aimed at you!

It comes equipped with a lot of genuinely useful features that enhance your ride, such as, a suspension fork, fenders, lights, adjustable handlebars and you even get a rear rack. Not to mention the alpha gold aluminum frame, more on this later!

Why I Love The Verve 2

  1. Trek has gone the extra mile when designing the Verve. It's all about you enjoying the cycling trips, suspension seatpost, adjustable stem, and a suspension fork.
  2. You don't need to add anything to it before you use the Verve 2. Trek has included everything you need; lights, a lock, a rear rack, and even mudguards. Not something you can say about many bike manufactures!
  3. I loved the upright riding position of the Trek Verve. Holding the handlebars, I felt like I could see everything. Sit up and enjoy the world. The alpha gold aluminum frame is outstanding.
  4. Disc brakes! Whether your preference is v brakes, I don't think you can deny that it's pretty impressive to see disc brakes on a bike at this price range. You going to have fantastic stopping power at times, whatever the weather condition when you're cycling.
  5. Bontrager H5 tires and Bontrager connection alloy double wheels. Quality running throughout the bike.

Features Of The Trek Verve 2

What makes the Verve 2 such a good purchase is the fact it's packed full of features.

Want to know more?

Lightweight frame - Constructed from aluminum alloy, Trek ensures the Verve stays at a cool 13.2kg (that's including all of the extras you get too!).

The alpha gold aluminum frame is exclusive to Trek and it's rust-resistant, ensuring you aren't left with lots of maintenance - which we all appreciate!

High-quality Bontrager H5 Tires - With the Verve 2 you actually get a tubeless setup with the tires.

[What is tubeless? Your guide is here!]

Now I'm a fan of tubeless tires, I run tubeless on my road bike and so far I'm yet to have a route cut short due to a puncture.

The reason I went for tubeless in the first place was the extra comfort it provides as you can run the tire pressure at a lower level and you're unlikely to get a puncture that the tubeless can't fix itself.

I feel like I can achieve a higher speed when running a tubeless wheel. Bumps aren't as big a concern so speed can be!

So you can focus on enjoying your trips and adventures, whatever the road conditions are!

The Verve even has reflective Bontrager H5 tires, giving you an increase in visibility to other road users!

These Bontrager H5 tires are coupled with Bontrager Connection, alloy double-wall wheels. Matching brands up is something I always try to do, they're designed to fit together so it's nice that with these wheels, that's already taken care of!

Hydraulic Disc Brakes – Another impressive feature of the Verve 2 is that it comes with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes.

Why is that good?

You have a better ability to stop at speed. Rim brakes can struggle on steep descents (exactly when you need them most!), at higher speed, and in poor weather conditions.

Whereas bikes with hydraulic disc brakes don't have those problems. Smooth sailing all the way - almost whatever the speed.

Suspension seat post - Seating positions are important, not being able to get comfortable isn't going to encourage you to go out on your bike very much - I'm speaking from experience here!

Trek has kitted this model out with a suspension seat post, meaning that it does a great job at absorbing the bumps on the road.

The seat tube angle and height can be adjusted to make sure you have plenty of options to get comfortable.

MIK Rear Rack - Hybrid bikes offer great flexibility in what you use them for however, quite often you have to buy additional materials such as a rear rack if you want to be able to hold your shopping on there for example.

The Verve 2 comes with a rear rack (and plenty of other goodies!) so you're able to attach and it go!

Suspension Fork - The Trek brand started out in the sport of cycling but they've taken to producing quality hybrid bikes like a duck to water.

Trek seems to understand what it takes to make hybrid bikes and that includes a suspension fork, giving you a comfortable ride.

Mountain bikes have a suspension fork to absorb the bumps on trails. By making one of the components on this bike a suspension fork, it has that ability too.

Size - Frame sizes offered are S, M, L, XL.

[Not sure what size is best for you? Check here.]

They also offer a step-through model for women. The spec is the same, just the downtube is different.

Verve 2 Disc Lowstep

Full Specifications



Size: S, M, L, XL: Alpha Gold Aluminium, rack and fender mounts, DuoTrap S-compatible,


Hubs front: Shimano 3.0 watt dynamo hub

Hub rear: Shimano TX505,

Wheels Rim: Bontrager Connection, alloy double-wall, 32-hole, 20 mm width, Presta valve

Tires: Bontrager H2 Comp, reflective, wire bead, 30 tpi, 700x40c

Max tire size: 700x45c with or without fenders


Front derailleur: Shimano Tourney TY710

Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus M2000

Cassette: Shimano HG31, 11-32, 8-speed

Chain: KMC Z8


Saddle: Selle Royal Nuvola

Stem: Bontrager alloy quill, 31.8 mm clamp, adjustable rise, Blendr-compatible, 85 mm

Brake: Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc


Light: Herrmans H-Trace ECO dynamo LED

Kickstand: Pletscher Comp Flex 18

Cargo rack: Alloy rear rack/ Racktime Light-it with Snapit interface


Weight: 13kg

Maximum limit: This bike has a maximum limit (combined mass of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 136 kg (300 lb).

That's all well and good but how does it compare to the other Verve models?

Verve 2 vs Verve 3

Verve 2
Verve 3

You may have noticed that Trek often releases models followed by a number.

What does that number mean?

In Treks' case, the higher the number, the higher spec'd the bike. This isn't the case with every manufacturer, Giant works the other way for example!

So anyway let's compare Verves!

There are a lot of similarities between the range, both offer really good quality and an alloy frame, with plenty of Shimano components. It will come down to what type of riding you do and how important certain features are, as well as budget of course!


The first change comes in the saddle and you get a slight upgrade with the Verve 3. The Verve 2 comes with a Selle Royal Nuvola, Verve 3 you get a Bontrager Boulevard.

You'll never hear me underestimating in a good cycling saddle. Though just because a seat is better on paper, doesn't mean it will be more comfortable for you so I'm not sure I'd let the seat be the deciding factor.

On both bikes, riders are able to adjust the height of the seat post in order to get the correct geometry for them.


The gears, cassette, and drivetrain are where we see the biggest variation.

The 2 comes with front derailleurs of Shimano Tourney vs Acera on the Verve 3. On the rear derailleur, it's Altus rear cogs vs Alivio.

What does this mean for performance?

Quite a bit actually!

The Verve 2 is a 3 x system so this potentially means more shifting to get to the right gear for the hills. Whereas the Verve 3 is a 2 x system so arguably more manageable.

Overall the quality of the cassette, gears, and groupset is going to be better on the Verve 3. Though for your average rider, I'm not sure how much they will notice.


Both frames are made from aluminum alloy but the 3 has a frame that is DuoTrap S compatible.

What does that mean?

The DuoTrap S is a sensor system that is built into the frame.

It will track your progress from the frame as you're riding and send your cycling statistics to a device of your choosing.

I should point out that the DuoTrap S system doesn't come as part of the package and is sold separately.

However, I can see the usefulness of the DuoTrap S setup and having your cycling statistics to hand as a rider!

Suspension Fork

The Verve 3 bikes get an upgrade in the suspension too with Forklight 3.0 with integrated 50LUX lighting.

Again, the suspensions offered on the 2 are still brilliant but the key components get upgraded with the Verve 3 and that's what makes it a slightly better bike.

There are other minor differences, Trek Verve 2 disc comes with Bontrager Satellite grips.

Both Verve 2 and Verve 3 share lots of similarities, but where it counts, there are differences. You still get the quality frame alpha gold aluminum alloy on whichever Verve you go for, as well as the suspension seatpost.


I don't think you can go wrong with either model!

Yes, the Verve 3 is better in a few places and for some cyclists, that will matter. For other riders? Save yourself some money and enjoy riding the 2!


Trek Verve 1 vs Verve 2

So what about the Verve 1 bikes, what changes when you spend less money?

Disc Brakes

With all of the Verve bikes, you get a disc braking system and that's impressive, especially for the entry model.

However, there is a big change with Verve 1 in that you get mechanical disc brakes.

[Hydraulic vs mechanical disc brake guide]

The downside to mechanical disc brakes is that they rely on a braided steel cable setup to move the pistons.


The Verve 1 & 2 share the same rear derailleur, Shimano Altus. However, the Verve 2 is a newer model so shifting is slightly smoother on these bikes.

Will most riders notice? Unlikely.

It's the same case for the front derailluers, both run Shimano Tourney but the 2 get the newer components.

The cassette is where we see the greatest disparity with these hybrid bikes.

With the 2 you are getting a full Shimano groupset, but with the Verve 1, the cassette is SunRace.

Differences don't stop there, either. The Verve 2 is an 11-32 8 speed set-up. Whilst the 1 is a 14-34, 7 speed.

Would you notice? Yes

Does it matter? For some riders, it will matter and the lack of a Shimano groupset could be a deal-breaker - are you one of those?

That's it, those are the main differences between 1 and 2 bikes. I will admit, they're fairly big differences so are worthy of some considerations.

For me, I'd say the Verve 2 gets my vote. The better braking power and Shimano drivetrain is a worthy upgrade for the price.

Is The Trek Verve 2 A Good Bike?


If you're after a hybrid bike with fantastic braking power thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes, great reviews, and lots of features - the Verve 2 is a great choice!

I'd say if you're looking for cons, then the pedals could do with an upgrade. However, I can't remember a time when I didn't swap the pedals a new bike came with for mine so, in my mind, it's not a big issue.

It also boasts an alpha gold aluminum frame that keeps the kgs down to a very respectable and desirable 13kg!

What Is The Difference Between Trek Verve 1 And 2?

The key distinction is in the disc brakes. The Verve 2 Disc bikes come with hydraulic disc brakes. The Trek Verve 1 comes with mechanical disc brakes.

This matters because hydraulic disc brakes are easier to maintain and are more reliable when it comes to cycling.

If you like to reach great speeds on your travel then the brakes are going to be a factor - as is the gearing!..

The Verve 2 disc also benefits from a Shimano drivetrain. The Trek Verve 1 has a SunRace cassette.

What does that matter?

The material these derailleurs are constructed from will be different and it can affect the responsiveness of your shifters.

If you want to change your gearing, you do so on your shifters and ideally, the derailleurs respond immediately.

Each Verve comes with an aluminum alloy frame and for some of the price points, that's a heck of an achievement!

You also get a better range of gears with the Verve 2 Disc, making it rate more highly in the versatility stakes!

How Much Does The Trek Verve 2 Weigh?

One of the features I love about the Trek Verve 2 disc is how lightweight it is as a bike. It weighs 13.2kg.

For a hybrid bike, with hydraulic disc brakes, that's impressive.

Then when you factor in that you get a load of extras such as the puncture protection tires, which yes, do weigh more but we're talking grams and I'd say these tires are worth the extra weight.

Let's not forget the rack, fender, and lights that are all included!

So overall, it's a light-weight bicycle!

Is Trek Bike Worth The Money?

Each Trek bike will differ but as a manufacturer, Trek produces some decent bikes. The Trek Verve is an excellent example of a hybrid bike at an affordable price.

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Final Word

That's it, that's my take on the Verve 2.

I rate the product highly for first-timers and confident cyclists alike, it's a good purchase.

Would I choose 1, 2, or 3 for cycling?

It depends on what my needs were but I'd most likely sit in the middle of the range with the 2. It comes with all the parts most riders need. It has a beautiful alloy frame design and comes in plenty of sizes (S, M, L, XL) so it's perfect for so many people, regardless of height!

However, the decision is yours! Which bicycle do you prefer?

Amy L
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