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Schwinn GTX 3 Review - Are Schwinn As Good As They Used To Be?

Amy L
August 29, 2021

Has the Schwinn GTX 3 caught your eye?

Firstly, well done for coming here! I'm going to give you an in-depth Schwinn GTX 3 review. Giving you the information you need to decide whether this is the next bike for you!

There are many features of this bike I love, the brakes, stability, durability, commuting ability - and many more!

Yet, there are some features I'm not so keen on, and for some, it could be a reason not to run to the store and pick up this bicycle.

So what are those features? You're going to need to read the review to find out 🙂

Schwinn GTX 3 Bike Specifications

Frame sizes17.5"/ 20"
Wheel size700c
Frame materialAluminum
ForkSR Suntour M3020
Fork travel70 millimeters
CranksSR Suntour
Front DerailleurDNP Downpull
Rear DerailleurShimano Altus
ShifterSRAM MRX Grip Shifters
Front & Rear HubsAlloy
BrakesMechanical Disc

Key Features Of The Schwinn GTX 3


The frame on the GTX 3 is a high-quality lightweight aluminum. It's surprisingly durable too. This is important as the frame is an important element to any bike. I'd always say that you should look to get the best quality one you can afford.

Schwinn knows that a poor quality frame is going to bring about a lot of issues and that certainly isn't the case with this bike!

Appearance-wise, I can't deny, this bike is a looker! One of the great things about aluminum frames is that they are resistant to corrosion, which means when you buy a GTX 3, the frame is going to be with you for a long time...a sound investment indeed!

Another upside to an aluminum frame is that bike manufacturers are able to shape the frame, allowing them to make it more aerodynamic - which is always a good thing and should allow you to achieve higher speeds when you're cycling.

If it's all sounding too good to be true, a few reviews have found out that the frame can be tricky to get repaired. Something worth knowing if you are ever in the unfortunate position!


With the Schwinn GTX 3, you get a nice pair of 700c wheels. These give you a great degree of stability on a variety of terrains - exactly what you want from a hybrid!

As these wheels are 700c, you get a good amount of rolling resistance, which adds to the comfort of your ride and allows you to embrace those bumps!

I think a lot of people can underestimate how much wheels can influence your comfort levels on your ride so it's nice to see that the manufacturer hasn't skipped a beat on this one - you're kitted up well!


A lot of owners of the Schwinn GTX 3 really rate the saddle. It gets mentioned time and time again in almost every bike review.

It's one of the things that makes this bike so unique.

Whilst I will maintain that saddles are a personal thing and it can take lots of attempts to find the right, I can't argue with so many people...they love this saddle.

We know that Schwinn is big on comfort and saddles are a big part of comfort so it's no surprise really, is it?

You get extra foam padding built into this saddle. Nice touch!

Speaking of nice touches, there is a rear reflector on the back of this seat to enhance your visibility. As a fan of being able to be seen (you should see my cycling sock couldn't miss them), I like this. Sure, it's not everything you need to be seen on a night, but it's something Schwinn didn't need to do.


The handlebars on the Schwinn GTX 3 are another standout feature. They ensure that your riding position is upright, giving you plenty of visibility on the road or trail riding.

That's all well and good but the big advantage of this is that helps to minimize you from straining your back or neck.

Finding yourself with an aching neck or back on a ride is seriously unpleasant.

In terms of design, these are similar to bars found on a mountain bike, meaning they are flat and are actually a bit wider than you might expect. Personally, I like this as you find that you have greater control and stability over the bicycle.

Gear & Derailleur

If you have researched any hybrid bikes, you have probably realized that a 7-speed gear system is common and the Schwinn GTX 3 is no exception here.

It's a good balance between having enough gears to get you up the hills you'll come across and keeping the weight down by not having too many gears!

As you get familiar with the bike, you should find that having this array of options for speed and resistance is perfect.


The Schwinn GTX 3 bike comes with an SR Suntour Suspension fork.

If you are a fan of different terrains, you will find this suspension system to be very useful and help increase your comfort level when you're cycling.

Riders who would like rough terrain and road surfaces will enjoy the shock-absorbing this suspension fork offers.

Disc Brakes

The ace in the pack!

It's quite unusual to get disc brakes on a hybrid style of bike but with the GTX 3, you do!

I'm a big fan of disc braking, they give you the stopping power you need in all weather conditions, terrains and they give you the control to travel at greater speed.

A disc brake system makes the Schwinn GTX 3 a variable contender for being one of the best commuter bicycles available today. One which can also take on trail riding with ease!

Reasons To Buy The Schwinn GTX 3 Hybrid Bike

  • It's an affordable bike
  • The aluminum frame is sturdy and lightweight
  • Gives you a comfortable ride
  • Features a lifetime warranty
  • Fantastic brakes, giving you confidence in your cycling.
  • The suspension shocks provide stability and more comfort when riding rough terrain
  • The type of gearing allows for a variety of rides

Reasons To Avoid The Schwinn GTX 3 Bike

To be a fair Schwinn GTX 3 review, we have to cover some of the bad points, and whilst I've touched on some, here are some of what other customers didn't like:

  • The bike doesn't come fully built and some people have found that setting the Schwinn GTX up can be a long process.
  • The chain can drop off occasionally - I should say that this could be down to lack of service, rather than it being a fault of the bike. For more information, read here!
  • Some cyclists have found that they aren't a fan of the 700c tires. This will come down to the type of cycling you predominately do.

As reviews have stated that this bike can be difficult to build, here is a video demonstrating it - personally I find videos easier than written instructions!

Schwinn GTX 3 vs GTX 1

The Schwinn GTX 1 is a more entry-level bike. Yet, you do still benefit from an aluminum alloy frame, which keeps the weight down. Frame sizes are either 16" or 20" and you still get the fantastic 700c tires.

This GTX bike weighs in at 35lbs and with that, you get 21-speed Shimano Shifters.

On the other end of the scale, we have the Schwinn GTX 3 bike. It is available in 17.5" and 20" frame sizes.

A big difference is the braking, with the GTX 1, you only get rim brakes.

I accept for some people, this is more than enough and to be honest, for those who that bike is aimed at, it is more than enough.

Schwinn GTX 3 vs GTX Elite

Both bicycles are available in the United States and both have lots to give. Everything you get on the Schwinn GTX 3 features on the Elite.

One big difference with these bicycles are the sizes offered. The Elite is only available at 18".

Brief History Of Schwinn

Schwinn is very well established in the cycling industry. In fact, they've been around since 1895 and without question, they have led the way in many cycling innovations.

Sure bikes have moved on since 1895 but Schwinn's commitment hasn't. They inspire people to take up cycling and provide excellent bikes to do that!

One place Schwinn has dominated is the hybrid market. The versatile bike and now we have the Schwinn GTX 3 as a result!

So is it any good?

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How Do You Raise The Handlebars On A Schwinn GTX 3?

It's a simple task on this bike, all that needs to be done is to pull off the protective cap that is on the stem edge.

Underneath that you should find that there is a bolt - you will need to loosen this using a 6mm allen key.

From there, you're free to adjust the height of the handlebars to allow you to achieve the perfect posture.

Need a more in-depth review? Check this out.

What Is The Weight Of The Schwinn GTX 3 Bike?

The Schwinn GTX 3 weighs 39lbs or 17.6kg.

What Tire Pressure Should The Schwinn GTX Bike Be At?

The correct tire pressure will depend on where you take your bicycle to ride.

You will need to factor in the weight of the rider, where you'll be riding, and the size of the tires.

For more information, you might want to read this post.

Schwinn GTX 3
Schwinn GTX 3
Japan 21 Jewels Automatic Movement (Calibre 7S26); Stainless Steel Case and Band, Fold Over Deployment Clasp with Safety Lock Feature

Final Thoughts - Is The Schwinn GTX 3 A Good Buy?

In my opinion, yes, the Schwinn GTX 3 is a good buy.

The ride is comfortable, thanks to a fantastic saddle. It features extra padding and a cut-out where it's most important.

For once, you actually get a decent set of pedals with a bike purchase. I don't think I have ever had that before. Even a well spec'd bike, usually comes with pedals I can't wait to throw away!

You get a 7-speed gear system. For a hybrid bike, I find that this is the sweet spot for a lot of cyclists.

The geometry of the GTX 3 is pleasing. It's standard hybrid bike stuff, but it allows you to enjoy the ride and not worry about ending up with a bad back by the end of it, which admittedly can happen on a mountain or road bike.

It works well as a commuting bike but also as an everyday bike, much like a mountain bike or road bike. It truly fits the brief of 'hybrid bike' and there are few bicycles out there that can make that claim.

Amy L
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I'm Amy, A writer and when I'm not writing, I'm usually found on two wheels! I own several bikes; my favourite has to be my faithful Bianchi Infinito CV. We've been through a lot together - we've even been to Paris together...twice!. My first carbon bike. My first love. Cycling is my passion and climbing is my thing, so if there's a climb out there you think I should know about - let me know!
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