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Roadmaster Adventures 700... The Do It All Bike

Amy L
June 22, 2021

Has the Roadmaster bike caught your eye or are you in the market for a bicycle in the hybrid category?

Well, you've come to the right place to learn more about the features of the Roadmaster (which by the way, is worth considering if you want to treat yourself to a new bike).

I've been riding bikes for years and I'll be honest, I like my bikes with a bit of style and performance. It matters what the reviews say to me too, with good reason...if you're like me, keep on reading.

I took the Roadmaster Adventures 700 out and assessed its performance, checked out its different features such as the seat, 7-speed gears, alloy get the picture.

Anyway, here's my review!

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700c Roadmaster Adventures Bike Specifications

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700c Roadmaster Adventures Bike Features

Firstly, let's kick off the review by diving into the key features of this bike!

Sports Steel Frame

The Roadmaster Adventures men's hybrid bike frame is constructed using steel and finished in dark blue. This is great news as it makes it incredibly durable and reliable.

Whilst steel does increase the overall weight of the bicycle when compared to its aluminum counterpart, it does make it more stable so it's a worthy compromise.

It doesn't stop there with the frame design.

The frame has a sporty appearance, which does serve a purpose. The streamlined appearance makes it aerodynamic, increasing your performance.

Overall, every component of this frame, handlebar, the seat fits perfectly together, which helps increase the bike's comfort and, more importantly, your enjoyment!


Saddles are hugely important on a bike for providing the riding experience that will keep you coming back time and time again. If your bum is uncomfortable, you're going to be too.

The 700c Roadmaster Adventures men's beginner bike has done everything it can to deliver a comfortable seat that ensures you maintain a good riding position - whilst staying comfortable.

Whatever you intend to use this hybrid bike for, it will work for you.

Steadfast Tz31 Drivetrain

The drivetrain on the 700c Roadmaster Adventures men's bike is a 7-speed system and this gives the rider smooth gear changes and the confidence to take on challenging climbs.

It uses twist shifters so working through the gears is easily done without the need for your hands to leave the bars.

The crank on the bicycle is a three-piece system and combine that with the good quality rear derailleur, the performance gives you the confidence to ascend and descend like a pro...if you want to! ;).

Braking System

One huge benefit of hybrid bikes is that they can achieve high speeds, regardless of the terrain.

With this in mind, a good braking system is required.

The good news is that the Roadmaster Adventures bike is kitted with rim brakes and this gives the rider dependable and smooth braking.

Given that this road bike cum trail bike is designed to be taken off-road, I'd have perhaps liked to have seen disc brakes. However, that does come at a price so I can see why linear-pull brakes were used instead.

That's notwithstanding the fact that pull brakes are easier to maintain and cheaper so very much budget-friendly.

700c Alloy Wheel Set

700c wheels are what is often found on a road bike so it's no surprise that they are fitted to the Adventures men's hybrid bike.

Constructed from aluminum alloy, they are certain to give you reliability and the flexibility to give you a comfy ride, whatever the terrain.

The tires are there to grip and give this bike traction when you're on a cycle path or gravel trail. You should have no issue with lack of control.

They will give you low rolling resistance and plenty of'll be surprised at the speeds you can achieve when you go for it!

Overall the Roadmaster Adventures perform well on smooth roads as it benefits from strong tire threads. Undeniably the wheelset is practical and you will enjoy cycling through country roads and even to picnics in parks.


  • Sporty frame design - ideal for technical and agile riding (and a beginner!)
  • The steel multi-sport frame is very durable
  • Provides you with a relaxed ride
  • Lots of people find the saddle comfortable
  • 7-speed twist shifters provide a good gear range
  • Great braking control with the handbrakes
  • Alloy wheels add style and increase performance
  • Nice dark blue color


  • Some people may require help when setting up each brake.
  • The weight of the bike is a bit heavier than others
  • There is no front derailleur

Frequent Asked Questions

Is the Roadmaster Adventures 700 trail bike model good for pavements and commuting?

The Roadmaster Adventures men's hybrid bike is ideal for this style of ride.

It provides sufficient comfort to its riders, thanks to its tires, seat, gear range, and overall specifications to take on these types of pavements rides.

Are The Handbrakes An Integrated Part Of The Brake Levers?

The brake levers are separate from the shifters. The shifters work as twist shifters and this means that they're easy to use.

How Much Does The 700c Roadmasters Adventures Men's Bike Weigh?

The bike weighs 30 lbs. Which for a bicycle in this category, it's very respectable.

There are a few things you could do if you wanted to reduce this number but that does come at a price but will increase the performance of the bike.

Changing the wheels is one option. There are lighter options out there.

Final Verdict

Overall this 700c Roadmaster Adventures men's dark blue bike offers a lot, especially for the price.

It's a bicycle that scores highly with durability, performance capabilities, stability, and in my opinion, style.

I do like the look of the steel-multi sport frame and the riding position it puts men in.

Whilst there is only one color offered for this bike; dark blue, it still delivers on style and even the bikes that are thousands tend to offer only one or two choices so I don't see an issue in that respect.

For me, the pros outweigh the cons with the Roadmaster bike.

Sure the 3 piece crank could be better quality and I'd like to see more than 7-speed twist shifters but for what this product is designed for, the bike delivers in spades.

It's a bicycle you can easily ride on paths, pavements, to school/work or to increase your fitness and it'll never miss a beat. If that's the type of bike you're looking for, then this is one of the best.

Amy L
About the Author
I'm Amy, A writer and when I'm not writing, I'm usually found on two wheels! I own several bikes; my favourite has to be my faithful Bianchi Infinito CV. We've been through a lot together - we've even been to Paris together...twice!. My first carbon bike. My first love. Cycling is my passion and climbing is my thing, so if there's a climb out there you think I should know about - let me know!
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