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Vilano Diverse 3.0 Review... The Bike For The Everyday Biker?

Amy L
June 22, 2021

For the commuters out there looking for a budget bike that is happy to be ridden on a variety of road conditions, then you ought to give the Vilano Diverse a look.

In this Vilano Diverse 3.0 review, we'll be looking at the good, the bad, the ugly and finding out if this road bike cum mountain bicycle is worth you splashing the cash.

I'm a cyclist and I love to ride a variety of bikes so the Vilano appeals as a good day bike to me, your everyday bike.

How does it stack up against its competitors?

We're going to find out!

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Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Bike Specification

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Key Features Of The Vilano Diverse 3

The Vilano Diverse 3.0 performance hybrid bike looks very impressive on paper, with plenty of features so let's delve a little further into them to see just how good they are.

Frame & Frame Size

The Vilano Diverse 3. comes with an aluminum frame.

Is that good a good frame?

It's great!

An aluminum frame helps to keep the weight of the overall bike down, without compromising on durability something that can happen with carbon fiber frame road bikes.

Vilano has taken extra steps with the construction of this frame, which is what makes it such a standout feature. The frame of the bike is butted - this means that the joints are going to be extra durable, these are often weak spots so this is a welcomed point.

This road bike comes in three different frame sizes; 49cm, 53cm, and 57cm. Which is a good scope to fit riders between 5'3 and 6'4 tall. An impressive range for a hybrid frame to be honest! You may get more choices with road bikes but due to the riding posture required on a road cycle, it's reasonable.

Gearing / Speeds

Shifting on this bike is slick and that's down to the Shimano components.

It uses a Shimano Tourney TX groupset and that gives you 24 gears with a 3 x 8 setup.

As it's a 3 x speed shifter system, it isn't going to be the quickest of gear changes when you want to make large changes (going from the smallest chainring to the biggest). However, it's unlikely you will need to very often as you learn to predict the terrain ahead of you and the most suitable gear for it, dramatic gear changes shouldn't need to happen. You'll just use the pedals and cycle all the way to the top!

The number of gears you get on this bike will allow you to take on hills and descents without too much trouble...depending on your fitness level of course - for beginners, Shimano Tourney TX gear shifters are fantastic to have and are the answer to the best drivetrain for you.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Bike


What amazes me about the Vilano 3.0 performance hybrid road bike is how many features are packed into it for the price and that includes disc brakes.

Unlike some hybrid bikes, the Vilano Diverse is a true hybrid bike. One you can genuinely ride on and off-road and some of that is down to the brakes.

Shimano disc brakes are reliable. They offer consistent stopping power that you don't get with rim brakes.

Regardless of weather conditions, the brakes will give you the power and control to stop when you need to on this cycle. This is also the same for rough terrain, where mud can get into the braking system and affect the execution of the brakes - this won't happen with Shimano disc brakes as you will always have control.

Emergency braking when you're riding? No problem either.

True Hybrid Bike

I touched a little about how Vilano Diverse 3.0 bikes have all the features that give you the true hybrid experience. There aren't many bikes for this price that would be able to offer that so that's something to keep in consideration for the beginner biker.

The fact that you do get a 24-speed drivetrain on these bikes means that all types of terrains can be handled without great difficulty. It's good on the flat as you will be able to get into such good gear that you won't find yourself spinning out. When you're in a hilly area, you'll be able to dig in deep into the pedals and use the gears to get you up.

When you're riding a bicycle, it's always good to know that you have the capabilities to ensure that you have a positive cycling experience, whatever the terrain, and that's what this bike 24-speed drivetrain can do for you.

With an aluminum frame, you can be certain of the capabilities and control, paired with stability and a decent weight.

A hybrid bike should aim to blend the good points of a road bike, with the good points of a mountain bike and that's what the Vilano Diverse 3.0 has managed to do.


If you're in search of a budget-friendly performance hybrid road bike, then the Vilano Diverse has a lot to offer for commuters, casual riders, and those who enjoy group rides.

The fact is that the specification of this bike is impressive for the price point and it happily competes with those bikes in a higher bracket.

Quality and functionality packed into an attractively priced hybrid bike.


When you order a bike online, you're going to have some assembly to do.

Sure, you can take it to a local bike shop and they will assemble it for you, and depending on the bike you buy, that may be what you have to do.


Not necessarily in this case as the Diverse 3.0 performance hybrid is simple. The information provided is clear and removes the need for you to take it to a professional bike shop.

The instructions and a few minor adjustments to ensure it's comfortable for you should see that the bike is ready to go nice and quickly.

Here's a video to assist you.


The rims are Weinmann 700c rims. In terms of quality, they aren't winning any awards but they are strong, warp-resistant, and reliable so a pretty good setup if you ask me!

These rims are going to help you achieve and maintain a decent speed, hold their own when it comes to heavy braking and not falter under rough terrain. They'll also help to support a maximum load of up to 300lbs.


Kitted onto our Vilano Diverse 3.0 ride are Kenda 700c x 35c tires. These are good quality however the width is a little narrow if you are wanting to treat it more like an off-roader but for a balance between road and off-road, you're all good. They are responsive and quiet.

Why I Love The Diverse 3.0 Road Bike

  • Plenty of frame sizes offered
  • 24-speed shifter system
  • Comes with pedals
  • Has a sort of retro appearance, with plenty of styles
  • Handlebars keep you in an upright position
  • Shimano derailleurs
  • The rubber offers efficiency and good value - they also wear well
  • Low maintenance bike, ideal for new riders or the commuting market
  • Disc brakes
  • The color scheme stands out amongst the other commuting bikes and the aesthetics are pleasing - making this bike look more expensive than it really is

What I Didn't Like

  • Handlebars aren't easy to adjust
  • The seat may need to be replaced as the occasional review finds it uncomfortable
  • Can cross-chain so you have to be mindful of your gears (This video explains what cross-chaining is)
  • Whilst the pedals are free, they aren't the best and as you gain experience, you may want to replace them


Have you not quite made up your mind on whether the Vilano Diverse 3.0 performance hybrid road bicycle is for you?

The good news is, you have do they stack up? Let's find out!

Schwinn GTX 3

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The Schwinn GTX 3 also uses aluminum for the frame so you can be sure that it too is sturdy, lightweight, and up to the job.

Where the Diverse 3.0 wins are in tire manufacturing. The Schwinn comes with a standard 700c set of rubbers, which for a beginner bike, will be sufficient, I can't deny that.

However, the Vilano Diverse comes with a Kenda 700c tire. These are what you often see on more expensive bikes and they are unquestionably better quality.

It doesn't all go the Vilano's way though. Schwinn does offer a lifetime warranty of the frame of the GTX 3 hybrid bike and that's quite an offering.

For riders who are after a more mountain bike type of bike the Schwinn GTX could steal it as it comes with a front suspension fork so arguably you're going to get a more comfortable ride when you're off-road.

How much better?

Well, you're just going to have to read our review 🙂

Trek Verve 2

The Trek Verve 2 is a hybrid bike that does off the Diverse 3.0 performance hybrid road bike some stiff competition.

Firstly, the brakes are hydraulic disc brakes on this weekend tourer. From a safety standpoint, this one provides the best control. Though there's not a lot in it, Trek does have the better disc brakes.

Comfort is a big thing, with pretty much any bike. You're going out for a cycle, you want to find your seat comfortable throughout - it adds to the user experience.

Trek knows this and they've kitted the Verve out with a suspension seat post. This means it has shock absorbers built into the seat so for the rider, this should provide a nice amount of additional comfort over bumps.

It doesn't go all Treks' way. The gears on the Vilano hybrid bike are better. You get 24 speeds - enough to keep up on any group rides, take on your commutes or help to increase your fitness levels. Those extra gears also increase your downhill control, even on uneven terrains.

Kickstands are important to some riders and the Trek hybrid does come with one, whilst the Vilano performance hybrid road bike does not.

Want to know more about the Trek Verve 2? Here's an in-depth review.

Final Verdict

For a beginner or commutes, this bike offers a great ride and it's not going to take a big chunk out of your bank balance.

To keep it in top condition, I'd be willing to have the occasional tune-up (as you should with any bike, regardless of the value). This will help to get the best out of it.

There are lots of big names making up components of this bike, Shimano and Kenda being two of them. Always a good indication of a good purchase when it comes to a new ride.

Overall, there isn't much to dislike about the Vilano Diverse 3.0 performance hybrid road bike.

Amy L
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