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Viaje XL

Carlos Glover
January 18, 2022

Excellent Responsiveness and Control

This frame was a thing of beauty. A 4130 double butted cromoly designed with the LongBow Flex Stay system allows for precise control. This combined with the 1-1/2" lower headset bearing made steering a breeze on any terrain. It also improved the adaptability of the bike for aftermarket forks.

The LongBow Flex Stay frame is also known for its extreme comfort. The frame was designed to minimize vibrations from the road, allowing for a much higher ride quality.

Volagie Viaje XL (2016)

The geometry of the Viaje XL transformed it into something so much more than a road bike. The superior handling as well as the out-of-the-saddle responsiveness allowed riders to take an upright posture, allowing for better control over the bike and improving comfort as well.

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The beautifully designed and constructed disc brakes improved control over braking. At the same time, the design also cut down on hand fatigue.

Light and Durable

The Monocoque carbon fiber fork with carbon steerer was light, reducing the overall weight of the Viaje XL. Despite this, there was nothing weak about the fork, with it being built to wisthand any and all types of terrain.


In general, this was one of the strongest bikes. The frame was proven to have exceeded all safety requirements for EN 14781 for road bikes. The disc brake frame mounts were designed to exceed EN 14766 for mountain bikes requirements.

Excellent Customizations

The Viaje XL was designed to be more than a road bike. This is why it boasted such excellent tire clearance. It could adapt to up to a 700x42c tire, allowing the Viaje XL to function essentially as a mountain bike. Switch out the tires again and you could even have a touring bike or cross bike. The opportunities were endless with this versatile design and frame.  

Carlos Glover
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