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Liscio 2

Carlos Glover
January 18, 2022

The Luscio was designed for the endurance rider, with a focus on comfort and efficient handling. And, Volagi succeeded. In 2011, the bike was named “the bike of the future” by Velo magazine. In 2013, it continued to be reigning champ as the most comfortable bike.

liscio 2 handlebar

Revolutionary Comfort

The Liscio was a finely tuned machine, with several carefully designed systems working in tandem with one another. The patented LongBow Flex Stay™ Design and 30/24T carbon blend was a true geometric and construction trailblazer. With a tight wheelbase and a seat stay that extended past the seat tube, the frame cut down on vibration and improved vertical compliance at the saddle.

The slightly taller head tube also contributed to this being one of the most comfortable bikes on the road in its day. The design was further improved by the introduction of the disc brake which guaranteed safety and comfort at higher speeds. At the time, Volagi was one of the few manufacturers to appreciate the importance of the disc brake on road bikes.

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liscio 2 wheel

Contemporary Shifting

The Liscio was equipped with electronic shifting to reduce hand fatigue on long trips. This shifting was also well-known for its minimal maintenance requirements and low cost of upkeep. Manual shifting was an option with the bike, the internal routing cable working brilliantly to protect the cables from dirt and debris.

Elite Customizations

Last but not least, there was the 135mm rear hub spacing. This offered riders a wide range of hub and custom wheelset options.

As with all Volagi bikes, the Luscio had a wide array of customizations to choose from. This allowed riders to create a bike that was perfectly suited to their riding style and needs. The attention to detail and hand-tailored crafting also made these some of the most in-demand bikes for road cyclists of all capabilities.

Carlos Glover
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