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Liscio Ultegra

Carlos Glover
January 18, 2022

The Liscio Ultegra was a long distance cyclists dream. It handled beautifully, was highly durable, and was one of the most comfortable rides that you could ask for.

An All-Terrain Bike

One of the key elements of the Liscio Ultegra is that it was a road bike that could do so much more. From tackling back roads to gliding down rocky trails, this was a bike that had much to offer.

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Liscio Ultegra frameset 1

What set the Ultegra apart from the rest was an excellent set of disc brakes. This wasn’t something that many other road bikes were equipped with at the time. With ultimate stopping power at their fingertips, riders were able to accelerate and then stop on a dime with the press of a finger.

Excellent Handling

The precision handling of the Liscio Ultegra was largely down to the slack angles, tall front end, and long wheelbase. To add to this, the bike was well-known for its straight-line stability which meant that it didn’t have to constantly been tended to. Once you were on the right track, the Ultegra would purr along until you need to change tactics.

Liscio Ultegra frameset 2

Ultimate Comfort

The Liscio Ultegra didn’t compromise comfort for performance. The ergonomic design with a multi-position platform creates a relief zone for improved circulation. You could easily sit on this bike for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort.

Another thing that added to the comfort of the Liscio Ultegra was the LongBow FlexStay. This cut down on vibrations emanating through the frame, making it more comfortable to tackle rougher terrain. Despite this, there was no compromise on handling.

Lightweight Design

For what the Liscio Ultegra could do, it was incredibly lightweight. This allowed for a greater transfer of power with minimal effort. It was also the first choice for riders regardless of where they were headed.

Carlos Glover
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