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Cycling Global Acquires, Provides Great Support for Avid Cyclists

Cycling Global has garnered quite a name for itself among cyclists around the world and is now acquiring Volagi, functioning under the website. This move works to establish Global Cycling as the top resource for novice and professional cyclists alike.

What Did Volagi Do?

Volagi was involved with bike design and manufacturing. Particularly well-known for their tubing designs, this brand made hand-crafted, customized bikes that were designed to perfectly fit each individual rider.

What Does Cycling Global Do?

Cycling Global is a resource for all things bicycle related. From choosing your first bike to learning how every part of the machine functions, Cycling Global covers it all. It is just as useful for newcomers and pro riders alike.

The website is the creative product of Conrad Kühn, Grace Liang, and Amy L – an engineer, a sports consultant, and a writer. As cycling enthusiasts, they each bring a fun and unique perspective to the table. You can check out the full team here.

Cycling Global has something for everyone. Some of the topics that they tackle include:

Road Bike Guides
Off-Road Bike Guides
Hybrid Bike Guides
Mountain Bike Guides
Electric Bike Guides
Bike Accessories

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