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Carlos Glover
January 18, 2022

Volagi Liscio, the ultimate road bike for very commuter.

A Bike Built for Endurance

Every inch of the Liscio was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. This includes the fork, don tube, seat post, and rear stay. Such a design allowed riders to push against the wind more easily, riding for longer periods of time with less effort.

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Liscio frameset

In addition to being aerodynamic, the features of the frame have retained stiffness and strength. This allows for superior handling and a far more efficient transfer of power.

The Monocoque frame design with high modulus 30/24T carbon boosts the overall geometry of the frame. The high quality carbon lay-up to improve ride quality and allow you to ride for longer. The Monocoque design also bolsters strength and stiffness.

The extended head tube creates a more balanced position to boost performance over a greater distance. This allowed riders to maintain the optimal position for longer journeys.

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Excellent Suspension

The LongBow Flex Stay frame is what gave the Liscio its renowned suspension. The manufacturres separated the seat stays from the seat tube while also lengthening the carbon fibers to their maximum. In doing so, it allowed the frame to absorb road vibrations and prevent them from traveling to the rider.

Volagi Liscio

Volagi further improved the shape and carbon layup of each of the stays. This boosted the Liscio’s capability to flex vertically while maintaining horizontal stiffness. In turn, this provided the rider with greater control while also allowing for better transfer of power.

High Performance Braking System

Volagi has always been leading the way with their disc brake systems and this was especially apparent with the Liscio. The brakes allowed riders to stop on a dime at maximum speed and in rough and tough terrain. This improved the overall ride quality of the Liscio while also maintaining safety.

Carlos Glover
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