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Vijae Titanium

Carlos Glover
January 18, 2022

The Vijae Titanium was a true contemporary and industry professionals like Outside Magazine agree. In 2014 they said, “As more companies rush to release gravel and endurance bikes with disc brakes and lots of tire clearance, Volagi’s titanium entry starts to look like an excellent design that was simply ahead of its time.”

Next Level Endurance

The standout feature of the Vijae Ti was the titanium frame. Practically indestructible, this is a bike that was designed to be put through its paces. Not only was it equipped to tackle almost any terrain, but the frame was built for long, continuous trips.

Viaje ti Ryser

It wasn’t just the frame that made this such a durable bike. The full housing on the Vijae Ti protects the cables all year-round, making it the perfect all-weather vehicle.

Increased Comfort

With the Vijae Ti, durability and comfort go hand in hand. This was largely due to the titanium LongBow FlexStay. The patented design for carbon fiber frames lent the same properties to the Vijae Ti’s titanium frame as well.

This resulted in an improved absorption of road vibrations and maximized the frame’s ability to move up and down. In short, it offered maximum vertical compliance while maintaining a high degree of lateral stiffness.

Customize to Perfection

The Vijae Ti was the very definition of customization. It kept eyelets for rear rack and full fenders. The PF30 bottom bracket shell made any crank and bracket choices possible including threaded bbs, 24 or 30mm spindles, square-taper cranks, etc. If you were after a single-speed or Shimano Alfine configuration, eccentric bottom brackets were also accepted.

Great Tire Clearance

The Vijae Ti was designed for excellent clearance, regardless of the design that was chosen. On smaller sizes, the frame was equipped with slightly longer chainstays. On the larger sizes there was an increased heel-to-brake-caliper clearance.

Viaje-Geometry guide
Image Source: Volagi
Carlos Glover
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