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Viaje XL - Disc Road Bike

Carlos Glover
January 18, 2022

Versatile and comfortable, the Viaje XL was built for the average rider with multiple requirements.

A Smooth Ride

The LongBow FlexStay frame design was a favorite at Volagi and it is easy to see why. The trademark properties of the carbon fiber frame were readily translated to the steel frame. To ensure maximum compliance, the frame was built from a continuous piece of steel tubing. The stays were welded to a single sculpted lug which was brazed to the curved top tube.

The result of such mastery – one of the smoothest rides on the market at the time. The frame cut down on vibrations while maintaining lateral stiffness.

Vijae xl frame

Cutting Edge Disc Brakes

Volagi was one of the first manufacturers to use disc brakes on high performance carbon road bikes. The Viaje XL is proof of this early commitment, with the bike being equipped with some of the best designs on the market. They offered additional control over the Viaje XL, allowing commuters to tackle tougher terrain without any issue at all.

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Next Level Handling and Pedaling

Constructed from 4130 Cro-moly double butted tubing, mated with an all carbon with 1-1/2" tapered steerer, the Vijae XL handled like a dream. The frames are all heat treated, which boosts already impeccable handling. These features also resulted in greater stiffness, making it easier to take on rough and tough terrain.

Vijae xl handlebar

 The carefully designed elements of Vijae XL allowed for greater efficiency with pedaling as well. This commuter bike was easily turned into an adventurer if the mood struck the rider.

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Excellent Clearance

The Vijae XL was designed to have wide enough clearance for racing wheels, knobbies, 32c tires with fenders, and more. This was yet another feature that allowed the bike to transform into the perfect vehicle to explore any kind of terrain.  

Carlos Glover
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