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Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working - What to Do?

Carlos Glover
February 22, 2024

If your Peloton Heart Rate Monitor isn´t working, you can try changing the battery, reconnecting your device by rebooting your monitor or fixing any misconnection or interference. It´s also important to keep an open mind as there are many reasons why it could malfunction. In some severe cases, you might need to get a new one.

About two years ago, my heart rate monitor began showing incorrect data. A few days later, it just stopped working. Since I wanted to fix it myself, I changed the battery and reconnected it to my bike. After this, it began working normally again.

In case this has happened to you, I´ve compiled this guide to show you the basics.

How to Get Your Peloton Heart Rate Monitor to Work?

1) Reconnect Your Heart Rate Monitor

If your device is having trouble connecting, here are the steps to reconnect the monitor to your bike.

  1. Find the Peloton heart rate monitor connection model. You can find it by clicking on the time on your Peloton screen (top-right corner). Then click the "Heart Rate monitor" option.
  2. Select the "Connect" button located next to your Peloton heart rate monitor. There is no need to use a Bluetooth connection. ANT+ devices show a device ID (Device: 13453).
  3. Make sure your monitor is on and in pairing mode (click the power button). To know your monitor is in the pairing setting, keep an eye out for a blue light. This way, it will be easier for the bike to locate the monitor. If it's not appearing, try to refresh your interface.
  4. Once the heart rate monitor is connected to your Peloton bike or tread, you´ll be able to see your heart rate at the top-left corner of the touchscreen.

2) Replace the Battery

Here are the steps to change the battery:

  1. The back of the Peloton heart monitor can be removed by pushing a small lever inside the gap at the back of the device.
  2. Remove the dead battery from the monitor.
  3. Place the new battery in the monitor. Make sure the + side is facing outwards.
  4. Place the cover of the monitor.
  5. Turn the device on.

It is highly recommended to remove the heart rate monitor from the band when you´re not using it. This might help increase battery life.

3) Fixing Defects in Your Sensor

You can try these tips to improve your sensor reading.

  • Try moistening (you can use a little water) the sensors on the back of the heart rate monitor. Then, place the monitor on your chest and tighten it. Check that the sensors are in total contact with your skin. Place the monitor on the sternum beneath the pectoral muscles.
  • Remove the Peloton heart rate monitor from the chest straps. Wait 30-45 seconds. Then reattach the monitor to the bands.

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working- Most Common Causes

The Monitor is Disconnected

The Peloton monitor connects to the bike using ANT+, so you don't have to worry about connecting Bluetooth.

Sometimes, it's annoying when the Peloton heart rate monitor can't connect to the bike or app. Despite having the blue light, which signals your monitor is transmitting the pairing signal, nothing happens. This is generally due to an error in the signal transmission and reception.

Low Battery

If you see a yellow light or simply can´t see any kind of light when holding the heart rate monitor straps, it may be time to change your battery.

Seeing a yellow light means that the battery is low. If you don't see any light, you most likely have a dead battery.

The monitor´s battery is a 3V lithium battery with the number CR2032. These batteries have an expected battery life of 10 years or 400 use hours under normal conditions. However, it is highly likely that you´ll have to change it before that.

Defects in Your Sensor

Another fairly common issue is incorrect metrics showing on your screen. This can be particularly annoying as using your monitor becomes pointless.

This issue is caused by misconnections between the Peloton heart rate monitor and your skin. There could be other factors that also contribute to the misconnection, such as magnetic interference of some kind.

Peloton Heart Rate Band | Arm Band with Rechargeable Battery, Sweatproof Design, and Bluetooth® Compatibility

How to Use the Peloton Heart Rate Monitor?

First, you´ll need to get the Peloton heart rate monitor or any monitor that works with ANT+. They are available in the Peloton online shop. They are the only devices that can be paired with your Peloton bike or tread. It has a cost of $149.

Next, you´ll have to pair the heart rate monitor to your Peloton bike. Refer back to the solutions, "Reconnect your Heart rate monitor" section to see how it´s done.

It´s also important to know the correct placement of the straps. To get a good reading, place the monitor on your lower sternum beneath your pectoral muscles. Make sure the sensors are moist and in contact with your skin.

Then, start riding. You´ll see your heart rate on the top-left corner of the bike screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Peloton Heart Rate Monitors Last?

Your monitor may last 3.5 years (by using an average of one hour every day). The biggest factor is how well you take care of it. You´ll have to regularly change the batteries and keep the straps in good condition. If you do this, your monitor will last years.


  • You can also find the Peloton Heart Rate band in the Peloton shop online. It costs $90. You can connect this with other Bluetooth devices as well.
  • If you´re trying to connect your heart rate monitor to the Peloton app, you´ll have to use the Bluetooth pairing mode feature on your phone. You can also use other heart rate monitor Bluetooth devices, but only when you´re trying to pair it with the Android Peloton app.
  • If you see a flashing blue light flashing, try to spot a beeping sound. This means your monitor is trying to find a device.

Final Thoughts

The Peloton heart rate monitor is a delicate piece of equipment. There are a number of reasons why it could not be working properly. In this article, we reviewed the most common issues and the solutions for them. If your problem goes beyond this, you can call Peloton, and they can help you fix it or have it replaced.

In the end, having a monitor will greatly enhance your overall Peloton experience and might help you push yourself to improve.

Carlos Glover
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