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Top 5 Cycling Shoes for Peloton for the Best Cycling Workout

Robbie Ferri
October 25, 2022

When looking at cycling shoes for the Peloton bike, my favorite footwear to go for is the  Shimano SH-IC100 for the exceptional quality and the Venzos for their appearance.

As someone who worked as a spinning instructor and in the cycling industry for a long time, I know good cycling shoes when I see them. I also know which will work for the Peloton Bike.

Choosing the right cycling shoes for your Peloton bike can be challenging. Not only are we going to tell you about our favorite shoes but also how to find the best cycling shoes yourself.

Our Top Picks for Best Peloton Shoes

1. Shimano SH-IC100

Shimano is known for making incredible products for outdoor cycling, and they have recently made a big push into clothing and indoor cycling. The SH-IC100 is one of many cycling shoes in their indoor cycling shoe collection range.

Let's start with the design. Many companies go for bold colors and try to make it stand out more than other cycling shoes, but Shimano hasn't done that here. They have kept it simple yet beautiful, and I like that. The material is a breathable mesh and  is perfect for indoor use, such as your own home cycling or a studio. When worn, they almost feel like cloth, and the cycling shoes become super comfortable.

It tightens to your foot via a cloth strap which is simple but effective. For me, it worked perfectly, and the fit was ideal. However, if you got the shoes a size too big, they might feel loose, and you might struggle to tighten them. One thing I did like was how easy they were to slip on and off. These shoes can only be used indoors, so they won't offer you an optional second pair of shoes for outdoor biking.


  • Look great
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Super comfortable


  • Only for indoors
  • You need the sizing to be perfect

2. Venzo Bicycle Shoes for Men and Women

The Venso spin shoes have been on Amazon for a long time and with thousands of great reviews, they have to be on this list. These are one of the most popular Peloton alternatives shoes, and we can see why.

Firstly, they are bolder than the Shimano shoes above. They come in two different colors and look incredible. The material is rigid and adds a lot of structure to your feet when worn. It also has breathable vents so it can let air in to keep your feet nice and cool.

These cycling shoes attach with three velcro straps, which provides a tremendous amount of support. You can get them to feel like they are a part of your foot. What I love about these shoes is that they are rugged enough to be taken out on outdoor bikes. Another great thing about these shoes is that they don't just fit Peloton cleats but all types of pedals.


  • Bold
  • A great triple strap system
  • Rugged and suitable for outdoor use


  • Design is not for everyone

3. No products found.

No products found.

The Kescoo Cycling shoes are an excellent choice, and the manufacturers have put a lot of thought into the design. They share some similarities with some of the best cycling shoes currently available on the market.

The design is excellent, and I love that they have matte colors as currently, this does seem to be in fashion. You have black, red, green, and a black and green hybrid mix. They don't have much ventilation, but they don't give the impression that your feet will overheat during a workout. These shoes will be fine for riding outdoors as well and will offer great support against bad weather.

The way these shoes strap to your feet is incredible. In addition to having velcro straps, they are also equipped with a Boa system. Here, a cord is wrapped around the sleeves of the shoes that can be tightened for comfort and support. You also have mounts for different types of cleats, not just the Peloton ones.


  • They look stylish
  • Boa support system
  • Rugged and suitable for outdoor


  • Not much ventilation

4. Coblum Cycling Shoes

If you are looking for shoes that will stand out and look fabulous no matter where you go, then look no further. The Coblum shoes are ridiculously good-looking, and not only that, they have a ratchet clip system which I love.

The design is pretty basic, and it's the color that sets this shoe apart from others. It comes in burnt red, cosmic blue, and more. Under the light, they look incredible and stand out like no other shoes I have seen.

The attachments are a double-bottom velcro and a ratchet at the top. The ratchet strap is something you don't see often and, in my opinion, is not as good as the boa fitment. It offers a considerable amount of support, and your foot will feel structured when strapped up. These shoes have little ventilation on top but quite a lot underneath, which will help keep your feet cool.

They use a three-bolt system so they will fit look, delta and SPD-SL. These shoes work well outdoors and give you good protection from the elements.


  • Look amazing
  • Ratchet support system
  • Good for outdoor


  • Not much ventilation

5. Tommaso Pista Aria

The Tommaso Pista Aria shoes are an excellent example of a cycling shoe that is more casual than its competitors. In my opinion, it looks like a normal shoe compared to others on this list.

I love the design and feel as it uses a supported cloth-like material that offers several advantages. They have a breathable nylon knit system, so when wearing these indoors, you get an incredible amount of ventilation and a comfortable fit. These shoes also work outdoors but might get a little messy.

They attach to your foot with laces. This is a system that not many other shoes on this list use, and I highly appreciate it. It offers a vast amount of support and hugs your feet like an everyday shoe. You get the same three bolt cleat system and they can fit a range of different types of cleats. Most importantly, it is Peloton-compatible.


  • Looks casual
  • Lace support system
  • Great ventilation


  • Will get dirty used outdoors

Buyers' Guide: Everything You Need To Know When Buying Cycling Shoes

When you're looking at cycling shoes for your Peloton, there's a lot to think about. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as going for the shoes that look the best. There's so much to consider, such as whether they are compatible with the Peloton bike, if your feet will be structured and stay in place, if they are comfortable, and if they will last. In the next section, we will talk about what you need to look for when buying spin shoes.

Do They Look Good?

I know it might not be the be all and end all, but it's essential to like the appearance of your Peloton shoes You won't only be using these on your Peloton bike, you could go out on a road bike with compatible pedals, or go to a gym wearing them. I feel it's vital for the Peloton shoes to reflect your personality. You should feel comfortable to wear them in public.

Are They Compatible With Look Delta Cleats?

This is important, and if you don't get this right, it will be challenging to wear the shoes with the bike. When looking at Peloton shoes online, make sure that the photos you see either have the Peloton cleats on and are attached or have three bolts in the shape of a triangle. We call the look the delta cleat attachment, and some indoor cyclists will also refer to it as SPD-SL.

Some Peloton shoes will only be compatible with delta cleats; these are the three bolt attachments. Other shoes for Peloton will have two little holes on the bottom. These are classic spinning attachments that are called SPD cleats, not to be confused with SPD-SL. You will find some Peloton bike shoes that can do both, which is excellent. You always have the option to change the bike pedals if you want. The easiest way is by getting shoes that fit delta cleats.

How Do Cycling Shoes Tighten Up Onto Your Feet?

When it comes to how Peloton bike shoes grip your feet, they work in different ways. Some are good, others are excellent, so what should you look for? It does come down to what you prefer, but you have a few options.

Velcro straps will literally just thread through on one side and strap down onto the other. They are okay. It's a straightforward form of strapping your foot down, and will work. However, you will struggle to get to the same place every time.

Then you have ratchet straps. Typically, you will only see these closest to your ankle on the top. They work as a ratchet would, and you can usually tighten them with a lever system. They are fine, and you have to make sure you don't tie them up too tight.

Boas are the little circular devices you can spin to tighten the shoes. These are, in my opinion, the best way of fastening your shoes and support your foot better than the other methods. Typically, shoes that come with these are more expensive, but I believe they are entirely worth it.

Can They Work Outdoors Too?

If you cycle outdoors and indoors, having a set of cycling shoes for both situations is valuable. Look closely at the material to make sure you can do this by checking if it is waterproof.

black peloton bike at the gym


Can You Change the Pedals on the Peloton to Suit Existing Shoes?

Yes. Many people swap out the original pedals on the peloton bike for SPD standard spinning pedals.

What Kind of Socks Should You be Wearing with Your Peloton Cycling Shoes?

Anything that doesn't let your feet get too hot. I wear sports ankle socks, but I know many people that wear cycling socks.

How Much Do I Need to Spend on Cycling Shoes?

Peloton cycling shoes can be cheap or expensive, but I personally would recommend going for shoes that cost about $100. You will get top-quality shoes for the Peloton bike, which will last long. Cheap shoes can rip and get damaged, or they may be uncomfortable.

What are the Best Spin Shoes for Peloton?

That's a challenging question. The best shoe for Peloton depends on what you're looking for but Shimano in my experience does offer an amazing range of shoes that take delta cleats for peloton bikes. 

Are the Original Cycling Shoes for Peloton Bike Considered the Best Peloton Shoes?

After using them, I would say that the Peloton brand shoes are alright but nothing too special. There are better shoes from Peloton in my opinion.


Whatever Peloton cycling shoes you plan to buy, make sure they suit your preference and the kind of cycling you want to do. Try not to go too cheap, or you will end up having to buy another pair reasonably quickly. The most important thing is that they should feel good when riding.

If you have more questions about cycling shoes, do get in touch with us. We hope you found the best Peloton bike shoes with the tips provided above.

Robbie Ferri
About the Author
I’m Robbie Ferri I’m a Cyclist from Norfolk UK. I have been cycling for many years and found myself in Time Trials, Ultra Cycling World Records, and Bikepacking Races. I have worked in a Bike shop and with some of the industry’s leading brands. I’m also an experienced Spinning Instructor and avid Indoor Cyclist. If I’m not cycling, I’m writing about it.
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