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Peloton Bike Bootcamp - A Complete Guide

Carlos Glover
November 15, 2022

One of the most original classes Peloton offers are Peloton bike bootcamps. These bootcamp classes are their own, unique discipline. They consist of a mix between cardio and strength training. However, there´s nothing like it anywhere else. It is a really original and fulfilling workout that produces results like no other.

When I first got my Peloton, I began by taking some light cycling classes to get comfortable with my bike. As time progressed, I decided to shake things up a little by taking a sample of every sort of class Peloton offers. I must admit that Peloton Bootcamp didn't sound very appealing (it sounded military and strict), but taking the bike bootcamp class really changed my mind, it was a really complete workout.

With this in mind, the purpose of this article is to explain everything you need to know about bike bootcamp classes

What are Bike Bootcamp Classes?

Peloton offers two kinds of bootcamp classes: Bike bootcamp classes (cycle bootcamp) and tread bootcamp classes. Both the bike and treadmill seek to train both cardio and strength via on and off machine exercises. So, you´ll be needing a bit of extra space for the off part.

The class generally involves a large part of on bike cardio and then completing the strength portion of the ordeal by doing off bike exercises. In longer classes, you´ll most likely alternate between these two positions a bunch of times during the session. Before you start your session, you´ll see a format with how many switches you´ll have to do.

These classes are best taken with the Peloton Spin bike+, mainly because it has a rotating screen, which will help you visualize the exercise both on and off the bike. Nevertheless, you can still take this class with the original bike; just keep in mind that it is more complicated.

Young Couple at Spinning Class at the Gym

Getting Started With Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp Types

Body Focus

This type of boot camp focuses on training full body. You´ll take care of your lower body on your Peloton cycle, and the upper body will be developed through the strength workout.


This class is made for all those looking to shed some body weight. It is a calorie burning experience which can include doing push ups, lifting heavy weights and going constantly for personal records.


These Peloton bike bootcamp classes are quite new and oriented towards working out with the rhythm of a certain song.

Class Preview

Most Peloton Bootcamp classes are planned to a T so that before you begin your workout, you´ll know exactly how many times you have to change from cleats to shoes. Furthermore, previewing your class might also give you an idea of the ratio between strength and cardio training. This way, you can select the most convenient workout for you.

Class Design

Design is a crucial and characteristic aspect of any Peloton bike bootcamp class. These may vary from class to class. It all depends on which trainer you choose. Some classes are more oriented towards the strength part and some towards the cardio part. However, most of them are quite balanced.

How Much Transition Time is There Between Sections?

In a typical bike bootcamp, you´ll have to change your shoes for the strength training portion of the class. There´s a pause for this already taken into account. You´ll also have small pause to recover and catch your breath.

Furthermore, the class is structured to slowly reach the most intense part, and once that is reached, to gradually cool off.

Setting Up Your Space

Preparing your surroundings for a bootcamp session is important. Keep in mind that this class includes both on and off-bike exercises. For the off-bike part, you´ll have to make sure you have enough space and that you can comfortably do any exercise.


To do a quality workout, you can't just do it in everyday clothes. They are most likely not designed for so much mobility and in addition, so you´ll sweat on them. Therefore, having the ideal clothes for the workout is a must.

For Peloton bike bootcamp classes, you´ll be okay if you wear comfortable, flexible clothes that were made for doing sports. In the case of women, wear leggings, a sports bra, a sports vest or T-shirt and comfortable shores. For men, also wear a T-shirt, and sport pants.


It's also important to prepare everything you need for a successful workout. This involves the following:

  • Water bottle: To keep you hydrated during your session. Particularly important for a long cycling class.
  • Towel: For cleaning up sweat.
  • Shoes: Be sure to have both your bike shoes and running shoes (Tennis shoes are also good) at the ready.
  • Training mat: This is to avoid sliding and for you to have a surface where you can comfortably move around. This is absolutely essential for your workouts.
  • Weights: Some workouts include exercises with weights.
Woman Doing Home Cycling Workout

What are Peloton Bootcamp Classes Like?

The experience of taking bootcamp classes sounds intimidating. However, you´ll normally start off with a short warm up period which typically lasts around 10 minutes. This should get you loose and ready to take on the bike.

Then comes the main workout. You can either begin with strength training or cardio. During the workout, you´ll be switching the two. This switch provides convenient rest for muscles you were training. After a few minutes of resting them, you can continue.

Once the main part of the training is done, there will also be a few exercises to cool off and stretch.

Overall, the experience is a bit overwhelming. It feels like a full-throttle experience and you´ll definitely feel tired but you´ll also have a feeling of satisfaction.

How Often Should You Take Peloton Bootcamp Classes?

Bike bootcamps are intense and complete classes. On average, people burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories per class (beginner classes may be lighter). You´ll feel sore and tired as soon as you finish your training.

In fact, they´re such good training, you don't have to do them every day. You can do 2-3 per week and balance the rest of your time with other classes and rest. Don't underestimate the value of rest; it is crucial for good production.

What are Bike Bootcamp Milestones?

There was a time when bootcamp classes were considered just an extension of cycling Peloton classes. However, they´ve become their own discipline.

Whenever you reach an important point in your training with Peloton, you´ll get a badge. There are different milestones for every discipline, including bootcamp. Some examples are:

  • 1 Bike Bootcamp session complete.
  • 10 Bike Bootcamp sessions complete.

They´re used to motivate you to keep going, which is a nice feature.

Best Bootcamp Instructors

Here´s a look at some of the best instructors in the Peloton app.

  • Jess Sims: Jess Sims is beloved by many Peloton members. Her workouts are quite dynamic, intense and fun, which sounds like a recipe for the best workouts.
  • Tunde Oyeneyin: Tunde Oyeneyin´s workouts are known for being complete and easy to follow. She's also considered to lead a balanced workout.
  • Callie Gullickson: Peloton announced the newest instructor. Her workouts seem to be complete, fun and dynamic.
  • Rebecca Kennedy: Her workouts are also quite an experience. Lots of work and full-body training.

Difference Between Bike Bootcamp and Tread Bootcamp

There´s a clear difference between using a bike and using a treadmill for your training. However, these classes almost have the same design. Let's just review some key differences between these machines.

  • Both classes focus on cardio and strength. The strength part is exactly the same. However, the cardio varies according to the machine. Both running and pedaling can really make your body tired, but the key difference is that they work your body in completely different ways.
  • The muscles you´ll be training are completely different. If you're on your bike, you can get good development for your leg muscles during your workout sessions. It´s more difficult to develop muscle mass when running. However, it has its own upsides.
  • Lastly, the transition from bike workout to off bike workouts requires a shoe change, as you´ll have a lot of trouble if you don´t change them. Due to this, there are longer pauses in the bike bootcamp than you have with the tread.
Bike Cardio Workout At Gym

Why Should You Consider Taking Bootcamp Classes?

Overall, here's why you should consider taking bootcamp classes:

  • It provides a way to train two different aspects of fitness is one class.
  • It is quite an intense class which is good for those looking to shed some body weight.
  • For those who have little time, it is a powerful dose of exercise in a short timespan.

Where Can You Find Peloton Bootcamp Classes?

You´ll find these classes in the Peloton app, for which you will need an additional membership. This costs $12/month.

With the app, you'll be able to access live bike bootcamp classes and pre-recorded ones as well.

You should find these classes with ease with your Peloton interactive screen. However, if you can´t, just click on the search symbol and type in "Bootcamp".

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bike Bootcamp a Good Workout?

Yes, bike bootcamp presents a complete mix of cardio and strength training. After one of these short workouts, you´ll have done enough sport for the day.

How Many Times a Week Should You Do a Peloton Bootcamp Class?

You should be okay between 2-4 times a week. These classes are a really intense workout and you´ll burn out if you did this every day. With 2-4 sessions every week, you´ll stay healthy and properly train.

Final Thoughts

Bootcamp classes are one of Peloton´s newest and most complete classes. They mix a variety of topics in one super-packed class which is normally a complete and vigorous workout. If you haven´t tried it, you definitely should.

You also need to know that these classes differ in a variety of ways. You should preview the class to know what to expect and prepare everything before starting. Go with the class and trainer you like the most to feel best for your body. 

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