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Peloton Clicking Noise - How to Deal With It

Carlos Glover
October 25, 2022

Peloton Bikes are designed to be ridden in a near silent experience, so a clicking noise is definitely a problem. Normally, a clicking noise on a bike signals that something isn't completely tight. So before you can start fixing it, you´ll have to determine which part is loose.

On most occasions, the sources of that annoying clicking sound on your peloton bike are the pedals, seat, chain or cleats. If these are the culprits, try to tighten loose parts until they're no longer moving. However, the possibility that it is something else is still very real. In an effort to not break or damage your bike, you should contact peloton customer support for some help.

Riding a bike with a clicking noise can be annoying. As someone who rides almost every other day, silence is key to concentration. However, rather than going to the local hardware store and tightening the parts myself, the best path is to call peloton support.

In this article we´ll take a look at how to get rid of that clicking noise so you can go back to peaceful training.

Why is My Peloton Bike Making a Clicking Noise?

A Peloton bike is a really complex machine. There are both mechanical and electrical systems inside this state-of-the-art bike. The bike´s frame can even withstand extreme pressure, but like any other machine, after a while of intense use, you could start to get some worn-out parts.

Riding a Peloton Bike at Indoor Gym

Wear and Tear

The movement and the pressure you put on the bike´s frame could slowly begin to loosen screws all around the bike. And suddenly, when pedaling or riding that noise will come to be.


More often than not, the pedals are the culprit behind the noise on your peloton bike. They normally get loose after some time riding. If you´re a right-footed person, place special attention on your right pedal. If you´re left footed, on the left pedal.


While peloton pedals and other broken parts are the main reason for the clicking noise, it could also be more serious. The flywheel is 30-35 lb. wheel at the front of the bike. When you pedal, the chain is connected to gears that move said wheel. If you hear a clicking noise coming from the flywheel area, it is likely that it is somehow damaged. You´ll have to call peloton support or a professional to replace the flywheel axle or replace damaged flywheel.

Crank Arm

Other common reasons for a clicking noise on your peloton bike are having a loose crank arm or issues with the chain and gears rubbing against something.

Misuse of a Peloton Bike

Finally, even though the bike´s frame is very resistant, other parts of the bike can be a bit fragile, so if you´re putting too much pressure on some bike parts. It's time to give a lighter use to your bike. An example of this is not pedaling correctly or swinging the bike while riding. This is not only bad for the bike, but also for your posture.

How to Fix a Clicking Noise?

It really does depend on an important factor: whether you have a warranty or not. We´ll review what you could do in both cases.

Woman at the fitness gym biking

Fix a Clicking Noise With a Warranty

Peloton offers a 12-month basic warranty starting from the moment you buy your peloton bike. When the year is over, you´ll get a chance to get some more coverage for a certain price for the next 15 or 27 months.

The warranty covers the following:

  • All parts and labor for qualified repairs (Qualified repairs refers to a specific damage reason, you can take a look at them when reading the Peloton warranty).
  • Hassle free claims.
  • Replacement of peloton equipment in the case it can´t be repaired.
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdowns and failures related to power surges and normal wear and tear.

If your bike is in any way damaged, don't try to fix it yourself. This could void the warranty for this or any future repairs. Instead, wait until you have contacted peloton and they send an expert your way.

When the expert arrives, they´ll have to identify the source of the clicking noise. They´ll first check for uneven surfaces or any type of damage to your bike. If your peloton bike is broken, they´ll help you get the necessary replacement parts.

If there's a loose part, they´ll take a look at possible solutions so that you only hear smooth pedaling from here on out.

After a visit from the expert, everything should be running smoothly and there should be no further problems. If there are, contact the expert again and after repeated assemblies the clicking sound coming from your peloton should be no more.

If the source of your problem was the way you were handling the bike, make sure you stick to the recommended resistance settings and avoid extremely high speeds.

Fix a Clicking Noise Without a Warranty

You´ll also have a choice to contact support and have an expert help you with your repairs. However, it´ll be significantly more expensive. The bike expert also doesn't have to come from peloton but it is recommended that you stick with those who know the product.

If you're handy with tools you could try fixing it yourself. Here are some basic steps:

  • Identify the source of the clicking noise on your peloton bike.
  • Look for any loose parts such as the pedals or the crank arm and tighten. Don´t forget to apply pressure.
  • Apply some lube spray to the chain, crank arm and gears so that they run smoother.
  • Tighten the handlebar pad securely to avoid any damage to the bike shed.
  • If you identified a specific part of your peloton making the sound, look for a specific short video on how to replace or fix the part.
  • If it doesn't work. Repeat as many times as necessary.
  • If the challenge was too much, go with an expert to help you deal with the noise.


Unfortunately, many users are facing the same issue with their peloton interactive bike. So you´re not alone with this problem.

Even if you're the handiest person on earth, dealing with a clicking sound on your peloton bike yourself can be tough. It is much better to go with someone who has experience.

However, if the problem is simple enough for you to take care of, proceed at your own discretion.

Pelotons are quality bikes. They aren't fragile, and they last through thick and thin. So whenever there is an issue with it making a clicking sound or something similar, attend to it as soon as possible to keep your bike in good shape.

Getting the warranty and extended warranty for your peloton bike is a great idea. Although this is a minor issue, it can be a pain. Being able to take care of it will come in handy. Such warranties will also cover more serious issues.

Woman exercising on Fitness bike

Final Words

A clicking noise on your peloton bike can be really annoying. If you're on a ride, it could really affect your concentration and desire to keep riding. A clicking noise could also be a first indicator or wear on your bike. So pay close attention to that.

In this case, given the specificity of the mechanism, it is recommended that you let a professional take care of the repairs. However if you feel it's something you can do, proceed with caution.

Finally, if you have a warranty, it may come in handy. You can just give a technician a call and in a day or two, he´ll have your peloton bike running as smooth as silk. You won't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for the repairs. If you´re planning to buy a peloton, getting a warranty is definitely worth doing.

Carlos Glover
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