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Best Peloton Rides for Beginners - A Complete Guide

Carlos Glover
November 10, 2022

Peloton has many classes of different types (low intensity, HIIT, bootcamp). To help you start off, you can try taking the 10 minute Iceland Ride or the 20 minute Low impact ride with Robin Arzon. Keep in mind that since you´re just starting, your physical capacity may not be the best for all classes. Therefore, starting light is the best way.

As a beginner biker, it's quite difficult to start. I remember my legs would get easily tired and I didn´t have a lot of physical conditioning as a whole. Learning how to get the best out of your bike takes time. You´ll have to find a spot where you feel comfortable and start building from there, step by step.

With all of this in mind, we'll be reviewing some of the best Peloton classes you could take to start off.

Peloton Classes for Beginners

Peloton classes for beginners can be categorized based on class type and difficulty level.

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Class Type

Peloton offers a wide variety of classes. Let´s take a look at what every class goes and their approach to training.

1) Low Impact Rides

Peloton low impact workouts are made for you to sweat without putting an immense strain on your muscles. This way, you´ll do some great exercise without having to feel tired or in pain for the whole day.

Additionally, if you´re a beginner, there are over 1,000 different classes to choose from in the Peloton app. This Peloton ride will definitely help you develop your physical resistance and prepare for more challenging rides.

Here are some of the best low impact rides:

  • 45 minute low impact ride with Hannah Corbin
  • 20 minute low impact ride with Robin Arzon
  • 20 minute low impact ride with Alex Toussaint

2) Scenic Rides

This is probably the class to take for your first Peloton ride. A great way to simply go out and ride peacefully, is to take a scenic ride. Especially if you´re a beginner, these Peloton classes might be a great introductory step to your bike and everything you can do.

Additionally, with scenic rides, you can choose your own pace and you can ride based on distance or time. Here are some of the best rides:

  • 10 minute Iceland ride
  • 20 minute Savannah ride
  • 30 minute Big Sur ride
  • 45 minute New Zealand
  • 60 minute Normandy
  • 5k Iceland Ride
  • 10k Georgia Longleaf Park Ride

3) FTP Ride (FTP Test)

An FTP Test is the ideal way to kick off your Peloton bike. Although this isn't a Peloton class, this test is something you should take in order to see how good or bad your energy production is. It´s a sort of diagnostic test that'll come in handy.

Peloton offers a very unique feature called the Peloton output, which in a nutshell, tells you how much energy you´re giving off during your rides. By doing an FTP test, you´ll find out your own output and based on that, you´ll know the best peloton classes for you.

Over time, you´ll be able to take the FTP test again and as your results improve, you can gradually take more challenging classes. This makes for an excellent guide in which classes you´re fit to take and for which you aren't.

4) Power Zone Ride

Power zone rides look to test the amount of energy you put into your cycling by shifting between something called Power zones. The higher the zone, the more resistance your bike has and therefore you´ll have to put in more effort.

For Peloton beginners, the best thing to do would be to take a short 15 to 30 minute class. This could help determine if you feel comfortable riding at that intensity, or if you first need to build some condition.

This class is particularly good for beginners because there's a 12 minute warm up period at the beginning of the cycling class which gives enough time to prepare. This allows beginners to slowly warm up and give a better overall effort.

You can find around 400 power zone rides in the Peloton App. Some of the best rides are:

  • 15 minute intro to Power Zone rides by Matt Wilpers
  • 20 min FTP ride by Denis Morton
  • 20 minute beginner ride with Cody Rigsby
  • 20 minute ride by Robin Arzon
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5) Bootcamp Bike Classes

Peloton Bootcamp is a combination of cardio and strength training on your Peloton bike. These classes are generally a bit longer and physically tougher than other beginner classes on this list. Nevertheless, they´re quite fun to do and you´ll definitely sweat.

The best bootcamp Peloton classes for beginners are:

  • Jess Sims´ 45 minute 90s bike bootcamp
  • 30 minute Spice Girls Bootcamp
  • 45 minute Bootcamp: Full body
  • 60 minute Heat it up Bootcamp

6) Cycling Classes

These classes focus on good old-fashioned cycling. However, The classes take you through a wide array of resistance levels, and due to this, I´d place these lessons in the advanced beginner classes category. However, they also vary in intensity. You can, of course, try them out for yourself.

Here are some of the best peloton classes for beginners:

  • 15 minute groove ride with Cody rigsby
  • 20 minute Ride with Cody Rigsby
  • 20 minute ride with Emma Lovewell
  • 20 minute ride with Tunde Oyeneyin
  • 30 minute ride with Hannah Corbin

7) Cardiovascular Fitness Classes

These particular rides challenge your heart rate fitness. Your heart is a muscle that also needs some training. However, training your heart is tough and maintaining a high heart rate makes you very tired, so it´s not for the faint of heart. A short class duration is more than okay for a beginner Peloton rider Here are some of the best peloton classes you could take.

  • 10 Minute HIIT ride led by Olivia Amato
  • 20 Minute dance cardio led by Callie and Hannah
  • 30 minute HIIT led by Callie Gullickson.

There both on and off bike cardio classes Peloton offers. You can try and alternate to get the best possible outcome.

8) HIit Ride/ Peloton Tabata Ride

HIIT rides are very challenging workouts. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. These training sessions normally start with a warm up. Then they are divided between different intense exercises separated by a pause. You´re supposed to go full throttle in these exercises which for a beginner, could result in a burnout. The typical heart rate during these exercises is around 140 BPM.

However, if you already have some experience in the HIIT scene, you might do well. They are after all extremely complete workouts one can do in a very short time span.

Here are some of the HIIT Peloton classes the app has to offer.

  • 20 minute Hip-Hop HIIT
  • 20 minute HIIT with Jenn Sherman

Ride Difficulty Level

Now let's talk a bit about the difficulty level beginner Peloton cycling classes have. You can divide them into advanced beginner rides or beginner classes.

Every class type can vary in intensity. For example, you can take an easy cycling class, but there are tougher options as well. You´re free to choose which class you'd like to take.

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Here's how we rate classes from easiest to toughest:

  • Low impact ride
  • Scenic ride
  • FTP ride
  • Power zone ride
  • Bootcamp
  • Cycling classes
  • Cardiovascular ride
  • HIIT ride

Furthermore, Peloton has a way of classifying the intensity you can reach during a certain ride. With power zones, you´ll be able to measure your energy output with ease. Beginner Peloton classes normally reach zone 1, 2 or 3 at the most.

Let's take a look at Power Zones:

  1. Active Recovery (Blue): This particular zone is made for those looking for a light workout. 55% of FTP score
  2. Endurance (Turquoise): This zone is made for those looking for a mid-level challenge however it is more on the easy side. The key concept here is to last. 56-75 % of FTP score.
  3. Tempo (Green): Here's where it gets a bit more intense, it's about giving it all you got. A beginner could potentially reach this power zone. 76-90% of their FTP score.
  4. Threshold (Light orange): This is where the muscles begin to release lactic acid, which is typically the reason as to why muscles hurt after a workout. 91-105% of your FTP score.
  5. Vo2Max (Orange): This zone is where you start to burn out most of your oxygen and begin to rely more and more on your muscle. This zone is really difficult to reach and even more to maintain. 106-120% of FTP.
  6. Anaerobic Capacity (Dark Orange): This zone is where you´re 100% relying on your muscles, no more oxygen. 121-150% of your FTP score.
  7. Neuromuscular power (Red): This zone is reached by just pushing yourself until you can do it anymore. It's sheer willpower. 151+% of your FTP score.

It is, of course, possible to take any class regardless of how tough it is, and do it at your own rhythm. However, maybe the purpose of the class might lose it´s point. Just take that into consideration.

Which Are the Best Peloton Rides for Beginners?

This depends. Some may love to take light classes, where others prefer a bigger challenge. However, it's safe to say that there are many good classes for every kind of biker.

Best Instructors for Beginners

An essential part of any class, no matter the subject is, who's teaching it. And while every Peloton Instructor is a professional athlete, there are some that push the bar more than others. Here´s a list of the best instructors in Peloton for beginners:

Hannah Corbin: When it comes to Peloton classes for beginners, a great instructor to go with is Hannah Corbin. She specializes in full body workouts. They normally begin with a stretch, which is very beginner friendly. You´ll find her in plenty of low impact rides.

Tunde Oyeneyin: Another Peloton instructor ideal for beginner Peloton rides is Tunde Oyeneyin. Her specialization is working in lightweight bike rides and training the arms. You´ll also mostly find her in low impact rides.

Matt Wilpers: If you´re looking for complete Peloton cycle classes, Matt Wilpers is your guy. His rides are very popular and user-friendly. He specializes in a good warm up and a good light workout. You´ll find him in a few scenic rides and low impact rides as well.

Cody Rigsby: Another great instructor for beginner Peloton spin bike classes is Cody Rigsby. Some of his rides include a post-ride meditation to relax and cool off, which is quite cool. Overall, his approach to training is quite light and friendly.

Dennis Morton: Some of the best beginner Peloton rides are those given by Dennis Morton, who has a relaxed personality and good sense of humor. Overall, his rides are very user-friendly.

As all of these trainers are great in their own way, I won't call anyone the best beginner Peloton instructor. They are all good at what they do. Which class to take is a matter of taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should You Do Beginner Rides on Peloton?

Beginner classes are a great way to develop your physical condition, get a groove of the bike and overall gather some experience. You should take beginner Peloton cycling classes until you've developed a good physical condition and can progress to tougher classes.

This period will vary from person to person and will depend on the work that you put in, but a month of beginner classes should be enough.

Are Peloton Classes Good for Beginners?

Peloton offers over 16,000 different classes, divided between a wide variety of topics. However, nearly every Peloton class is made for professional rides, rather than beginners. You should be okay as there are enough classes to help you get the hang of the bike.

The classes available to beginners are solid and should help you progress with your training.

Who is the Best Peloton Instructor for Beginner Classes?

To be fair, it depends on a variety of factors. Every trainer is a professional and so are their workouts. However, there are differences regarding the approach every trainer has for their classes.

After taking all of this into account, some of the best instructors for beginners are Matt Wilpers, Cody Rigsby and Hannah Corbin.


  • In addition to all the classes mentioned, if you´re interested, you can take on-demand classes, which are recordings of previous classes. You can also use these on demand peloton classes to increase your training level.
  • Once you can navigate beginner rides and feel comfortable, you can try to take a more challenging classes.
  • If you take a challenging class as a starter, you might not be able to keep up with the pace. You´re still free to take it, just keep in mind you won't be able to take advantage of the spinning class as you should.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new stationary bike is always an exciting moment. If you´re just starting off, give yourself some time to take it easy and learn about the machine you´re riding. Get comfortable on it, develop some physical condition and then ride and enjoy.

Hopefully, you now know what to look out for. Now go out and enjoy the ride.

Carlos Glover
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