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How to Use Peloton App on Roku? (Simple Guide)

Carlos Glover
October 25, 2022

The Roku Media Player allows you to simply download the Peloton app from their "Channel Store''. As soon as it's downloaded, you can select "create account" or directly login. A few minutes later, you´ll be enjoying your first peloton class, fitness videos or other streaming channels.

If you´re looking to improve your peloton experience, streaming workouts on your TV through Roku or other streaming devices might be a great idea. If you have an old TV, getting Roku will enable you to access modern programs or apps. Taking a Peloton digital class is very comfortable and efficient for your training. For me, using Peloton on my Roku has allowed me to take some at-home fitness classes and off-bike workouts.

Let's take a look at how to download the Peloton App on Roku TV, and some of the potential benefits it could have.

Downloading Peloton on Your Roku TV

Before you start, connect your Roku device to the internet and TV. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

Woman Watching TV

1) Turn on Your Roku Device and Access the Channel Store

On your Roku home screen, you´ll see a button that says "Roku Channel Store". Using your Roku remote, click this. Once you´ve accessed the store, type "Peloton" on your search bar. This should directly take you to the roku peloton app.

The Peloton is free to download. However, to access Peloton, you might need to get a membership. However, don´t worry about that. You´ll have a 30-day free period.

2) Install the Peloton App

To Install the Peloton app on your Roku TV, click the "Download" button. You´ll only be able to install the app on specific Roku devices, all depending on your Roku TV´s compatibility with the software. Here are some details:

App Market

You'll most likely find that the Peloton app is only available in the US, UK or Canada. You won't be able to download it if your Roku store is elsewhere.

Software Format

Like with many things, Roku TVs have had plenty of editions over the years. Not all of them might be compatible with features the app offers right now. Some Roku devices that are compatible include Roku TV HD, Roku 4K (gen. 3 and newer models), and Roku Stick.

3) Access Peloton

If everything goes in order and the app is successfully downloaded, congratulations, you´ve done most of the hard work. Now, you´ll only have to log into your Peloton account from your Roku device.

Once the installation process is complete, you should be able to find it in the Roku home screen. If not, you can add Peloton to your menu.

4) Select Classes

Streaming from your Roku device offers lots of perks. Not only will you be able to do the exact same things you can do on your Peloton bike, but also other activities, like watch fitness videos on yoga or meditation. You´ll also be able to take live fitness classes.

You´ll also access certain features, like looking at your class progress.

Getting Roku on Your TV Using Screen Mirroring

If the Peloton app isn't compatible with your current Roku device or Apple/Android phone, or your Roku TV is on the brink of memory capacity (has a full library) and you can´t download the app, you can always try screen mirroring. Here's how to do it:


To ease the connection process, make sure both your device and your TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

Man Switching Channels with Remote

1) Select the "Screen Mirroring" Button on Your Cell Phone

If you have an iPhone, you can access your Control Center by swiping your screen in a bottom to top motion. Select the Mirroring icon; it is represented by two rectangles, one on top of the other.

If you have an Android smartphone, you'll have to enable screen mirroring by clicking on the "smart view" option. You´ll find this in your control center, accessed by swiping from top to bottom.

2) Select Your Device

Once you've clicked the mirroring button, you´ll see a variety of choices (Apple TVs, Samsung TVs, ) where you can cast your screen. Select the one you want to mirror with by clicking the cast tab option with your device´s name.

3) Enter the Passcode

To verify that it's really your screen you´re trying to mirror on to, a passcode will be displayed on your TV screen. Type the passcode into your cell phone. After that you can do screen mirroring.

4) Open the Roku App

Since you´re using an external device, you´ll need to download Roku as well. You´ll find the roku app in the Google Play store for Android phones and in the app store for Apple products.

If you already have the app, just open it and log in.

You can also download the Peloton app in Roku. This comes in handy in the case that Peloton app isn't available on your phone, or in case the app´s current software version isn't compatible with your phone model. You can review the app´s version on the splash screen.

5) Choose Content

Once the Peloton app has been downloaded, you´re logged in and screen mirroring your device onto your TV. Select the class you want to take.

Once again, you can do anything from your phone, like watch the peloton channel, watch videos, join live fitness classes, and even chat with new Peloton users, all from your TV screen.


  • The Peloton app is full of content and possibilities to improve your training. Downloading it on your Roku TV could be a good way to get the app, and to broadcast on your TV screen with ease.
  • Most Roku users are satisfied with their device. Roku Peloton offers everything in the app and you can access many classes from the comfort of your home.
  • To login to your Peloton and Roku accounts, be sure to take note of your login credentials. Otherwise, you won't be able to access your Roku device or cast Peloton in case you´re logged out.
  • If the case screen mirroring isn't working, check everything twice. Be sure to enable screen mirroring on your Android smartphone/iPhone and your smart TV, and that your devices are connected to the same network.
  • If you have a particularly old TV, getting Roku TV is a great way to turn it into a smart device. Roku is one of the few streaming devices that allows this. Furthermore, within Roku, you can download software, such as the Peloton app.
Man Holding TV's Remote Control

Final Thoughts

Getting the Peloton app on Roku is a great way to improve your training and take advantage of everything Peloton has to offer. Roku offers access to many apps for almost every device, both old and new, so getting it will pay off.

Though getting the Peloton app on Roku isn't difficult, if you have an older device, you might encounter some problems. Luckily, with these suggestions, you can still get Peloton on your TV screen.

Carlos Glover
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