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How to Move a Peloton Bike the Safest Way

Carlos Glover
October 25, 2022

You can safely move a Peloton bike with a couple of tools and a friend's help. The process is simple but can be a little tricky.

As a fitness enthusiast, I know that leaving your Peloton bike behind while moving is the last thing you would want to do. My friend and I worked on relocating one a couple of weeks ago, so I understand the intricacies of transporting one.

This article will explore how to prepare your peloton bike before moving it. Also, we included how to move the bike from one room to another or a completely different area. Even without movers, we can guide you on how to transport your bike.

Keep reading to learn some helpful tips to move your bike easily.

Preparing Your Peloton Bike

First off, disconnect the touchscreen before moving. This is to prevent it from getting damaged. Also, turn the resistance knob off before transportation.

  • Switch off the power button and unplug its power cable.
  • Turn it backward and tilt it facing upwards so that you can remove the mounting screws holding the screen.
  • Once the screen has been removed, wrap its surface with a protective shield like a towel, so it doesn't crack.
  • Also, consider taking off any water bottle on the water bottle holder.
  • Next, depress the bike seat to the lowest position possible to reduce obstruction.
  • To make your job easier, remove the weight holders that come with the bike.
  • Cover all the exposed parts, like the seat, and pedals with a blanket.
  • Finally, cover all the exposed parts, like the seat, and pedals with a blanket before you finally move it and keep all surfaces clear.
Indoor workout using a Stationary Bike

Moving a Peloton Bike to a Different Room

You might need to move your Peloton within the same house. This is easy to do if you are moving it on level ground. However, take care when carrying it upstairs or down the stairs. Here are the details to note when you move your exercise bike to another area in the same apartment:

Step 1: Remove the Touch screen

You will need some tools to remove the touchscreen carefully. Buy a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen the mounting screws. Also, get someone to help when you remove the touchscreen as one person cannot safely remove it.

  • Before removing the screen, ensure the bike is off and the power cable unplugged.
  • Open the plastic clip and disconnect the monitor cable from the back of the screen, while the power is off.
  • Check for some square back panel that house four screws behind the monitor.
  • Unscrew the four screws and pull the back panel with one hand.
  • With your Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the screws that hold the screen.
  • While unscrewing, your friend should help you hold the screen. This will prevent the screen from falling off during the process.
  • After you remove the touchscreen, wrap it in a bubble wrap or moving blankets to protect it for transit.

Step 2: Move the Bike

  • Handle the stabilizers carefully while you move behind the bike to let it rest on its front transport wheels.
  • Before you push the bike towards a new place, ensure that you are comfortable with the weight. When the bike rests on its transport wheels, the entire weight will be on these small wheels so keep it steady.

Since the Peloton is not going to a far distance, you don't need adjustment levers. Also, changing the bike seat position is not compulsory.

Step 3: Reinstall Touchscreen Again

After positioning your bike safely in the new room, re-install the screen, using the reverse installation method explained above. This is simply the reverse of the touchscreen removal and disassembling process. Make sure that all the screws are fully tightened when you reassemble it.

How to Move Your Peloton Bike When Relocating?

Moving a Peloton bike from room to room is easy. However, relocating it to a new home is more technical. This guide will simplify it:

Step 1: Remove the Touchscreen

The process of removing the touchscreen remains the same as detailed above.

Step 2: Remove the Bike Pedals

A Peloton bike consists of many fragile parts, and the pedals are one of them. Considering the size and importance, one needs to avoid any dent on this part.

  • The pedal should be stable and have good balance while working on it. The primary tool to remove the right and left pedal is a 16 mm Allen Wrench.
  • Turn the resistance right to lock the pedals. This will keep it steady while removing the pedals.
  • Safely secure the bolts after unscrewing them.
  • Using anticlockwise movement, you can unscrew the bolts of the right pedal.
  • Also, the left pedal's bolt can be unscrewed by clockwise movement for the perfect setting.
Woman Workingout Using Stationary Bike

Step 3: Take Out the Bottle Holder

After you remove the pedals, move to the bottle holder.

  • Unbolt the two screws that hold the frame with your screwdriver.
  • When this is done, gently remove the holder with both hands and keep the attachment together.
  • Use your Allen Wrench to replace your water bottle holder.

Step 4:  Get the Weight Holders Out

The weight holder attached to the seat post must be dismantled as well.

  • Loosen the four screws to remove the weight holder.
  • As the weight holder is separated, it might fall off. As a result, consider supporting the weight holders with your hands as you unscrew it.

Step 5: Remove the Seat and Handlebars

Set and adjust the handlebars and seat post to the lowest position. At this point, there is a pretty low probability of damaging them.

Step 6: Pick and Move the Components

Due to the shape and size, you will need someone to help you.

  • While you hold the handlebar, guide your friend to help grab the rear stabilizers.
  • Watch your steps and lower down when loading it to the moving truck.
  • Lift the bike to the truck and stabilize it with ratchet straps, and you are good to go.

While driving to the new place, avoid bumpy roads, drive slowly, to prevent injury and damage.

Step 7: Bring it Down at the New Location

  • While at the new destination, untie the bike.
  • Grab the handlebar while your friend holds the rear stabilizers.
  • Gently carry it from the moving truck to its new home.
  • Slowly lower it to the normal position on the floor before starting the reassembly process.
  • While reassembling, attach all accessories firmly, tighten all nuts, and prevent loose parts and other damage.
  • Depending on your route, be careful with bumps.

Transporting a Peloton is easy, as outlined. The process calls for caution and vigilance to avoid damaging its parts.

Is it Difficult Moving Peloton Bikes?

Let's get this straight. You can't move it all by yourself. This means you need to arrange to have someone help you in advance.

If you're moving it within the same building, you only need one person to lift it from the rear stabilizer, while you lift it from the front monitor arm. If you have an SUV, it will conveniently fit in. However, there are some specific steps to take before moving the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Peloton Bike on Its Side?

You can only put a Peloton resting on either side after you dismantle it. In other words, get the delicate pieces and accessories like the water bottle holder, touchscreen, pedals, sweat guard and weight holder off to prevent breakage.

Most of the bike parts, like the screen, are highly fragile, so keep them separately. Such parts might break if you put the machine on the side.

What Happens to the Warranty if I Move the Bike?

Ensure that you understand the implications of moving it by yourself on the warranty. Once the small seal on the screw hole is broken, your warranty becomes void. If you start the moving process, you release Peloton from being responsible if anything breaks. Should there be any damage or equipment failure, the Peloton interactive warranty will not cover it.

Peloton recommends that you work with a mover with insurance that will cover the cost if anything goes wrong. To this end, Peloton will not be responsible for any damage, malfunction, repair cost, or accident if you attempt to do this yourself.

How Do You Transport a Peloton Bike in a Car?

You might need to move your bike in a car without a truck or a moving company. So, if you can't hire movers or get a moving vehicle, you can use your car. You still need essentials like Allen keys, adjustable wrench, and Phillips screwdriver.

  • Remove various parts of the bike. For example the screen, the seat, the vertical seat bar, water bottle holder, etc. We already explored how to remove the parts above.
  • Also, remove the front and rear bases using the Allen keys as well.
  • Put the Peloton on its side in your trunk. Use a zip lock bag to secure the screws to avoid losing them.

How Much Do Peloton Bikes Weigh?

The bike weighs more than a regular bike (it's a piece of fitness equipment), but you should be able to move it with little help. Consisting mainly of a welded steel frame, aluminum pedals, a seat, a screen, a set of weights, and a pair of shoes, the 59 x 23 x 53 inches bike with weights approximately 135 pounds, or the 59 x 59 x 22 inches weigh 140 pounds.


It's not complicated to move a Peloton bike, however, you need to handle it with care. So, if you follow the instructions, you should be fine.

Though it might seem difficult, these tips can guide you in the best way possible. Besides, you can prevent voiding your warranty if you can't hire a mover. Remember safety first and always. 

Carlos Glover
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