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Peloton Bike vs Bowflex C6 - A Quick Comparison

Carlos Glover
February 22, 2024

The Peloton bike is known for its quality, resistance mechanism, and special features. These include compatibility with the Peloton app, training data, and more. This bike is meant for those looking to do top notch training and have all the data based on their performance.

On the other hand, the Bowflex C6 is a more affordable and simpler option that can do many things the Peloton bike can. With this bike, you can take any Peloton class, and do some quality training with it. The only downsides are the lack of an integrated display screen and not having access to the Peloton leaderboard.

When I was investigating which exercise bike to get, these two names came up often. After much consideration, I ended up going with the Peloton bike. This was mainly because of its compatibility with the Peloton app and it offers plenty of cycling data. Nevertheless, I know a couple of people who did choose the Bowflex C6 and are quite happy with it.

In this article, we´ll be comparing these two models, to help you decide with more clarity which is the best for you.

Peloton Bike vs Bowflex C6

The Peloton bike and the Bowflex C6 are some of the best stationary bikes you can get. You can use them in most indoor spaces, like your home or at a gym, to get some quality training and develop muscle or burn fat in the process. However, even though they share some similarities, they are fundamentally different products. Let's take a look at some different criteria.

Bike Model Weight Dimensions Resistance Mechanism Screen Additional Features Peloton Compatibility Grade (1-10) More Information  
Peloton Bike  135 lbs L: 59"
H: 53"
W: 23"
Magnetic (100 levels) 22” Screen Cup Holders, Delta Pedal Clips, Peloton App 10 CHECK PRICE cycling shoes for peloton
Bowflex C6
106 lbs L: 48.7"
H: 51.8"
W: 21.2"
Magnetic (22 levels) No Touchscreen
Small LCD screen (Displays basic data)
Tablet Holder, Adjustable Seat, Water Bottle Holder 7 CHECK PRICE BowflexC6Bike-Main


The next step that should help you see which indoor bike is better is a head to head comparison.


The cost of the bike is one of the most important factors which influence which bike you´re going to get.


The Peloton bike costs $1,495 as of 2022. However, when it came out in 2014, it cost of $2,495, which is what the Peloton bike+ now costs.

Since this price is a bit elevated, this can discourage many people from getting this model and opt for a cheaper solution. What truly gives the Peloton bike it´s value is the Peloton app and all the classes you can take there. The Peloton experience just isn´t the same without the Peloton app.

Original Peloton Bike | Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike with Immersive 22' HD Touchscreen (Updated Seat Post)

Bowflex C6

The Bowflex C6 presents a more affordable option coming in at $999. The Bowflex C6 however, lacks a bit in certain aesthetic features that the Peloton does have. Overall, the riding experience is still quite good and you can even use Zwift or the Peloton app with a Peloton resistance conversion chart.

It is also important to keep in mind that the compatibility of the Peloton app with this bike won´t be 100%, Some workout experiences might be slightly different and therefore, yield different results.

Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike


Here´s a look at what every bike brings to the table, mechanically and aesthetically speaking.

Peloton Bike

Here´s a list of the most important parts on a Peloton bike:

  • Flywheel (Whole resistance mechanism: 100 levels)
  • Pedals
  • Seat
  • Frame
  • Screen and handlebars
  • Special accessories such as water bottle holders
  • Electrical system

Bowflex C6

Most times, Bowflex has a rather minimalistic approach. However, the quality of their mechanical system is top notch.

  • The C6 only comes with a small LCD screen which displays basic data
  • Frame
  • Handlebars
  • Pedals
  • Flywheel (22 resistance levels)
  • Electric system

App Compatibility

The compatibility of these exercise bikes with fitness apps is another important feature to consider.


Peloton is only compatible with the Peloton app. Nevertheless, that's usually enough, as the app contains more than 2,000 cycling classes to choose from.

The benefit of this indoor cycling bike is that the classes are a perfect fit for the bike as they were designed for it.

Bowflex C6

The Bowflex C6 is more flexible when it comes to cycling apps. It is compatible with many apps such as Zwift, FulGaz, and TrainerRoad.

The only setback is that the compatibility with the app won't be 100% exact, meaning the experience might not have the quality or precision it was meant to.


How easy to use a device is will also determine a lot.


In Peloton´s case, both the bicycle and the app are really easy to use. Everything is quite clear and easy to learn.

It´ll take some time at the beginning to adapt to the cycling classes and learn the language. After a couple of weeks, you´ll be okay.

Bowflex C6

In Bowflex´s case it's more complicated to use, nevertheless it's still quite simple and straightforward. You´ll also need some time to adapt and feel comfortable on the bike.

You can improve your riding by placing your tablet as a screen. This isn't a must. You can also use fitness apps to design your workout routine.

how to turn a bicycle into a stationary bike

Peloton App Subscription

Here's how both bikes do in regard to the Peloton app.

Peloton Bike

For the Peloton bike, you´ll need to get the all access Peloton membership, which costs around $40 per month. This will allow you to take any class within the digital app and access your riding data and a couple of other special features.

If you think this is on the expensive side, you can get the Peloton digital membership which will enable you to access any Peloton class from any of your devices, such as your tablet, TV, computer or phone. The monthly subscription costs $12.99.

Once subscribed, you´ll be able to take classes with any Peloton instructor. These could be strength training, bootcamp, cycling classes and other workout classes in the app.

Bowflex C6

With your Bowflex bike, you won't be able to get the all-access membership. You´ll have to get a digital membership. However, you´ll be able to access all the classes on the Peloton digital app.



Peloton offers the following coverage:

  • Touchscreen: 12 months
  • Frame: 5 year
  • Bike components: 12 months
  • Pedals: 12 months
  • Labor: 12 months

If you want to get an extension after 12 months, you can choose between 15 ($145) and 27 ($185) months.

Bowflex C6

The Bowflex C6 comes with the following coverage:

  • Frame: 10 years
  • Mechanical: 3 years
  • Labor: 3 years


Peloton Bike

The Peloton bike is Peloton´s flagship product. It was launched in 2014 and has brought tremendous success to the company. The bicycle´s most popular feature is the fact that, coupled with the Peloton app, you can take thousands of fitness classes varying in discipline and difficulty.

The Peloton hike got a new generation model called the Peloton Bike+ which was released in 2020. It offers everything the original bike has, plus many technological updates and features which improve the quality of riding and classes.

The bicycle comes with:

  • 100 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Touchscreen
  • Delta clips
  • Water bottle holders
  • Weights
  • Adjustable seat

The Peloton bike is probably the best-rated indoor cycling bike in the market. It probably wouldn't be so without these features.

  • Bluetooth
  • USB-C charging port
  • Cadence sensors
  • Quiet ride

The Peloton bike also comes with a comfortable seat. It can be adjusted to maximize comfort and productivity.

One of the best features of the bike is the data. Peloton collects and offers a lot of data focused on your cycling performance. The main metrics they take into account are cadence, resistance, and the famous Peloton output. Additionally, there's also information regarding your heart rate, calories, and distance.

The bike is compatible only with the Peloton app, so it's important to take that into consideration.

Bowflex C6

The Bowflex C6 is one of Bowflex´s best-selling products. The bike came out in 2020 so it's quite recent. It is still considered to be the best Peloton alternative and is rated quite positively.

The Bowflex C6 includes

  • 22 levels
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • SPD shoe compatibility
  • Tablet holder (to use instead of bike screen)

The Bowflex C6 also includes some cool accessories which enhance the experience of riding a bike:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Speed metrics
  • It is compatible with many Apps
  • Smooth and quiet experience

The Bowflex C6 also has an adjustable seat, which should help you feel more comfortable for all your workout routines.

By using Bluetooth on your bike, you can connect it to various third-party cycling apps such as the Peloton app or Zwift.

Similarities and Differences Between Peloton Bike and Bowflex C6

Knowing what the bikes have in common and what differentiates them might help you recognize which spin bike is the better fit for you.


  • Both exercise bikes have a magnetic resistance mechanism
  • You can take Peloton classes with both the Peloton and the Bowflex bikes
  • Both have dual-sided pedals
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Both bikes have a black and red color scheme
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Both bikes include information about your riding
  • The bike functionality is basically the same, but you will need a conversion chart


  • The Peloton is equipped with more gadgets and accessories
  • You can use the Bowflex C6 with other cycling apps
  • With the Peloton bike, you´ll have access to the Peloton community. You´ll get a chance to compete and befriend people
  • The Peloton comes with a screen, the Bowflex c6 spin bike doesn't
  • There is a $500 difference in price between the two
black peloton bike at the gym

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons for both bikes. These should help you get a good idea of the bike´s strengths and weaknesses:



  • Compatible with the Peloton app
  • You can take thousands of different classes
  • You can switch the pedals on the bike to the type you wish (Delta, SPD, dual-sided pedals). You can even add toe cages if you like
  • It comes with a screen
  • There are plenty of other accessories to accompany it (weights, water bottle holder)
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Great match for all fitness levels
  • Really convenient bicycle
  • You can watch Netflix while riding
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty with the option to prolong it
  • You can chat with friends in the same class while riding

Bowflex C6

  • Cheap and accessible alternative bicycle
  • Offers technical data on your riding (heart rate, RPM)
  • It is compatible with the Peloton app
  • It is really comfortable, and offers a smooth and quiet ride
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Comes with a USB charging port for your tablet



  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The real value of the bike is when you couple it with the membership, which costs every month
  • It´s a long-term commitment
  • A Peloton isn't the same as an in-person spin community

Bowflex C6

  • It´s a bit tough to assemble
  • No screen included

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bowflex as Good as a Peloton?

Peloton is still the more popular choice for a reason.

Nevertheless, some people consider it to be even better. Not only is the bike cheaper, but you´ll have more options to choose from in regards to fitness apps. The only downside is that the bike doesn't have a screen. Luckily, it does come with a tablet holder.

It is also worth remembering that the Bowflex C6 isn´t a perfect match with the Peloton app. The experience will be different for people using this bike. Nevertheless, it's still possible to use the app and properly train with it.

Does the Bowflex C6 Work with the Peloton App?

Yes, the Bowflex C6 works with the Peloton App, however keep in mind that the training experience might not be the same as the one you´d have with the Peloton bike.


  • You can get your cycling shoes in any store, for the Peloton bike you´ll need Delta cleats and for the Bowflex C6 you´ll need SPD clips.
  • If you´re not happy with any of the models we´ve just compared, other alternatives to the Peloton bike and the Bowflex C6 are the Stryde bike and the Echelon bike.


The Peloton bike and the Bowflex C6 share many similarities. However, if you look closely, you'll notice that they differ in certain aspects. The Peloton is a more aesthetic user-friendly bike, whereas the Bowflex C6 isn´t as polished. It´s strong spot is on mechanical performance.

In terms of value, the Bowflex C6 might be the better option. It is much cheaper than the Peloton. However, for those looking for quality and comfort, the Peloton should be your go-to choice.

When it comes to making a decision, consider your personal priorities and how you value each bike to make sure it´s the best possible match.

Carlos Glover
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