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Peloton Digital vs All Access - Which is The Best For You?

Carlos Glover
November 23, 2022

You can get two different subscriptions on the Peloton App: The digital membership, which is particularly meant for those looking to get the digital app to broadcast workouts on your TV. You can also get the all access membership, which goes amazing with Peloton equipment. It includes metrics, leaderboard, milestones and a couple of additional features.

After my first month trying the Peloton app, I also had to choose between getting the digital subscription, the all access membership or not getting anything at all. I really enjoyed my free trial month, so I wanted to keep trying the app and finding cool on demand classes to take. Therefore, I got the digital membership to go with my Peloton bike. I do have some friends that have other bikes and so they opted for the Peloton digital membership.

In this article, we´ll compare the digital membership with the all access membership in the hopes you can find the best fit for you.

What is the Difference Between Peloton Digital and All Access Membership?

The Peloton digital is one of two types of subscriptions for the Peloton app. This Peloton membership includes being able to access every class from any electronic device, but not much more.

The Peloton all access membership offers the same features the digital membership offers, plus a few more options to enhance your experience. This membership is only worth it if you have a Peloton device, since most of the benefits of this membership have something to do with it.

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What is the Peloton Digital Subscription?

The Peloton Digital Subscription is designed for those looking to take Peloton workouts, but don´t own a Peloton bike or tread. Basically anybody can sign up and register to take some classes in the app. Additionally, you can take Peloton digital classes from your TV, tablet, cell phone and use non Peloton equipment to train.

What Does It Include?

  • Access to all classes: Digital members with this subscription, you can take classes with or without any equipment. Peloton offers plenty of both. Some of the classes you can take are: Yoga, Meditation, Cycling, Running, Bootcamp and their variations.
  • You can create one profile: Regardless of how many family members are using your account, there can only be one profile.
  • You can take the class from any device: This membership is not called Peloton Digital for no reason. You can access the app from any digital interface.

Peloton Digital Membership

The Peloton digital membership is quite complete. It offers all the classes in the Peloton app and you´ll still have plenty of benefits. This subscription costs a very moderate $12.99 a month, which is a ton of value, for very little money. Think of it as your fitness Netflix.


The concern for this type of Peloton app membership is the compatibility with other devices. The main reason you should want this type of membership is if you don´t have a Peloton device, or you´re simply not interested in Peloton metrics. If it´s the latter and you don´t have a Peloton device, you might struggle to accurately take the classes, because Peloton designs their classes to go with their devices.

What is the Peloton All Access Membership?

The Peloton all access membership is the membership you´ll need if you have a Peloton bike or tread. The all access membership offers everything the Peloton digital membership offers, and a bit more. It focuses on providing Peloton users the best possible experience by including features such a personal data, access to live and on demand classes, and milestones.

What Does It Include?

  • Metrics and Leaderboard: With the all-access membership, you´ll be able to track your progress by using the performance metrics, and real time performance tracking features. You´ll be able to see your heart rate, measure your output and compete with other members in all classes. All these features will really enhance your experience.
  • Century club T-Shirt: Once you complete your 100th workout, you´ll be welcomed into the century club, which comes with a free of charge T-Shirt.
  • Unlimited accounts: If you have a family with many potential users,with the all-access membership you´ll be able to have different accounts for every family member. This will allow for everyone to have their own metrics, data and personal classes.
  • Stream classes from anywhere: You´ll still require some internet. However, you can previously download the class. You can also access your Peloton account from any device.
  • You´ll have unlimited access to all features on the Peloton digital app. This means you can take any class you want as much as you like.
  • You can be a part of the Peloton community. You´ll be able to chat and compete with other digital members. You´ll even have the possibility to call your friends while on a workout.
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All Access Membership Subscription Cost

The all-access membership comes at a bit of a steeper cost. Even though there are plenty of extras that come with this type of app membership, you´ll still have to pay $39.99 plus tax every month.


What is concerning from this type of membership is the value. Going from the $13 to $40 dollars, just for bike statistics can seem like too much. However, I´ll leave that to your consideration.

Pros and Cons of Each Peloton Subscription

All-access Membership


  • Provides you with full access to every feature on the Peloton app.
  • It enhances your experience as a Peloton user.
  • You´ll have a lot of information and data regarding your performance.


  • It comes at a very steep price.
  • It might not be worth the price.

Digital Membership


  • Provides access to the app for any person, regardless of the exercise machine they have.
  • Comes at a great cost of $12/month, which is great value.
  • You can access this subscription on almost all of your electronic devices, including phone, tablet and TV.


  • It doesn´t provide full content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Peloton All Access Membership?

Getting this type of Peloton app membership comes particularly handy when you already have a Peloton device to couple it with.

For starters, all Peloton classes on the app were made on these machines. Therefore they should feel like they were made for it, because they were. Secondly, getting the membership will provide helpful data which should always help you and motivate you to improve.

However, in all honesty It doesn't seem to be an indispensable tool for you to enjoy bike riding.

Can You Use Peloton Without a Subscription?

If you just enjoy riding your Peloton bike or tread for the sake of doing it, and you don´t want a Peloton membership, you don´t have to get one.

Just keep in mind that without the membership, riding your Peloton will be like riding any other bike. What makes Peloton bikes quite special to use is when they´re coupled with the digital app. So, if you´re not going to get the subscription you´d be better off getting another bike.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to which Peloton membership you´re going to get, think long and fast about what you´re looking for.

If you already have a Peloton tread or bike, I think that getting no Peloton membership is a waste of the equipment and what it has to offer, as they do their best work when coupled with the app. Without the app, there are plenty of other machines which work better by themselves.

Getting the digital app membership is a good choice because you´ll get to enjoy all the Peloton content without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Additionally, there are plenty of videos to choose from and to keep you entertained on a diversity of workouts.

Getting the Peloton all-access membership may seem like the best possible deal, and it does indeed offer the most content. However, personally I do feel the price for this membership is too high and not worth the extra cost. You should only go for the all-access membership if you´re looking for data regarding your training.

In the end, you´ll have to weigh your personal priorities to make the best choice for yourself.

Carlos Glover
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