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What Is the Newest Generation Peloton Bike: Everything Explained

Carlos Glover
October 26, 2022

Released on September 8th, 2020. The Peloton Bike plus is the company's newest model. It was a refreshing update on their flagship product, the Peloton bike. This bike features new speakers and more modern technology. However, it does come at a considerably higher price.

When buying a new Peloton bike, knowing which models are more recent and which are older will certainly come in handy. You´ll be able to make a better buying decision, as you might be able to find a bargain if you know where to look and what every bike has to offer. When I bought my bike, I ended up going for an older model, a used peloton bike that was in great condition. I was really happy with my deal.

In this article, we´ll take a look at the newest generation peloton bike and the main differences in the old bike model. So you can make the best decision for your bikes.

How Many Generations of Peloton Bikes Are There?

There are two peloton bicycle models, each of them considered its own generation in the evolution of the peloton bike. Let's take a look at what they include:

Cycling Workout At Gym

First Generation Bike

This model launched with the company, instantly becoming a classic staple. This bike was released in 2014, and its popularity put the company on the map. As of 2022, it has a price of $1500.

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Second Generation Bike (Peloton Bike Plus)

This is the newest generation peloton exercise bike, released in 2020. The new bike comes with all new and improved bells and whistles, coming in at around $2500. It is now the best that indoor cycling has to offer.

How Many Peloton Screen Generations Are There?

Oddly enough, over the course of time, peloton has introduced three different screen versions to their bikes. We´ll also take a look at them.

Before starting, to identify your screen generation, look for the model number on the back of your touchscreen:

First Generation Screen

These screens are identified by serial numbers that begin with "72010". They were manufactured before 2016.

Second Generation Screen

These screens are identifiable via the model number " RB1V1"

Third Generation Screen

These screens are identifiable via the serial number"RB1VQ". Be sure not to confuse them with a 2nd generation, as the serial number is quite similar.

Difference Between Bike Models and Generations?

Now that you know a bit about bike generations, there are plenty of noteworthy differences between them. Let's take a look at them so you're aware of what every bike offers.

Bike ModelPeloton BikePeloton Bike +
Year of Manufacture20142020
Screen Dimensions21.5"23.8"
User Weight297 lbs.297 lbs.
Size59"L x 53" H x 23"W59"L x 59"H x 22"W
Base4ft. x 2ft.4ft. x 2ft.
ResistanceMagnetic resistance with mechanical adjustmentMagnetic resistance with digital adjustment
Bike Weight135 lbs140 lbs.
Auto ResistanceNot IncludedYes
Internal Storage Capacity16GB16GB
Internal Processor2.0 GHz Mediatek MT8173 quad core2.5 GHz Qualcomm QCS605
Random Access Memory2GB4GB
Charging PortUSB Micro PortUSB-C
Speakers2 channel audio with 2x10 watt4 channel audio with tweeters and full range drivers

This might make the two bikes seem very similar and it might be difficult to spot the difference between the two. Here are other notable differences.

Screen Movement

One of the most noticeable differences between peloton bike generations is the touchscreen. The peloton bike plus has a bigger screen than it´s ancestor and the screen has more mobility.

The old bike´s screen only tilts in a vertical direction, up or down. This feature was meant to be compatible for a diversity of rider heights. However, with the newest generation peloton bike, you can also turn the bike screen horizontally. This is great for when you're doing an off-bike peloton session, such as yoga or meditations, and you still need the screen. Simply rotate the screen and do your thing.


The bike´s sound system is also dramatically different from one bike to the other. The original model only has two speakers. The newer model is equipped better speakers, having studio quality sound.

Resistance Improvement

The bike's resistance was a mechanically-controlled magnetic system. In the newest bike model, this system is all digital now, reducing any damage to the bike.

Charging Port

There is also a difference in the bike´s charging port. The newest generation peloton bike has a USB-C charger, meant to match your cell phone charger for a little extra convenience.

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Similarities Between the Bikes

Just like we saw in the comparison, there are a ton of features that these spin bikes have in common. You might be interested in learning more about the $1000 gap between the models and if it's worth it after all.


The bike´s dimensions are similar but the newest model is slightly taller and narrower. However, both these bicycles have very similar dimensions, proportions and design.

Riding Experience

These bikes offer the same riding experience, other than the off-bike use for the screen, and the resistance mechanism. You will feel that are riding the exact same bike.

All Access Membership

Both bicycles allow customers to use the membership on the bike´s software.

Connection to External Devices

Both bicycles can connect to external devices. The two bicycles are equipped with Apple watch sync technology and you can also connect through Bluetooth to other devices such as your phone. This feature is great if you´re a fan of outdoor running in addition to indoor cycling.

Indoor workout using Stationary Bike

Seating and Comfort

Both bicycles are equipped with an adjustable seat and a comfortable saddle, so that you can pedal for hours on end.


Both bicycles have a lot of parts that are basically the same. In fact, both bike frames are made of the same material.


Say what you want. Peloton bicycles are quality machines. They are a household name in the indoor cycling world for a reason. Whether first or second generation, both products are regarded as some of the best products in the market.


You might also be wondering if there's a difference in how the warranty works with both bike generations.

When you buy your exercise bike, you´ll have a one-year warranty period that comes included. However, after those first 12 months, you will have to get an extension.

The new generation bike does come at a higher cost to protect, at around $180 to $230 depending on duration.

What is the Newest Generation Peloton Bike?

So, what is the newest generation peloton bike? To sum it up, it is a peloton bike+ with a 3rd generation screen as well.

If you hear the term 3rd generation in a peloton bike, people are most likely only talking about the new screen.

Plans for a 4th generation screen and a new bike must surely be in development. However, nothing is known as of this moment.

Is the New Peloton Bike Generation Better Than the Old?

To start with, there are certainly some improvements in the peloton + bike´s aesthetic and technology, such as an improved touchscreen and better quality speakers. Additionally, the bike feels more functional and luxurious to ride.

When you really compare the Peloton bike with it´s newest model, the materials and the riding parts are exactly the same. It's completely up to you to choose which model you prefer.

A standard 1st gen peloton bike comes at around $1500, whereas the peloton bike plus (2nd gen) costs around $2500. So it's a sharp price difference.


  • The original Peloton bike cost around $2200 upon release. After some time, the bike suffered a bit of a price drop. However, it is still one of the best indoor spin bikes on the market, and still has some great quality. It now appeals to those seeking value for money.
  • With a peloton bike, you can access thousands of peloton classes, ranging from mild to really intense. There's a whole array of things you can do.
  • With the bike plus model, you´ll enjoy super quiet cycling, live classes, real time data including your calories burned, heart rate, and effort level.
  • You can get the peloton bike and the new version on the peloton site.
Young Woman Training with Bicycle in the Gym

Our Choice

So with which bike should I go with?

Personally, I feel the Peloton bike´+ offers more than its predecessor. However, I don't feel the gap between these bicycles is worth $1000.

If I were to use my bike for many different purposes, including off-bike classes, I just might consider buying the new model, since it´ll help with my training. Otherwise, I´d go for the original bike.

The original peloton is still a great product and offers a great price to value ratio. It is cheaper to maintain and restore as well. As a result, I´d go with this product.

No products found.


If you´re looking for a great exercise bike, peloton is the way to go. There is no experience like cycling with a peloton bike. There´s plenty to do all the time and it's a great tool to keep you motivated and in good shape.

Now that you know there are two peloton models, you are presented with a choice. If you go with the new model, this offers luxury, improved technical details, and a slightly more enjoyable riding experience. If you go with the classic older model, it still has everything you need to train every day, and offers a better deal, economically.

Choose whichever peloton seems best for you and offers what you´re looking for during your training sessions. Only you know what you´re looking for with your bike. Do take note of the tips mentioned above, as it might help in the long run.

Carlos Glover
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