Women’s Fat Tire Bike

Female-Friendly Cycling – Our Top 8 Picks for the Absolute Best Women’s Fat Tire Bikes

by  Grace Liang

For women, there’s a little bit more that goes into a bike when it comes to just how well it performs. Factors like standover height, weight, frame sizes, wheel size and geometry are big points that come into consideration when you’re a looking for the ideal women ‘s fat bike.

When it comes to fat bikes, the instant image that comes to mind is a terrain that would be especially challenging to tackle, like snow or sand.

Whilst a lot of articles out there may be quite generic or catering to a male audience, we’re here to share some insights on the best fat tire bikes for female riders.

Glad you finally found an article on the femme side of the cycling world?

Well, without ado, let’s jump right into our top picks of women’s fat tire bikes!

1. Trek Farley 5trek farley 5

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Let’s kick off with a fat bike from a fan favourite -Trek Bikes!

Featuring an aluminium alloy frame, the Farley 5 also comes in size small with a low stand-over height, to accommodate riders with a height as low as 5 feet.

You’re probably curious about the specs of this bike, so let’s jump right in to that.

Key Features

In addition to the super convenient frame size, the Farley 5 also features rear rack mounts, a tapered headtube and internal cable routing.

What’s more, its fork is also made in house; Bontrager Haru carbon suspension with a tapered steerer and 100mm corrected suspension.

On this bike, you get a 1 x 10 speed cassette and an impressive Shimano Deore drivetrain. For better stopping power, this is further boosted by its SRAM hydraulic disc brakes.

In terms of tire size, this fat bike rigged out with Trek’s in house brand Bontrager, and features Gnarwhal Team Issue, 4.5 inch thick, 120 TPI wire beaded fat tires, perfectly paired with SUNRingle Mulefut rims on its wheels.

The 27 5 tires and wheelset are also tubeless ready, so it wouldn’t be a problem to make any changes for boosted traction on snow, sand and particularly challenging surfaces.

When it comes to price, the Farley 5 is one of the more economic bikes on the menu, which makes it particularly appealing. It’s a pretty good deal considering the components and detailing you’re getting with it.

2. Framed Minnesota 1 0 Women’sFramed Minnesota 1 0 Women’s

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The Framed Minnesota fat bike is among some of the first women’s fat bikes to have entered the market. This fat bike features a lower standover height and improved geometry, specialized to cater to women, after all, the bike was built with suggestions from female cyclists!

Key Features

The Framed Minnesota 1 0 features shorter handlebars and a specialized Velo Plush saddle for a more comfortable ride. The saddle is an particularly special mention as some saddles may be too narrow or small, or may not support weight effectively for women.

This saddle however, is ideal for women with its ergonomic design targeted specifically to their physiology, in terms of both design and size.

As an entry level fat bike, the Minnesota is built with lightweight aluminium. While it does not have suspension, it is compatible with suspension if you would wish to include it for your fat biking adventures.

You will also find that it is outfitted with high quality SRAM X4 parts and a 1 x 9 speed drivetrain, giving you a wider range of gears for a smoother pivot when you ride.

The fat tires used on this bike are from Framed itself, and are 72TPI wire beaded tires, with the tire size being 4 inches thick, on a wheel size of 26 inches.

The Framed Minnesota falls into a very affordable, very comfortable price range, so you wouldn’t be breaking your bank for this decent entry level option.

3. Pivot Les Fat BikePivot Les Fat Bike

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For the formidable female rider, the Les Fat bike is designed and built with a smaller frame and with the priority of being lightweight, as well as being specialized for winter riding and the difficult kinds of terrains, especially the snow.

Intrigued? Let’s take a look at what makes the Pivot Les special!

Key Features

The Pivot Les is made out of tough carbon and is a hardtail women’ s fat bike, with a Pro XT Manitou suspension fork with up to 100 mm of travel.

It comes decked out with Shimano XT M8100 hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano XT components on its levers as well.

This womens fat tire bike also comes with a Shimano SLX M7100 10-51t speed cassette for a wide gear set, with a matching 12 speed rear derailleur and levers for an easier switch between gears.

And now for the star of the show; the tire!

This bike uses thick and tough Maxxis Minion FBF 3.8 inch size tires on 27 5″ wheels. This bike also comes with the size option of 26 inches and 29″ as well, depending on your preference.

The Les Fat doesn’t carry the lowest price on the market, however it is an exceptional investment, giving you a high quality product for the price charged.

4. Alaskan Carbon Women’s Fat Bike Alaskan Carbon Womens Fat Bike

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The next feature on our list of women’ s fat bikes is another one from Framed, a reliable option from a company that has designed quite a few bikes specifically for women.

The Alaskan is assembled with a carbon frame and a matching Framed suspension fork, and has been designed to be more on the lighter side for women.

Now let’s dig into the details:

Key Features

The Alaskan has a drivetrain completely dominated with SRAM NX Eagle parts. You will find high quality SRAM cassette, chain, and on its rear derailleur, along with its 12 speed shifters so that you have all the speed you need.

Its braking system boasts SRAM parts too, with 160mm front and rear rotors for amped up braking power.

As for the tire, the Alaskan boasts 3.8 inch thick Maxxis Minio knobbly tires for superior grip, on a wheel size of 27 5″.

With its low price and efficient parts, this option comes in as a steal! Most of the parts, including the handlebar and stem, are made in house, so you’re pretty much guaranteed not only quality, but great compatibility with all moving parts right across the board.

5. Mongoose Malus Fat Bike

Now let’s take a look at another notable mention in our list of women’ s fat bikes. The Mongoose Malus is a trail ready bike built with a steel frame and 26 inch wheels, compatible with anyone from 5 to 6 feet in height.

The Mongoose Malus is a gender neutral bike, typically preferred by men, but its built in such a way as to pivot towards being compatible as a bike for a woman as well.

So what’s special about this bike?

Key Features

The Mongoose Malus is built with a frame similar to that of a mountain bike, fitted with a low-rise handlebar and a snug saddle, and as we’ve said before, a comfy saddle is a major plus point in women’ s fat bikes!

What’s more, it has aluminium crank arms for better gearing, along with front and rear brakes for more strict control.

This fat bike has 7 speeds on its cassette and is paired up with Shimano components on its rear derailleur for more effortless pedalling.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention the key player here that makes this fat bike, fat! The Mongoose Malus tire is 4-inches wide, and will easily glide over any kind of surface without a hassle, perfect for your fat biking adventures!

For mountain bike action, such as dirt trails, and for when you’re not riding in snow, it’s advisable to ride at a lower tire pressure for better traction.

The Malus is a rigid bike which does not come with any suspension.

This fat bike comes at a very accessible price point too, which is the icing on the cake.

6. Specialized 2016 Hellga Comp

Specialized 2016 Hellga Comp

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The new and improved Hellga; a bike catering specially to women, is a gamechanger. The company upgraded the Hellga from its original model, with the newer one boasting a lightweight fork made of FACT carbon fiber and front suspension, while its frame is made of the same M4 aluminium as its predecessor.

Just like the old model, the 2016 Hellga Comp still features awesome geometry and a tapered headset. It comes in more than one funky color too, including fuschia, turquoise and black.

So what else do you get with this bike?

Key Features

Built specially for women, the Hellga is decked out with SRAM X5/X7 components, with SRAM X5 on the front derailleur and SRAM X7 on the rear, along with a 2 x 10 speed drivetrain. What’s more, you’re also spoiled with a powerful Tektro Gemini hydraulic disc brake for enhanced stopping power and control.

On its 26 inch wheels, the Hellga is kitted out with Stout XC 90mm alloy rims and Ground Control fat tires; 4 6 inches thick with 120TPI Folding.

With all these little goodies, this bike comes at a decent price point. It may not be the cheapest out there but it’s also not the most exorbitant on the menu- a nice middle ground to be in for the tech you’re getting.

7. Salsa Cycles Mukluk NX Eagle

Salsa Cycles Mukluk NX Eagle

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Next on our list is a specialized fat bike for women from Salsa Cycles. The Mukluk is built with a carbon frame with a strengthened carbon fork, with a frame size option that goes all the way down to XS, perfect for smaller-made women of around 5 feet in height.

Key Features

This bike is made with stiff, lightweight aluminium, which is also super lightweight, making it easier to carry around and also much smoother when riding.

The Mukluk is one of the best options for women due to its winning geometry. Using a shorter chainstay and a combination a fork offset and headtube angle, you will find that the centre of gravity is pushed over the rear wheel.

This helps to keep the rider stable and improves the steering, whilst not taking away from its agility. To keep your centre of gravity low, this is further complemented by a low bottom bracket, which also helps with dismounting and remounting.

Other great features on this fat bike include its Kingpin carbon fork and its compatibility with a dropper post with stealth routing, as all cabling on this bike is also internally routed.

The fat tires on this bike are 4.6″ tires on 26″ wheels. These tires have a lot of air volume, and gain awesome traction when ridden at a low tire pressure.

The Mukluk Fat Bike comes with a not-so-modest price tag, but for all the great geometry and convenience that you’re getting, its certainly a worthwhile option, not to mention it can double up as a road bike whenever you would need it to.

8. Borealis Crestone Fat Bike

Borealis Crestone Fat Bike

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The Borealis Crestone is a high quality, hardtail fat bike with a durable carbon frame, capable of pushing through tough, technical terrain, challenging trails and heavy powder surfaces, like snow or sand., making it ideal for winter riding!

You wouldn’t have to worry too much about finding the right frame size, as the bike comes in 26 inch, 27 5 inch and 29 inch sizes, and also features a dropper post! The variations in size is ideal for women as it provides an option for a range of different heights and statures.

Key Features

The Crestone’s carbon frame helps with speed, and also boasts NEXT SL carbon bars and seatpost, and you will find that it comes equipped with RockShox Bluto suspension with up to 100 mm of travel.

Perfectly fitting for downhill riding or taxing surfaces, this fat bike is outfitted with SRAM Guide Ultimate hydraulic brakes. Your somewhat difficult rides become a lot smoother thanks to the Guide Ultimate’s double-piston system.

Let’s not forget the star player of this bike – its fat tires of course!

When considering tire size, you’d be riding on a fat Maxxis Minion tire, just around 5 inches, and built stockily enough for fat biking!

We’ve also found that once you get the tire pressure right, the Crestone rolls over trails like a breeze!

While the Crestone comes with a lot of great components, you should keep in mind that any repairs can be expensive.

The Borealis Crestone can be considered quite the investment, but if you’re willing to dig a little deeper into your pockets, you’ll find that this bike definitely does not skimp out on quality.

The Final Word

For a woman, there’s always those extra little details to look into in fat bikes for a truly comfortable ride, and with all the nitty gritty of the components aside, it’s really just about how well the bike is built to support your needs.

Frame sizes are an important area here, as if it’s too big, things like dismounting, remounting and just the ride overall will be too difficult and too uncomfortable.

In categories dedicated to women, most fat tire bikes come in at a frame size of 27 5 inches, which is considered quite universal as it lies in a sort of middle ground.

It would be advisable to look at what brakes you’re getting as well, for example, hydraulics are a lot more convenient that mechanical disc brakes, and would generally be a better option to go for.

Mechanical disc brakes often come with a little bit of extra work for maintenance, and are especially painful to replace, so like the picks in our list, hydraulic would be the way to go.

With this round-up of our picks for what we felt were the most value for money, it’s always important that as the customer, you make sure that the fat bike you buy has a frame size, stand-over height, wheel size and geometry that suits you specifically, along with, of course, a price that falls right into your budget!

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