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Peloton Scenic Rides - Peloton's Most Underrated Feature

Carlos Glover
January 12, 2023

Peloton does offer scenic rides on their bikes for those who have the Peloton App membership. Through your digital screen you´ll be able to enjoy various landscapes and routes in the outdoors. This way you´ll be able to enjoy nature and explore some interesting places within the US or around the world.

Since riding your Peloton can sometimes become a bit tedious, an interesting way to shake things up are Peloton scenic rides. With your Peloton interactive bike, you´ll be able to travel the world, while training from the comfort of your house. Every time I train, I love to take a scenic session and travel through nature or a famous city.

In this article, we'll review everything you need to know about scenic rides, the best scenic rides and where you can find them on your bike.

What is a Peloton Scenic Ride?

Peloton scenic rides are Peloton´s solution to make indoor riding an outdoor experience. Through your bike touchscreen, you´ll be seeing a beautiful landscape while riding through it.

By taking a scenic ride, you´ll be able to travel and train at the same time. The best part is that you can go anywhere in the world and see some beautiful scenery that might motivate you to take the trip in real life.

Scenic rides are a great way to start the day. In addition to the motivation and beauty they provide, they can be great for warm ups (before a workout), or cool downs (after training).

Take note that Peloton scenic rides are only accessible if you have a Peloton bike and the Peloton app membership. It is considered special content, so it´s not available for all Peloton users.

Within the Peloton scenic rides space, there are a couple of different rides that Peloton offers. These are:

  • Guided scenic rides
  • Distance scenic rides
  • Time-based rides
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What Are Peloton Guided Rides?

Just like the name suggests, a Peloton guided ride is a sort of scenic ride in which you won´t ride alone, but rather, you´ll have a host to accompany you during your trip. Some of the hosts you´ll ride with are Adrian Williams (Savannah) and Matt Wilpers (Hawaii).

Guided rides are entertaining and will make your workout go by in no time. The whole experience is really immersive and generally, very enjoyable.

What Are Peloton Distance Rides?

Distance-based Peloton scenic rides are also quite self-explanatory. Through your Peloton touch screen, you'll ride a set distance of 5 or 10 km through your chosen location.

Having nice scenery to look at certainly helps make distance rides very pleasant. You can choose your own pace on these journeys, so how long it takes to complete depends completely on you.

What Are Time-based Rides?

Just like with the other two, this is self-explanatory. By choosing a time-based ride, you´ll be taking the trip not for the distance, but for a certain duration of time.

These durations typically range between 10 minutes to 1 hour. You are free to choose your pedaling rhythm during your ride. However, the duration will stay the same.

List of Scenic Rides

Between these previously mentioned categories, the complete list of scenic rides Peloton offers is around 69 rides. This number fluctuates as time goes by.

Here are some places Peloton describes for each category. You can consult the complete list here.

Guided Rides

  • 30 minute Iceland ride - Ben Aldis
  • 30 minute Big Sur ride - Denis Morton
  • 20 minute Scotland Kinloch Hourn ride - Jon Hosking
  • 20 minute Puerto Rico ride - Mariana Fernandez

10 Minute Rides

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Antelope Island State Park (Utah)
  • Bangkok Night Ride
  • Melbourne

15 Minute Rides

  • Andalusia (Spain)
  • Crete (Greece)
  • Yellowstone Park
  • Iceland

20 Minute Rides

  • Clark national forest (Montana)
  • Dolomites (Italy)
  • Provence (France)
  • Adelaide (Australia)

30 Minute Rides

  • Brisbane (Australia)
  • Pyrenees (France)
  • Cuyahoga Valley (Ohio)
  • Gilman Tunnels (New Mexico)

45 Minute Rides

  • Costa Rica
  • Patagonia (South america)
  • New Zealand
  • Iceland

60 Minute Rides

  • Banff (Canada)
  • Normandy (France)
  • Taiwan

5K Rides

  • Oregon
  • Reykjavik
  • Savannah
  • Pupukea

10K Rides

  • Georgia
  • Big Sur
  • Aguirre Spring
  • Oregon Painted Hills
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What Are the Best Peloton Scenic Rides?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to scenic rides. You could go with nature, but there are also some cool city rides.

Although people's tastes can vary, the best-rated scenic rides are:

  • 10 minute Abu Dhabi bike ride: You can't go wrong with the UAE. You'll cruise through the best sites of this nation's capital.
  • 10 minute Coron: If you´re looking for the best location for your scenic rides, what's better than a tropical island? Just grab your Peloton bike and get going.
  • 15 minute Santa Monica Beach: You can never go wrong with a nice beach ride. You'll begin at the pier and work your way through the beach.
  • 20 minute Savannah guided ride (Adrian W): This journey is described as exhilarating and enjoyable as you ride through Cay Creek Wetlands.
  • 30 minute Big Sur ride: This part of California is renowned for its beauty. In this 30 minute cruise you´ll find out why.
  • 45 minute New Zealand's south island ride: This road is filled with dramatic and beautiful scenery.
  • 60 minute Normandy Ride: This French region is filled with beautiful landscapes that you are sure to enjoy.
  • 5K Pupukea Forest Ride: Among Peloton scenic rides, this particular option is loved by many. It´s a great way to travel through Hawaii.
  • 10K Oregon Painted Hills: If you´re up for it, this particular location is filled with lots of natural wonders and sights for a fun and quality ride.

New Scenic Rides

Peloton scenic rides have evolved quite a bit since they were launched. Here's everything you need to know about them:

As opposed to old Peloton scenic rides, Peloton has made new scenic rides available solely for members. Furthermore, they´re only available on the Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+. They aren't available on the Peloton app as they once were.

The content is great and fairly accessible. Finally, Peloton is always looking for new locations to add in the near future for their scenic rides.

How to Access The Scenic Ride Feature?

Peloton Scenic Rides are only available in your Peloton cycle. Unfortunately, with the new update, these rides can´t be accessed through the app on any portable device. Most likely, this is due to software or compatibility issues.

As long as you have a bike, you'll be okay. With your Peloton bike, you can find these rides on the home screen. You should be able to spot the "Scenic Rides" section.

If not, here´s how to access them:

  1. Start your bike
  2. On the bottom of your screen, look at the bike rider icon above the "more" option and tap it.
  3. You´ll have 3 options: Just Ride, Scenic Ride or Lanebreak
  4. Select "Scenic Ride".

Peloton Scenic Ride Features

Here are some important features that you need to know regarding the scenic rides experience:


In an effort to keep the experience as realistic as possible, some people would like to adjust the resistance setting to synchronize with the scenery on the ride.

Unfortunately, the resistance is not synchronized. However, you can personally adjust it if you wish to.


If you also enjoy listening to music while taking a scenic trip, you can absolutely do so. You can connect via your own device as you ride.


  • Peloton scenic rides are a great way to train, prepare, warm up or cool down for your training. You'll see lots of social media-worthy locations during your biking trip. Additionally, they also add the benefit of making your workouts more enjoyable. A true win-win.
  • If you´re looking for short scenic rides, you might be better off going with the 10-minute ride. Rides based on distance completely depend on your pace. If you stop to smell the digital roses, this might take more time that what you originally intended.
  • If you have any questions that we didn't address, check out this video to learn more on the topic.

Final Thoughts

Peloton Scenic Rides are a great way to mix up your training sessions. You´ll leave your training room and be transported into wonderful new surroundings for a short spell. Although you´re just riding your bike, you'll also be having fun while learning and training.

Unfortunately, access to scenic rides requires that you have a bike and a Peloton membership, making this cool resource a bit complicated to use. If you can get around said obstacle, you´ll enjoy some interesting training sessions.

The best part of this feature is that you can visit so many places. You can go to a new setting, thousands of miles away from one day to the next. There are many great tracks for whichever format you wish. You can choose between time, distances or guided depending on what you´re looking for. With time, you can even try them all.

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