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Diamondback Bikes Reviews: Bold and Daring Diamondbacks

Carlos Glover
June 18, 2021

As a BMX brand born in the late 1970’s in Washington, USA, Diamondback stays true to its name in offering reliable, high quality bikes that are just about as tough as diamonds!

Diamondback bikes started off as a brand offering affordable BMX bikes for cyclists on a budget, growing into a well-known BMX bike supplier and finally, into one of the biggest names in the cycling industry.

With the vast number of bikes that they have on offer, you’re sure to find it a bit hard to pick apart the rest until you find the best, so we’ve done you a favor to include the very best of the best in our Diamondback Bikes Reviews!

So what models do they specialize in?

In addition to their classic lower priced BMX models, Diamondback also offers some pretty upmarket bikes for racing and serious mountain biking enthusiasts. They’ve expanded their portfolio to include basically whatever you might be looking for!

Their models include:

  • Mountain Bikes (Full Suspension and Hardtail)
  • Adventure & Gravel Bikes
  • Triathlon Bikes
  • Kids’ Bikes

Diamondback Bikes are now a fairly widespread household name, available everywhere, whether through bike stores, dealerships or online channels. They’ve gained much traction in the public eye as well, having sponsored the road racing team ‘Rally Cycling’.

Diamondback offers more than just the bikes as well, giving you a little extra with their range of branded accessories, clothing and of course, bike parts and components as well.

So without much further ado, let’s take a dive into the best Diamondback Bikes!

Starting with Diamondback mountain bike reviews, let’s look at a couple of their top hardtail and full suspension players!

Mountain Bikes

1. Sync’r Carbon 29

The first bike that we’re going to take a look at is one of Diamondback’s hardtail mountain bikes - the Sync’r.

The Sync’r is a convenient, 29” mountain bike built for rough and tumble riding. The geometry is designed perfectly for uphill riding and steep slopes, crushing the terrain whilst also keeping you totally stable.

If you’re just getting into mountain biking, then you wouldn’t have to worry too much about product quality either. Diamondback’s mountain bikes are tried and tested, with their quality being proven time and time again.

Dying for the details? Let’s take a look at the specs!

The Sync’r is made out of a carbon fiber frame, featuring a tapered headtube along with a Boost rear spacing to cement its sturdiness. Its Fox 34 Float Performance fork comes with up to 140 mm of travel, to ease out any discomfort you might feel on an uneven trail.

This hardtail also comes with heavy duty SRAM GX Eagleparts on its drivetrain, with a 12 speed rear derailleur and Shimano MT501 hydraulic brakes for smooth control and stopping power with comfortably minimum effort.

You will find Diamondback Blanchard 32R rims on the bike’s 29 inch wheels and is just about the right height for a lot of riders.

What’s more, the Sync’r boasts Maxxis Minion DHF tires, which are just right for hitting the trails with no inhibitions.

2. Release 29 3 MTB

The next bike that we’re going to take a look at is another mountain bike, but this time we’ll be looking at one of Diamondback’s full suspension options.

The Release 29 3 is built out of an aluminum steel frame and also comes with 6061 T-6 heat treatment to prolong and improve the durability of the frame.

The Release has been designed with geometry that keeps the daredevil rider in mind, so if you’re in the market for a hardcore mountain bike, this should do the trick! The Release 3 accommodates uphill climbing and steep drops, ideal for terrains that are challenging to navigate.

Diamondback was the pioneer of Level Link suspension technology, which is featured on many of their bikes, including this one!

The Release 29 3 is equipped with the classic four linked suspension with a Fox 34 Performance suspension fork with up to 140 mm of travel, paired with Fox Performance Float DPX2 rear shock to sweeten the deal.

With the kind of suspension and shock absorbency on this bike, those seemingly rough descents will be a breeze!

Now you’re probably pretty curious about the goodies on the drivetrain, so let’s get into that.

The Release 3 is amped up with a Shimano XT drivetrain, combined with Shimano XT for effortless shifting between gears. To join in the Shimano family on this bike, we also have Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes for crisp stopping power.

We thought we’d include a Diamondback road bike review as well, considering the exceptional quality available in both their adventure bikes and their triathlon options.

The first road bike that we’re going to be taking a look at is ideal for gravel tracks, cyclocross, commuting, you name it!

Road Bikes

1.     Haanjo 6C Carbon

No products found.

Now this all-rounder is pretty much your answer to any of your biking needs, whether you want to take it on adventures or just around town, the Haanjo gets the job done.

This road bike is built with a strong and lightweight DB carbon frame and fork, to give you that nice balance of control, speed and stability on your rides.

Taking into account the needs of a cyclist on different terrains, this bike has been designed with Endurance geometry and a relaxed headtube angle for maximum comfort.

So what exactly are the parts you’re getting for these adventures?

The components on this bike are an interesting mix of SRAM and Praxxis parts.

The Haanjo comes decked out with a SRAM Rival 1 drivetrain with 1x11 speed shifters and a heavy duty HED Tomcat disc wheelset. For trouble-free braking power and a steady hand on navigation out there, you also get TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes.

We’ve found that this bike works great on shock absorbency; be it potholes, bumps or uneven dirt and rocks that may get in the way, you’re unlikely to feel a thing!

Diamondback also prides itself on specialized triathlon bikes, which incorporate a very different design, symmetry and geometry for a higher performance.

2. Andean 2

With a completely different design to the traditional bike, the Andean 2 is made out of a stocky carbon frame, crafted with the ideal geometry to boost speed for triathlon cyclists.

The Andean 2 is a special product out of a collaboration between Diamondback and Kevin Quan Studios, along with expert suggestions from aerodynamicists, in order to create a bike that not only does its job, but does its job brilliantly.

The Andean 2 features the Aero Core, a piece of technology which consists of large airfoil spread over the front wheel, bottom bracket and rear wheel, put in place to reduce wind resistance.

Triathlon riders often have to be equipped with refreshments and other gadgets at all times, and the Andean makes this possible by integrating storage units into the bottom bracket and the top tube.

Diamondback takes boosted performance seriously, decking the Andean 2 out with Shimano Ultegra Di2 components on a 2x11-speed drivetrain. Like the Haanjo, the Andean 2 also features TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes for powerful stops despite the terrain.

The wheels on this bike are Zipp 302 Carbon Clincher, capable of combating the wind effectively whilst also staying agile and very sturdy.

Due to the extensive attention to detail on this model, and the use of the absolute best of the best of components, the Andean 2 leans more towards the pricey side. If you’re serious about triathlons, you would know that Diamondback holds nothing back with this bike to give you supreme quality.

The Final Word

Diamondback crafts some pretty hardcore bikes, with their sweet spot being in mountain bikes and triathlon bikes. Having built up a stable reputation as one of the leading BMX manufacturers, quality has always been part of their winning formula, so you’re assured of a great bike when you purchase one from them.

Diamondback has built up a name for itself for being a worthwhile option for beginner bikers. For riders who want to get into the world of mountain biking, their entry-level bikes are the perfect tools for them to cut their teeth on.

Diamondback also has higher end options, where the price is high enough to reflect just the kind of intricately built machine you’re likely to be getting. While they don’t specifically produce exclusively hybrid bikes, their mountain bikes do double up as commuter vehicles when you’re not on the trails.

The prices might be a bit on the up side if you’re only looking for a cruiser or commuter type bike, so you’re best suited checking out some of the best hybrid bikes under $1000 for alternatives that are drawn up to your needs.

Diamondback also has great warranty policies, so even if something isn’t a hundred percent right with your purchase, you’re covered.

This brand is overall a pretty well rounded option if you’re looking to purchase a new bike, so once you’ve got your budget, needs and preferences rounded up, you’ll be good to go!

Carlos Glover
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