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The 12 Best Road Bikes Under $500 (Sturdy and Classy)

Carlos Glover
October 18, 2021

The winner: The Vilano Shadow 3.0 ended up being the ideal candidate for my cycling requirements. 

I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on road bikes, so I took it upon myself to find the most affordable yet durable ones. My years of cycling experience, knowledge of mechanics, and a tight budget helped me in this endeavor.

The best part? They’re all under $500. Read on to discover the bike that’s right for you.

Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike

The Best Picks (Quick Comparison)

Best Value
EUROBIKE HY XC550 Road Bike,21 Speed Road Bicycle for Adults Men and Women,Disc Brake 700C Race Bike for Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders
49/54 cm
41 lbs.
Number of Speeds
Aluminum multi-spoke
Drop bar
More Information
Best Value
EUROBIKE HY XC550 Road Bike,21 Speed Road Bicycle for Adults Men and Women,Disc Brake 700C Race Bike for Beginner to Intermediate Bicycle Riders
49/54 cm
41 lbs.
Number of Speeds
Aluminum multi-spoke
Drop bar
More Information

Our Top 12 Road Bikes Under $500

1. No products found. (Top Pick)

Color Scheme: Black

No products found.

Vilano is an unfamiliar name to many, but bike enthusiasts know it extremely well. The Vilano Shadow 3.0 is recognized as one of the most comfortable and durable road bikes under $500, along with the best beginner road bike.

With caliper brakes, drop handlebars, Shimano shifters, and an extra pair of pedals (who doesn’t like free pedals?), this bike is the first top pick on our list of cheap road bikes

The lightweight aluminum frame that this road bike features has an integrated headset and brake lever shifters, offering precise braking for all riding situations. It also offers fourteen-speed shifting. However, the drawback is that the riders might experience problems with brakes over time. They deteriorate in function overtime and require more tuning from a local bike shop.

Vilano Shadow 3.0 is a steal with the number of features offered at such a price, especially a headset with an internal cable. With easy assembly and professionally tuned components, this bike is an excellent choice.


  • Ideal entry-level bike
  • Integrated Shimano Shifters
  • Internal Cable that is protected and gives a clean look
  • Extra Pedals
  • Easy Assembly 


  • Chances of brake slippage 
  • Uncomfortable saddle for beginners as the seat is a bit hard

2. No products found. (Runner-up)

 Color Scheme: Gray/Green and Red/Black

No products found.

Any rider who’s looking to enter the world of cycling with sturdy bikes and smoother riding can get their hands on the Merax Finiss Aluminum 21.

The road bike’s design is sleek and eye-catching, and the overall geometry is perfect for an aerodynamic position while cycling, at least for me.

It has a flattened frame instead of a cylindrical frame and goes a little over the average weight of road bikes. Hence, the Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 can support a heavier rider of up to 300 pounds in weight.

Regarding the function of such an inexpensive bike, the Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 does a fairly good job. While it’s not an ideal road bike for professionals, it is a perfect commuter bike for beginners or amateurs. It features Shimano shifters, dual suspension, caliper brakes, and drop handle bars to get a glimpse at how thrilling cycling can be with twenty-one speeds.

It is durable in the long run but will require frequent tuning and chain replacement.


  • Highly adjustable 
  • Shimano Shifters
  • Comes close to mountain bikes in performance
  • Remarkable front suspension 
  • Water bottle holder


  • Chain maintenance is frequent
  • Adjustments required at first 

3. Eurobike Bikes HYXC550 (Best Value)

 Color Scheme: Red/Black  

Eurobike Bikes are known for manufacturing strong entry-level road bikes for beginner riders as well as average cyclists.

The Eurobike HYXC550 can seem like the answer to all your cycling problems under a budget. With the frame material made of steel, the bike has a strong and long-lasting durable frame. It weighs significantly more than an average road bike (thanks to the steel frame) but remains versatile and easy to ride without running into problems.

Nearly all Eurobike bikes offer the same great features but one might wonder what makes this one stand out? It is the fact that it comes with not one, not two, but three different types of wheels. You can choose from a three-spoke wheel, a high multi-spoke wheel, and a regular spoke wheel considering what suits your riding style best.

These rims are robust and will cater to all your cycling needs.

The only drawback with the Eurobike HYXC550 is that it’s a bit complicated to assemble and would require a professional’s help in any local shop. 

Additionally, all the assembly tools are included in the package.


  • Durable and strong
  • Performance can be matched with a mountain bike
  • Value for money
  • Assembly tools included
  • Three different rims 


  • Heavier than average bikes 
  • Complicated assembly 

4. No products found.

Color Scheme: Blue/White and Black/Green

No products found.

Trinx Tempo 1.0 stands close to the bike of best value, given its sturdy performance, chic appearance, 700cc wheels, precise shifting, and of course, affordability. But why it’s not the pick for best value is because of its risk of punctured tires.

It can easily be the ideal bike for entry level cyclists as it is fast, has a lightweight aluminum frame, and features both cross top and drop handlebars. Whether you prefer to ride in an aerodynamic or the usual upright position, you have the opportunity to do so.

The geometry of this road bike is enduring as its steel fork does a remarkable job in absorbing shocks and bumps.

The shifting of gears is also smooth enough for you to switch gears between rides without discomfort, making it one of the best road bikes under $500.

However, if you’re planning to ride it for a prolonged time, you might have to change the saddle that comes with it to avoid ending up getting sore because of it. The saddle that comes with it is hard and not suitable for long rides.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Smooth-shifting of gears
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Easy assembly 


  • Brakes need frequent tuning
  • Tires have a higher than average chance of getting punctured because of frequent tube leaks and cheap quality
  • Uncomfortable saddle during long rides as it’s hard

5. Solé Bicycles Single Speed

Color Scheme: Grey/Orange/Black, White/Black, White/Black, Black/Gold, and Black

Offering a variety of color schemes to choose from, the Sole Single Speed is designed to attract attention as you take it for a ride. This road bike helps you stand out with its minimalistic body and eye-catching colors.

With a flip flop hub, the Solé Single Speed (as the name suggests) offers a fixed gear and freewheel. The rider gets to cover long distances at high speeds without worrying about shifting gears.

The position you ride your bike in also depends on you, whether you prefer straight-up commuting or an aggressive profile.

The assembly is mostly taken care of before you receive this bike as it comes partially assembled, just so you can put it together in under ten minutes or so.

The frame is lightweight and gives off a premium vibe so you know it’s worth the cost, or perhaps is a steal for that amount.


  • Flip Flop Hub
  • Bottle cage eyelets 
  • Comes 90% Assembled


  • The bolts might need to be replaced

6. Giordano Libero

Color Scheme: Black/Red

The Giordano Libero has been recognized and appreciated by several beginner bikers as one of the most comfortable road bikes under a strict budget. Its appearance and design are classy, thanks to the black and red color theme, which also attracts attention.

As an inexpensive bike, it does a fairly good job of introducing you to cycling. It’s not exactly a starter bike but also not a professional one. Giordano Libero stands in the middle of the two sides, so it is versatile in terms of use and remains one of teh best road bikes under $500.

What’s surprising is how this road bike offers Shimano Claris STI shifters that work smoothly at such a price range, but perhaps the importance of these shifters overshadows the inexpert braking system. It has been seen in most cases that the brakes take time to function and require professional tuning.

Apart from the shifters, the other components are not up to the mark in quality. The saddle might be uncomfortable to some riders, but considering the price and what it offers, there is room for compromise. 


  • Classy Appearance
  • Light and Sturdy
  • Ideal Starter Bike 
  • Shimano Claris STI Shifters
  • Smooth control
  • Multiple sizes
  • Dual water bottle mounts


  • Uncomfortable saddle
  • Weak brakes

7. Hiland Road Bike 700cc

Color Scheme: Black, Red, and Silver

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike, like all Hiland bikes, is known for its lightweight aluminum frame and easy commuting. However, what makes this one stand out is the affordable price and the Shimano EF51 shifters that this bike is armed with.

These shifters, with 24-speed gears, are excellent for all your riding demands as they offer precise shifting and give you a smooth ride along the road.

This road bike comes in three different sizes to cater to different weights and heights. It’s partially assembled before arriving and consists of free pedals and installation tools. The assembly is usually easy to understand but might require a professional’s help if not carried out perfectly.

This Hiland bike has remarkably strong braking power with the mechanical disc brakes but in many cases, rubbing of brakes has been observed.

Regardless of the frequent tuning and looking into its components, this bike remains a considerable option for a sturdy and cheap road bike.


  • Shimano EF 51 Shifters
  • Shimano Tourney Groupset
  • Strong Brakes
  • Durable and Well-Gripped Tires


  • Needs professional tuning every once in a while
  • The fork quality is not up to the mark
  • The brakes often rub together

8. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear

Color Scheme: Crisp White and Shadow Black

6KU is an underrated brand that makes the most comfortable yet affordable bikes with single speed gears. Among those lies the 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear that stands out to be their most popular bike and has an affordable price tag.  

It has an aggressive appearance and offers an aerodynamic position for the rider. Weighing within the range of eighteen to twenty-two pounds, this road bike is lighter than most bikes in this category and comes in various sizes to cater to the diverse heights and weights of riders. 

Since this bike has a flip-flop hub, it becomes an easy commuter for you, regardless of how fast you decide to ride it.

Having said that, the only problem that arises is that the pedals are closer to the front wheel than usually preferred. At a slower pace, your feet might touch the front wheel. 

The frame and components are mostly sturdy and durable, but the cranks and brakes are of lower quality. Although this is not a surprise, in this budget you ought to make some replacements and upgrades to get that ultimate road bike to suit you.


  • Aggressive stance
  • Lightweight 
  • Aerodynamic
  • Flip Flop hub
  • Different sizes for all riders
  • Replaceable stainless steel dropouts


  • Pedals are close to the wheel
  • Weak crank and pedals
  • Uncomfortable saddle

9. Vilano R2 Commuter

Color Scheme: Black/Green

From the manufacturer of Vilano Shadow 3.0 comes the Vilano R2 Commuter that is a bit cheaper and offers almost all the same great features and sturdiness.

This road bike is perfect with a low price and a big value product. It comes with an elegant appearance with room for more accessories, while the color scheme follows tones of green and black to make it stand out.

A special feature of this road bike in this range is the A050 Thumb Shifters which makes it easier to shift gears without causing unnecessary movements.

Due to a few heavier components, this bike weighs a few pounds above the average weight of bikes but that can be reduced. It is observed that the replacement of the stock components can either increase or decrease the weight of your road bike.

It is recommended by most bikers that the stock tubes are upgraded before your first ride to avoid the risk of punctures. The tubes featured in the Vilano R2 Commuter are weak and cause frequent punctures, which can be risky.

It comes mostly assembled but still requires a professional from any local shop for solid assembly, strengthening the bolts, and occasional tuning to keep it running.

Keeping the tubes aside, the road bike is of superior quality and remains a remarkable steal for such a price.


  • Value for money
  • A050 thumb shifters
  • Water bottle cage mounts


  • A bit complicated assembly
  • Weak tubes
  • Uncomfortable saddle 

10. Takara Oni Single Speed

 Color Scheme: Silver

Takara Tomy is recognized worldwide for its high-quality toys, accessories, and bicycles. The Takara Oni Single Speed is one of their most remarkable road bikes that offers more than it costs.

The road bike comes with a Flip Flop Rear Hub that leaves the rider with two choices; either to pedal on a single gear or switch to freewheel, depending on what they prefer.

Single pivot alloy caliper brakes are featured alongside the 700c tires that are efficient and sturdy in the long run.

The drop bars of this bike are designed for an aerodynamic position and feasibility of the rider at high speeds, but the bars are said to be too large for a cycle this size. They might need to be replaced with smaller sized drop handlebars for better cycling.

The tires also need to be upgraded as the stock tires are thin and prone to punctures, which can be expected in such an inexpensive bike with great features.


  • Flip Flop rear hub 
  • Single Pivot alloy brakes
  • Easy assembly 


  • Tires prone to puncture
  • Drop bars too large

11. Eurobike Bikes EURXC550

Color Scheme: Black/White/Red 

The Eurobike XC550 is a remarkable addition to the list of road bikes from the manufacturing company. The elegant design and color scheme complements the framework and overall appearance of this bike.

Having a high-tensile steel frame, the road bike weighs more than its average counterparts, but still manages to excel in this race. The rims are aluminum though, perhaps as compensation for steel, and come in four different varieties. You can find the Eurobike XC550 in the regular Black and White, Black and White-H, Black and White-K, and Black and White-30.

The brakes are disc-shaped and are strong, regardless of whatever speed you’re riding at. The shifters also make it easy for you to ride at high speeds without any gear hassle in between.


  • Disc brakes
  • Multiple Options for rims
  • Steel frame
  • Easy assembly
  • Tools included 


  • A bit heavy
  • Low-quality components 

12. No products found.

Color Scheme: Grey

No products found.

Vilano Tuono T20 is an inexpensive bike and the ultimate choice for any novice rider. It is built to cater to those who are new to the world of cycling and would love to own a decent road bike for commuting.

It has the average road bike body, with integrated drop handlebars and space on the frame to accessorize or make further upgrades.

Having a frame of Double Butted Aluminum, the Tuono T20 is a lightweight bike. It features Shimano shifters, mechanical disc brakes, and thin tires for a stable experience of riding on the road.

The bike comes mostly assembled but still requires a bit of work to perfect it. Either you can do it on your own or call a professional, it is entirely up to you.

The only drawback of the Tuono T20 is that the braking system is not as strong as it could’ve been. The other components work fine for the price tag they carry with them, leaving this to be a decent ride and an excellent entry level road bike under $500.


  • Double Butted Aluminum
  • A050 SIS Handlebar Mounted Shifters


  • Weak Brakes 

How to Choose the Best Road Bike? 

Road bikes are designed to help you cycle efficiently on the road or pavement. The pedaling is easier and faster on a smooth surface, while the drop hand bars featured in some road bikes contribute to casual on-road racing. These bikes are lighter than most bikes and can’t carry heavyweight, therefore not suitable for longer commutes.

When it comes to choosing and investing a good amount of money on a road bike, there are numerous things to consider first starting with the size. You ought to know if the frame size is right for you, which depends primarily on your height. For instance, if you’re 5’1, it’s best if you don’t ride a 61 cm bike. The weight of the frame also plays an important role in choosing the right bike for you. 

The components are next to be considered once you’re done with the size and weight. The kind of brakes used, the number of speeds, the type of rims, the featured handlebars, the color scheme, the comfort of the saddle, and other special features of the road bike help in determining if it suits your needs. You can research according to your needs and find one that is perfect for you in the long run, regardless of your cycling experience. 

Beginner or professional, road bikes are for everyone, and relevant research is also important before you decide on investing in one. For further guidance about choosing the perfect road bike, you can watch this video.

What Are the Benefits of a Road Bike?

When it comes to discussing the benefits of cycling, the list is endless. Owning a bicycle is considered a smart option when it comes to commuting as it saves money, keeps you active and healthy, and contributes to the conservation of the environment. 

Owning a road bike has its benefits too, as it’s lightweight and designed efficiently for the road (too obvious?). It helps you cover longer distances at higher speeds while meeting the ergonomic standards, and ensuring that the wind resistance doesn’t have an impact on the rider. 

A comprehensive guide to these benefits can be studied here.

Does an Expensive Bike Make a Difference?

The quality of any product is more often than not measured through how expensive it is, whether it be clothes, gadgets, or road bikes. 

Buying an expensive bike will make a significant difference as compared to the affordable beginner-level options. These bikes are stronger, lighter, more comfortable, and easier to handle. 

For instance, most bikes under a budget come equipped with either a steel frame, which is heavy, or aluminum, which is a bit lighter. But when we talk about bikes with higher price tags, they’ll offer you titanium and carbon fiber frames. These frames tend to be even lighter and can satisfy the needs of any mid-range to the expert-level rider. 

The advanced components contribute to the overall sturdiness and efficiency of the bike as one would expect, and make it worth the cost. 

Another aspect of this is that the cheap road bikes end up costing you more in the long run than any expensive bike. Being a one-time investment, the expensive road bikes last for a long time without much changing in them, but any inexpensive bike with cheap components would require replacement more frequently, thus costing more.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that any inexpensive bike isn’t worth the cost. With numerous options waiting for you to get out there on the road with your bike, you can easily get one that suits you the most. 

What Else You Might Need with A Road Bike?

Your spending doesn’t stop after buying the road bike of your dreams. There are certain things to purchase for safety precautions and servicing the needs of your road bike. 

Going on a long ride, wearing your cycling gear, riding your way as you give off athletic vibes, sounds amazing, doesn’t it? To bring that picture to life, you need to get: 

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoes
  • Jersey shirt and shorts
  • Water bottle 

The cycling gear will help protect you in long rides and keep you comfortable. Once you’re all suited up, it’s time to pay attention to your bike. For its usual maintenance, you would require:

  • Cleaning kit
  • Chain oil
  • Spare tubes
  • Tire pump
  • Multi-tools 

Although taking your road bike to a local shop to get cleaned and tuned is a good option, but solely depending on this idea is not. In case of emergency, one should know how to replace the tubes and fix the chains. Additionally, maintaining your road bike yourself is an inexpensive option that you might want to go for.

The Bottom Line 

There you have it. Our complete and comprehensive list of the 12 best road bikes under $500. We feel there are some real winners here and it’s hard to go wrong with any of the top road bikes we’ve profiled. Do your research, test ride a few of our suggestions and make your best choice. Above all, we wish you a safe and happy cycling experience!

Carlos Glover
About the Author
I took up cycling in high school and haven’t looked back since. My love of cycling eventually evolved into an obsession with bicycles. From road bikes to mountain bikes, I have tried them all – and have the scars to prove it! I love sharing my findings with the rest of the cycling world as unsolicited as they may be.
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