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Looking For That Armchair Ride?...Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight

Amy L
May 6, 2021

I tested 5 of the best-oversized comfort bike seat options for riders. Some of these saddles are suitable for road city bikes, mountain bikes and are truly universal, other seats have a dedicated use.

I like cycling. My bum likes that I take a big interest in finding the right seat for a ride. I have only ever been riding on an uncomfortable over a long distance once, after that I understood the importance of finding the right saddle.

For me, the star of the show was the Bikeroo Bike Cushion. The Bikeroo had so many features that were appealing, including a universal fit so great for all types of also includes a saddle adapter!

My belief with cycling seats is that they're fairly personal so take a further read of the other options below and give your butt a treat it deserves!

Our Most Comfortable Bike Seats For Overweight Riders

Best For Most Riders

1. Mango Cruiser Super Wide Saddle

Let's get things started with what many people consider to be the most comfortable bike seat on the market today.

Better yet:

Its intended user is overweight riders so you're going to get a good amount of cushioning on your seat.

This seat provides a good level of comfort, thanks to its extra-thick padding so you can relax and enjoy cycling!

Durability can be a least for me anyway! Saddles aren't cheap so it's nice to know that they're going to last a decent amount of time.

Here's the thing:

The Mango bicycle seat has a heavy-duty vinyl material.


This thing is strong. As it's vinyl, it all molds into your body shape over time, which is exactly what you want from bike saddles.

Another small thing and you could say, expected thing, is that the seat is waterproof.

There is a built-in suspension, that has advanced springs, this is designed to support heavy riders and add to the comfort level. The extra bonus is that it adds to the durability of the seat itself.

I do like that you get a choice of colors with this comfortable bike seat. Don't you find that black can be too samey all the time? You get a choice of grey or black.

One thing to be mindful of is the type of seatpost you're going to need. It needs to be a straight one that has tapered mounting...this will give you the best type of fit for this bike saddle.


One negative point about this bicycle saddle is that the vinyl does make it quite slick - which sounds good but it can make it slippery at times and if you're not careful, you might find that you slide. I wouldn't say that it's a big issue and once you're used to it, it shouldn't cause any problems.


  • Thick foam padding
  • Elastomer suspension
  • Good saddle width


  • Add quite a bit of extra weight
  • The surface of the saddle takes some getting used to

Most Comfortable

2. Giddy Up! Memory Foam Bicycle Seat

This Giddy Up bike seat offers a comfortable ride due to the memory foam gel padding built inside of it. Adding an extra element of comfort, the saddle using artificial leather to cover the seat itself.

A feature that I think makes this one of the best bike seats for heavy riders (or any rider for that matter), is the fact that it comes with an LED tail light. Whilst it doesn't provide all the light needed to be seen on the road at night - personally I'd recommend using at least two rear lights to increase visibility. It does give you something and it's fairly bright.

It doesn't stop there either.

Underneath this comfortable bike seat, there are two rubber balls, these provide a good level of suspension. Something which you notice when going over bumps or uneven terrain.

Fitting this gel saddle is relatively straightforward as all the parts and materials you need are included. It's also a universal fit and has a variety of different fitting options so it's likely to fit your road bike, MTB, or whatever type of bike you have.

Another additional feature I like is that it comes with a seat cover so when you're not using your bike, you can still protect your saddle!


If you've read any of my reviews, you will have noticed that I do believe bike seats are pretty personal. What fits one person, might not work for another. That can make purchasing a replacement bike seat online tricky. However, Giddy Up has a fantastic returns policy.

"Making you a happy customer is our main goal" - is their policy and with that, you can give this bike saddle a go. Not for you? Return it and they will replace or refund - no questions asked. I don't think you can ask for better service than that!


  • Gel foam padding
  • Universal fit
  • High-quality material
  • Cover included
  • LED red Light on the rear


  • Batteries it comes with are likely to need replacing quite quickly
  • Some reviewers find it too soft for their riding style

Best For Women

3. Bikeroo Bike Cushion

One thing you're immediately going to notice when you pop your butt down on the Bikeroo is just how comfortable this bike seat is...that thought will continue as you're riding for long periods of time too.

Men and women are built differently so experience different problems when it comes to finding a seat, that's why you will see bike seats specifically designed for women (though some men have found them comfortable too!).

What makes this oversized comfort bike seat ideal for female cyclists is that it comes with extra padding and a dual suspension - this works particularly well on longer rides.

What does that mean for you?


If you're a commuter, then you'll understand the importance of getting the right type of bicycle seat.

This seat features a cutout, which gives you that ergonomic shape and ability to breathe - all very important to the comfort of the rider!

When you pair this with the padding of the saddle itself, it should, in theory, work to reduce pain. I'm not going to say it absolutely will because it depends on so many different factors. However, the design is good and well thought out.

And if that's not enough.

One of the great things about this bike seat for overweight riders is that it's incredibly versatile. It won't look out of place on a beach cruiser, road bike, mountain bike, or even your indoor bike. This is due to the fact this bike saddle is there to relieve the pressure and the overall design of the bike seat means it just works wherever you want it to.

Another bonus feature is the waterproof seat cover that comes with the bike saddle, ensuring the durability and life of the bike seat as it will help to protect it against sweat and rain - it's also incredibly easy to pop on and off!

Installing the bike saddle is simple due to its flexibility. The rail mount system is universal and it also comes with a bike seat adapter - really opening the options as to which bike you can use the bike saddle on.

It probably won't take you more than 5 minutes to get this bike seat installed so you won't be wasting any time and you'll be out enjoying a ride in no time.

But wait, let me tell you something.

Whilst this bicycle seat is marketed at female cyclists, I wouldn't rule it out if you're a man. Just like male saddles can work for females, they can also work the other way round. The great thing about this comfortable bike seat is that the padding is memory foam, so over time, the comfort levels are going to increase as you rack up the miles!


  • Centre cutout aids comfort and ventilation
  • Memory foam padding
  • More unisex than specifically female
  • Universal mounting - even fits a Peloton bike


  • Some riders report it squeaking overtime

Best For Road


If you've looked at the image of this bike seat, then you probably think it's strange that it's made the list for the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders...but trust me, if your thing is road biking, then this thing is made for it!

And the best part?

Performance and endurance are what the Fizik Aliante Gamma is made for, it relishes the long rides, taking away the worry of any numbness or pains.

Fizik is quality, from their cycling shoes, socks to their saddles, you know you're buying a quality product. However, that usually comes at a price but I find this comfortable bike seat to be at a reasonable price and gives you good value for money.

You may not get a seat cover but you don't need one as it's made from a synthetic Microtex cover. What that translates to is that the seat is going to be water-resistant so more than capable of coping with sweat and rain but it's also lighter than leather.

I know what you're thinking that it probably doesn't make that much difference and we are only talking about a few grams here but that's what Fizik is about...performance.

Turns out...

The shell is constructed from nylon carbon and whilst there isn't any spring suspension in this bicycle saddle, it isn't missing as you get a good amount of shock absorption from the shell itself.

I ought to raise the fact that this bike seat isn't marketed as a seat for heavy riders, but it does give you the comfort needed to take on almost anything and if you want a high-quality saddle, this is it. However, I would say that if you aren't used to this style of bike seat, you should give a few rides to get settled in, they do take some getting used to, though once you are settled in, it is like you become one with the bike!


  • Very lightweight - 0.57lbs
  • Able to get a decent amount of leg movement
  • Removes a lot of soreness away with plenty of support
  • Carbon rails


  • Limited use

Best Budget

5. Zacro Oversized Gel

If you're a cyclist looking for a bargain saddle, this one from Zacro shouldn't disappoint, it's a plus-size bike seat on a budget.

Ventilation has been considered with the design of the saddle as it's made from microfiber eco-leather. This also ensures that it's fairly resistant to abrasion too, making it a durable purchase!

The cushioning in this seat is thanks to gel foam. It's dense. It's ideal. As a result, the saddle gives you a nice soft ride, which when you're out for long periods of time, is ideal to combat numbness.

This saddle actually comes with more comfort features...

A double thickened shockproof ball and damping cushion. It feels like if you're in the market for the most comfortable bike seat for overweight riders, you can't go far wrong with the Zacro oversized comfort bike seat.

I wouldn't say this is an oversized comfort bike seat as it actually is perfectly sized and will accommodate the vast majority of people.

Regarding installation, the bike hole will need to be 22.2mm and the inner diameter is 38mm. The outer diameter should be 53mm.

One thing which I find striking about this saddle is how it looks like it's made from genuine leather but the price feels like a bargain...largely because it is!

As with most things, there is a downside and I think I've found one, though you do have to factor in how much this seat for overweight riders costs when thinking about downsides! The piece between the springs is constructed from plastic so if somewhere is to break first, you can expect it to be that.

I wouldn't say this comfortable bicycle seat is good for any type of cycling. I don't think it would perform well on a mountain bike. Think of it as a cruiser saddle.


  • Affordable seat
  • Ideal for cruiser bikes
  • Plenty of padding
  • Looks like leather
  • Easy installation process


  • Some material could be better

Buyers' Guide: How To Choose The Most Comfortable Bike Seat For Overweight Riders

When you're cycling and sitting in the saddle, your sit bones are effectively taking the weight of a large part of your body.


When you're overweight, this can become difficult as you're adding more pressure and weight to those sit bones.

Even when you're riding on a fantastic bike designed for overweight riders, if you don't have the right bike seat, you aren't going to be comfortable, meaning that you aren't going to want to ride and that's no good!

This is where it gets important to get a seat specifically made for overweight riders. To do this, I'd suggest that you consider a few points...helpfully, I've put them all in a guide for you 🙂

Seat Suspension

The comfort of a rider can largely be down to the suspension of the bike. That's not to say that you need a full suspension and everything, where possible needs to have a You just need to have enough, in the right places and a seat is a good place to start.

Suspension is there to absorb the impact - when you go over a bump on the road, you'll feel it, to what degree is down to the level of suspension you have. You're never really going to eliminate it completely but getting the most comfortable bike seat for overweight is a good move.

A lot of suspensions out there are made using elastic springs and the bike seat will move as you go over the rough terrain.

To get a comfort bike seat, I'd highly recommend getting one with some form of spring suspension built-in.

Saddle Width

Seat width is a big consideration when it comes to bike seats. It will help to ensure the person is comfortable on the bicycle saddle.

You will need to make sure that the bike seat for heavy riders is wide enough that it will take the space between the two sit bones. Without this, you are very unlikely to find comfortable bike seats of any type.

Generally speaking, bike seats for overweight people are wider than the average seat, as the sitting area needs to be larger to provide the right comfort level.

Before you rush out to check out a range of the widest saddles, you don't want a saddle size that is too wide as you will find that it will cause chaffing as you ride...very uncomfortable!

Want to know about getting the correct fitting saddle, you might want to check this out:

Seat Padding

Many people think that the best bike seat is one that comes with the most padding. That's not always true.

Something padding on a bicycle saddle can put too much pressure on areas of your body where it's not wanted and that can cause back pain or numbness - which is why the Fizik seat is a popular choice, despite its apparent lack of padding!

Seat Covers

Bike seat covers aren't the most exciting part of saddles, I'll admit however they are fairly important

When you're on a bike ride, you want to ensure that your seat is providing you with a good amount of air circulation, this is for various reasons. The first one being that seats need air flow to last a long time - which of course we all want ideally.

Another reason is that it reduced the traction and therefore increases your comfort levels.

Taking all of this into account, it's important to choose materials that are designed to take pressure as your ride.


What is a good bike for an overweight person?

There are a few special considerations you need to make when looking for a bicycle for an overweight person. Features such as certain handlebars, different wheel recommendations, and a whole host of other things.

I recently reviewed 7 of the best bikes for a 300 lb man and found the No products found. to be a step above its competitors.

Which bike has the most comfortable seat?

Comfortable bike seats are such a personal thing, it comes down to choice, features, price, and something you can't really influence...your seat bones.

Fat bikes are always one type of bicycle that comes up as an option for men and women needed more padding when they're cycling and as far as recommendations go, it's a good one.

They offer many features that you'd want from a product and they're a great experience!

Is a wide bike seat more comfortable?

Many people will make the recommendation that a wide seat is going to be the best bike seat...that isn't always true!

Your seat bones determine the width and shape of the seat. If it's too wide, your bum is going to be uncomfortable and no doubt you'll end up in pain.

For those who want to get into the science behind it, read this!

How do I make my bike seat more comfortable?

If you're satisfied that you've got the most comfortable bike seat for overweight but it's still not quite doing the job then there are a few things you can do to reduce the pain level.

Try the following steps:

  • Change the angle of the seat so it's tilted slightly up or down
  • Ensure it's straight
  • Make sure the seat post is at a good height
  • Change the height of your handlebars

A tiny change of even just a few millimeters can make all the difference.

I had a comfortable seat, but I still suffered from lower back pain when I was riding. I knew it wasn't the size of the frame as I had had a professional fit done but something just wasn't right.

Anyway, I took it into the local shop and they tilted my seat ever so slightly down. I didn't think it was going to make a difference but it did! Problem solved!

I would recommend changing the angle of your seat and taking it out for a test ride, see how you get on. Anything too far forward is going to put unwanted pressure on your wrists, hands, and elbows, which is going to become painful quite quickly.

Ideally, the weight of your body should be spread across three areas evenly....the seat, handlebars, and pedals.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, your reference to plus size bike seat for heavy riders.

An important point to remember?

Find the features and fit that are important to your cycling style.

There are some changes you can make to saddles to get the most out of them but sometimes a new saddle is what's required and for that, I'd recommend the Bikeroo.

It has a solid construction for a wide bike seat, helps to take away any discomfort and if you're someone who likes commuting, it could be ideal!

Whichever saddle you end up with...ride on and see you on the roads!

Amy L
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