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Measuring Up: Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

Carlos Glover
October 25, 2022

The answer to the question are Peloton shoes true to size is sometimes. If you have "standard" or narrow feet, then the footwear will fit as claimed. In case you have slightly wider feet, you will face an issue.

Despite being an avid outdoor cyclist, I rely on my Peloton for getting through the colder months. The Peloton cycling shoe design has been highly praised, which led me to get a pair for myself. In turn, I did some research on the fit of these shoes.

If you want to discover how Peloton shoes may fit you or what sizing guide you should follow, keep reading.

Are Peloton Shoes Too Small?

To understand how Peloton shoes fit, there are several factors that you need to consider:

Standard Sizing

The Peloton shoe sizing is based on a narrow to normal fit. This is stated by the company. So, if your feet fall outside of this range, it will feel like Peloton shoes run small. You can still find shoes to it wide feet, but you may need to get creative with finding the right size for you.

Design of the Shoe

To make matters more complicated, the Peloton brand cycling shoes have a special design. Unlike most other shoes, the bottom of the Peloton bike shoe has a hard plastic platform, creating stiff soles. This improves the action of your foot on the cycle and makes the footwear more compatible with the machine.

The downside is that this platform eliminates any kind of flexibility. Thus, your foot can feel immobile in the Peloton shoe. In turn, this can make it feel like Peloton shoes run smaller than claimed.

Person in white nike sneakers riding a cycle

How Do Peloton Bike Shoes Fit?

Here is a look at the Peloton shoe size chart to understand how these cycling shoes are meant to fit you. They are available in US and Europe sizes:

Women's Size US 5EUR 36
Women's Size US 6EUR 37
Women's Size US 7EUR 38
Women's Size US 8EUR 39
Men's Size US 7 / Women's Size 9EUR 40
Men's Size US 8 / Women's Size 10EUR 41
Men's Size US 9 / Women's Size 11EUR 42
Men's Size US 10 / Women's Size 12EUR 43
Men's Size US 10.5EUR 44
Men's Size US 11EUR 45
Men's Size US 12EUR 46
Men's Size US 13EUR 47
Men's Size US 13.5EUR 48

Understanding The Peloton Shoe Sizes

Here are some of the top takeaways from the Peloton size chart:

Follow The Peloton Shoe Sizing Guide

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the Peloton shoe size isn't the same as other brands such as Nike or Reebok. The company follows its own measurements. Due to this, pay attention to the sizes mentioned on the Peloton guide and don't compare these with other shoe brands.

Lacks Half Sizes

There are a wide range of sizes for men's and women's size, but only a few of the shoes are available in a half size. If you traditionally wear half a size, you may find yourself at a disadvantage. This limitation can make it tricky to find the perfect fit for you.

How Peloton Cycling Shoes Should Fit?

The above information can have you wondering just what kind of fit you should get with your Peloton cycling shoes. Peloton shoes run small, but how should they feel on your feet?

Peloton shoes should be fitted to your feet in the same way that running shoes or tennis shoes do. The shoes must be snug, but you must still have a little room. You should be able to wiggle your toes and move the arch of your feet.

Remember, this maneuverability is especially important considering how stiff these cycling shoes can be.

How To Get The Right Size Peloton Shoes?

When shopping for shoes, getting the size just right can be tricky. Buying Peloton shoes can make this task more complex due to the unique design of the cycling shoes.

This is why it may be best to consider using measurements when selecting the Peloton brand shoes. You should know that the Peloton website doesn't offer shoe sizes based on measurements. As such, you will need to email the company directly to determine which shoe will be most suitable for you.

To measure your foot size, follow these guidelines:

Step 1: Place Paper Against The Wall

Use an A4 size paper for this task. Place the paper on the ground, against the wall.

Step 2: Place Foot On Paper

Place the heel of your foot so that it is touching the wall and the edge of the paper at the same time. Check that your heel is at the end of the paper before proceeding.

Step 3: Mark Your Foot Length and Width

Once your foot is in the proper place, draw a line just above the toe that sticks out the furthest. Keep in mind that this isn't always your big toe - draw the line above your longest toe.

Then, make two marks at the widest parts of your feet beneath your toes. This will give you an idea of the required width of the shoe.

Repeat this process with your other foot, but on a separate piece of paper. One foot will often be longer than the other. For the correct size, you need to buy one that will fit your longer foot.

Step 4: Measure Your Feet

Now, measure from the end of the paper to where you have made the mark. It is a good idea to get the measurements in both inches and centimeters as this allows you to be more accurate.

Should I Size Up or Down in Peloton Shoes?

You can't find Peloton shoes for all sizes. If you wear a half size, you can't get shoes true to size. In this case, you have two options - sizing up or sizing down. Which route should you take?

Going down a shoe size with Peloton brand shoes probably isn't a good idea. This can make your feet feel tight and when you throw in intensive exercise, heat, and sweat into the equation, things can get pretty uncomfortable.

Going up a size may offer more comfort for wider feet. It is important that your Peloton brand shoes fit well. If they are too large, you may find it difficult to get a good grip on your pedals. At the same time, you may be more prone to blisters and other issues.

Young lady riding bicycle on street

Should You Opt For Peloton Compatible Shoes Instead?

If you have wide feet or larger feet, Peloton shoes may not be the right shoes for you. In case the Peloton shoe sizing doesn't match what you need, it is a good idea to go with another brand. After all, a proper fit offers both comfort as well as improved function.

Of course, you need to find shoes that are a good fit for the Peloton bike pedals. This brings us to the next issue.

Do Any Shoes Fit The Peloton?

No, not all cycling shoes will be suitable for the Peloton bike. This is due to the specific design of the Peloton pedal.

Peloton bikes use Delta pedals - 3 piece clipped pedals to be exact. The Delta clips are a standard road bike system. These pedals let you clip your shoes in so that you are able to generate more power with every downward movement.

If you take a close look at the Delta cleats on your Peloton bike, you will notice that they have a wide design and three holes at the bottom of the sole.

As long as you can find a pair of shoes that match this pattern, you are all set. The good news is that a lot of road bike shoes have the delta cleats design.

When you buy Peloton shoes, know that the cleats and clips come along with it. When buying other types of shoes, you may need to purchase the cleats and clips separately. You will need to check on this before buying the shoes.

Here are some top alternatives to the Peloton shoes:

  • Shimano RC1
  • Venzo
  • Nike SuperRep
  • Tommaso Women's Pista
  • Tommaso Men's Strada

As these are more established brands, you may find that they offer more true-to-size shoes. Thus, finding a new pair that fits may be easier. You still need to put in the same effort when searching for the proper size, however.

Although following shoe sizes can give you the actual size, taking measurements is the best way to go. This is especially true if you are in between sizes. Measurements will let you know which size will be the best and most comfortable option.

In many instances, there is some trial and error involved. It can be tricky to find the perfect shoes with one try. After testing out a few different brands, however, you should have a better idea of what works.


To wrap things up, the answer to are Peloton shoes true to size requires some explanation. Peloton cycling shoes run smaller than other brands. This can make it difficult for people with wide feet to find the right shoes for their bikes.

This post offers some insight into how you can take steps to find the right fitting Peloton shoes. If this fails, search for the next best thing. After all, there are other cycling shoes that can work with Peloton pedals. You just have to know which ones to choose.

Carlos Glover
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