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Roadmaster Granite Peak Review... Blaze The Trails With This Bike

Amy L
July 21, 2021

Here's my Roadmaster Granite Peak review - how does it compare to other entry-level mountain bikes?

As a lover of all things biking, I know a things or two about good bikes. So, I was excited to test this bike out to see if it lives up to its high specification.

Overall, I would recommend the Granite Peak especially at such an affordable price.

This bike wasn't short of features though, so keep reading to learn more.

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Main Specifications

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Key Features Of The Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

There are plenty of positive things about the Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike. Let's look at some of the key features that make this bike a sound option for budding mountain bikers.

Steel Frame

A steel frame is a popular choice for bikes, especially mountain bikes.


Steel is one of the more durable materials out there. You can feel confident when you're riding the Roadmaster Granite Peak bike because it's sturdy and stable.

Using steel for the frame also means that it keeps the costs down. If you're thinking about getting into trail riding, you don't necessarily want to splash out a large sum of money. So this can be the ideal solution to getting yourself a good bike on a budget.

26-inch Wheels

26-inch wheels on a mountain bike are a nice size to have. They give you a lot of control and keep things nimble when it comes to handling.

To ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride, the Granite Peak bike also comes with alloy rims.

We are seeing more mountain bikes with 27.5 and 29-inch wheels and they offer something different. However, you can't beat 26-inches wheels if you want to maximize control. It keeps the weight of the mountain bike down too.

However, I will say that if you are particularly tall, you may find the wheels on this Roadmaster bike to be too small and may favor larger wheels.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

18-Speed Gearing

The Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike comes with an 18-speed drive train so you have plenty in reserve.

18-speeds is a nice amount and will allow you to go up hills without too much difficulty. It will also allow for quick descents (if those are your thing).

The other gem about this gearing system is that it's made by Shimano, so you can be sure of quick and smooth shifting. This is exactly what you need when you're on a bike and the Granite Peak men's mountain bike gives you that.

Shimano Front And Rear Derailleur

One thing I like is that the full drivetrain is Shimano. Sometimes you can find only some components that are Shimano.

This isn't the case with this mountain bike. That means gear changes are fluid and everything works as it should.

When manufacturers use different companies for their gear components, it can lead to uncomfortable shifting. This can ruin the experience of mountain biking.

Pros Of The Roadmaster Granite Peak

So that's covered the key features but there are some serious upsides to this bike too. What's so good about the Roadmaster mountain bike?

Let's take a look at the pros!


The Roadmaster Granite Peak is a budget-friendly beginner bike.

What is particularly special about this bike compared to other mountain bikes is that it is well kitted out. For the price, it's got a decent specification.

Assembly Is Easy

Most parts of the Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike comes assembled so there isn't a lot for you to do.

You can, of course, take it to your local bike shop for the finishing touches if you're not confident with setting the bike up yourself.

However, as far as bikes go, there isn't a lot to do here. The instructions keep things simple!

Here's a quick video on how to assemble this bicycle.

Slick Geometry

The fact that the Granite Peak has a steel frame means that it's on the heavier side.

Though what the Granite Peak bike has in its favor is its geometrical design - it's fantastic!

Riders who are new to cycling will appreciate the geometry as it allows you to stay balanced on this bike easily.

It also means that you can sit in a more comfortable position that can be held for hours. You won't feel any discomfort.

I can't stress how impressive that is, especially given the price point of the Granite Peak Men's Mountain bike.

Stopping Power

The brakes on these bicycles are good. They aren't exceptional but there has to be a compromise somewhere with a budget-friendly bicycle and this is it.

I feel like it's a reasonable compromise too, given who this bicycle is aimed at - beginners.

You won't need the stopping power of disc brakes. Rim brakes allow you to stop when you need to and they keep the weight down.

Plus, maintenance on rim brakes is inexpensive (ideally suited to the target market) and easy to do.

For a more detailed guide, here's the manufacturer's website

Cons Of The Roadmaster Granite Peak

Few things are perfect so let's balance this review out by looking at:


The seat on the Roadmaster Granite Peak does have plenty of padding. However, that doesn't always translate to a comfortable ride, and for some people this has been the case.

There's no certainty that you will experience the problem. So, before rushing out and buying a different padded seat, I would recommend testing on a few different terrains first.


As the mountain bike uses a frame constructed from steel, it doesn't make it the lightest bike. For some riders, this could be an issue.

The problem with having a heavy bike is that it can be more difficult to handle, particularly at a slower speed. Should you need to push/carry your bike, it becomes more difficult!

If you want a lighter ride, I would advise looking for one with a lightweight aluminum frame.

Durability Of The Frame

Whilst I have no issue with how the frame handles itself in a crash, when it comes to paintwork, it's a little lacking.

Scratches don't happen easily. However, it is more prone to scratching than other, more expensive models.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Competition

Trek 820

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The Trek 820 offers solid competition against the Roadmaster Granite. It, too, is aimed at the beginner mountain bike rider market.

Similar to the Roadmaster, it comes with a steel frame, though in the case of the Trek 820, it is a Trek custom frame. It works brilliantly with the front suspension fork.

You get a full Shimano drivetrain with the Trek 820. So, it's very much in line with the Granite Peak.

Where the Trek 820 does shine is in its tires. It's equipped with Bontrager 26-inch tires. These tires are high quality and are a nice size, so it ticks a lot of boxes in that regard.

Overall, the Trek 820 sizes up well against the Roadmaster Granite. If you'd like to read more about this bike, you can do so here!


Are Roadmaster Granite Bikes Good?

The Roadmaster Granite is a great bike for its target market.

It comes at an affordable cost for those who want to get into mountain biking. There are plenty of great features such as the Shimano derailleurs, durable tires, and comfortable handlebars that make riding new trails fun.

Who Makes Roadmaster Granite Peak?

Roadmaster was founded in 1936 so they have a long heritage. They are now owned and manufactured by Pacific Cycle.

Is Roadmaster Better Than Mongoose?

It depends. Both Roadmaster and Mongoose target the same market of riders and both offer entry-level bikes with plenty of features. So it all comes down to what you want as both manufacturers are equally competent.

Is Roadmaster better Than Huffy?

Huffy bicycles offer a lot of features on their bikes at affordable prices. This makes them more attractive to riders.

However, when you read reviews, Huffy doesn't seem to compare favorably to Roadmaster.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Granite Peak bicycle offers a smooth ride and appears to be a great buy for those who are new to trail riding.

It comes with plenty of features that help to deliver solid performance; even on long-distance rides, gravel roads, and difficult paths!

Amy L
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