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Best Spin Bikes to Use with Peloton App

Carlos Glover
December 5, 2022

If you want to use the Peloton app, you don´t necessarily have to get the Peloton bike. Instead you can go with bikes like the Bowflex Velocore bike or the Schwinn ic4. You´ll find that they also work well with some classes available on the Peloton app. Furthermore, these bikes are also considered to be quality indoor cycling bikes, very enjoyable to ride, and are much cheaper.

When it was time to buy an exercise bike, the Peloton bike seemed to be way too expensive. However, I still wanted to use the app because I had heard there were some great classes available. I started researching and found some bikes that were very similar to Peloton, but much cheaper. I decided to try the Bowflex Velocore out, and I can honestly say I really like using it for my workouts.

In this article, we'll be reviewing some of the best exercise bike models you could get that also go well with the Peloton app.

Best Spin Bikes

We´ve separated our recommendation list on a few different criteria:

  • Best App Compatibility: For those who are looking for a bike that can adapt well to the Peloton app
  • Best Alternatives to the Peloton bike: For those who are looking for similar bikes to the Peloton bike

Best Peloton App Fits

These bikes are the ones that best work with the Peloton app. With these spin bikes, you´ll be able to enjoy and take the most accurate Peloton classes and get some quality exercise done.

Model Price Dimensions Screen Resistance Weight More Information
Schwinn IC4
Schwinn Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike
$999  L: 48.75"
W: 21.25"
H: 52"
No Magnetic 106 lbs CHECK PRICE
Bowflex Velocore Bike
Bowflex VeloCore 16 Bike
$1,699 L: 59.8"
W: 24.1"
H: 55.3"
Yes Magnetic 175 lbs CHECK PRICE
Nordictrack S22i
NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle with 30-Day iFIT Family Membership - NEW MODEL
$1,700 L: 55.0″
W: 29.1″
H: 56.9″
Yes Magnetic 193 lbs CHECK PRICE
MYX II Spin Bike
MYX II Spin Bike
$1399 L: 54"
W: 21"
H: 47"
Yes Magnetic 134 lbs CHECK PRICE

1. Schwinn IC4

The Schwinn IC4 is a sort of sibling model to the bowflex devices on this list. This is because both brands are owned by the same parent company. However, this bike offers a lot at a great price.

Sure, the bike only comes with a small LCD screen which displays some information about you riding, but it´s a bike which has over 100 magnetic resistance levels, which can easily adapt to Peloton workouts. Furthermore, the bike also has plenty of accessories such as a dual cup holder, tablet holder and dual pedals.

For a price of $999, this is a great bike which offers tons of value for your money.


  • 100 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Solid frame
  • Quite compact
  • Low maintenance
  • Quality bike
  • Good warranty


  • Has had some issues with it´s resistance
  • Customer support isn't the best
  • It lacks a screen

2. Bowflex Velocore Bike

The velocore is one of Bowflex´s newest and best spin bike models to date. It has a very interesting design and is equipped with lots of accessories to facilitate your daily riding. It is as close as it comes to Peloton bikes without being one.

This bike does include a screen, which really comes in handy when you're using the Peloton digital app. You´ll be able to do most of the classes and imitate Peloton instructors to the best of your ability. It also comes with plenty of other accessories such as pedals with toe cages, water bottle holder, compatible with bluetooth and internet, etc.

The bike´s main feature is a leaning feature which will help you develop core strength while riding, hence the name "velocore". With this particular spin bike, you´ll be able to enjoy the Peloton experience as close as possible to the real thing.

For $ 1,700 the bike is quite similar to a Peloton, but offers its own thing and experience, which is worth exploring.


  • Comes with a screen
  • Innovative design
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Workout variety
  • Versatile


  • A bit expensive
  • The leaning feature isn't for everyone, some might struggle with leaning all the time
  • Short 2-year warranty

3. Nordictrack S22i

Another indoor bike which really evokes a Peloton experience is none other than one of Peloton´s fiercest competitors: The Nordictrack S22i. This spin bike is quite a popular model, it is full of impressive and thoughtful features which make riding this bike an overall pleasant experience.

The bike has a magnetic resistance system which can be adjusted to your preference, it has a big screen to lead you through different workouts. This screen is compatible with many different fitness apps such as Peloton and iFit. However, the bike´s biggest feature is that it can recline to make it seem that you´re riding up or downhill.

The bike is very enjoyable to ride. If you use the Peloton app, you should be able to repeat after every Peloton instructor, there will surely be a few differences, but overall you´ll have fun riding this fitness bike.


  • Comes with a large screen
  • Very quiet and smooth ride
  • The bike has this unique reclining feature
  • Hybrid pedals
  • Adjusting the resistance is smooth and easy
  • The console comes with a fan for you to cool off


  • It is an expensive bike
  • The saddle can be slightly uncomfortable
  • The screen can shake or easily get loose

4. MYX II Spin Bike

The last of the best spin bikes we´ll take a look at today is the MYX II bike. This is a sort of DIY peloton bike, it's a bit unique but the riding experience is quite similar. It is probably one of the most affordable Peloton bike alternatives, which makes it a very popular choice.

The MYX II works with a magnetic resistance. It is quite a versatile bike with which you´ll be able to take many classes. The bike is equipped with a lot of accessories which make it feel fun, smooth and versatile.

The bike costs $1,399, it is a bit expensive, but still cheaper than a Peloton. Nevertheless, this bike feels like it gives you a decent bang for your buck.


  • Quality speakers
  • Comes with a screen
  • Resistance and cadence sensor
  • Variety of pre-downloaded workouts
  • Dual sided pedals
  • Apple watch compatible
  • Good value for price


  • Some connectivity issues
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Does not include a leaderboard feature

Best Alternatives to the Peloton Bike

These bikes are some of the best options to replace the Peloton bike. They can do almost everything the Peloton bike can do, and therefore, they´re here.

Model Price Dimensions Screen Resistance Weight More Information
Stryde Bike
Stryde Bike
 $1,700 L: 49.6"
W: 24"
H: 36"
Yes Magnetic 135 lbs CHECK PRICE
Bowflex C6
Bowflex C6
$999 L: 48.7"
W: 21.2"
H: 51.8"
No Magnetic 112 lbs CHECK PRICE
Echelon Connect EX-3
Echelon EX-15 Smart Connect Fitness Bike, 30-Day Free Echelon Membership, Easy Storage, Small Spaces, Cushioned Seat, Solid, Stable Design, HIIT, Top Instructors, 32 Resistance Levels, Bluetooth
$999 L: 54.5"
W: 20"
H: 55"
Yes Magnetic 110 lbs CHECK PRICE
Sole SB 900 Bike
SOLE Fitness SB900 2020 Model Light Upright Indoor Stationary Bike, Home and Gym Exercise Equipment, Smooth and Quiet, Versatile for Any Workout, Bluetooth and USB Compatible
$999 L: 40"
W: 21"
H: 42"
No Magnetic 133 lbs CHECK PRICE
Keiser M3 Spin Bike
Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle
$1,699 L: 42.24"
W: 39.17"
H: 10.24"
Yes Magnetic 85.1 lbs CHECK PRICE

1. Stryde Bike

The Stryde bike is one of the best alternatives to the Peloton bike. Much like Peloton, Stryde offers their own app and content, which you can enjoy for around $29/month. However, if you also want to the Peloton App, you can get the Digital membership for $12/month, which is cheaper. Additionally, the Peloton App has more content than the stryde app. The classes differ a bit so I´d recommend trying each app separately and go for the option you like the most.

All things considered, the Stryde bike is a great alternative to the Peloton bike, mainly because it has the same resistance system, which consists of 100 different levels of magnetic resistance. The bike also includes a screen, has bluetooth speakers and a high weight capacity. Overall, this is a high-quality bike with which you can do many things and take any class you want.


  • Very similar to Peloton
  • Features a magnetic resistance, just like Peloton
  • Features a screen, good speakers and is quite modern
  • Versatile spin bike made for a variety of exercises
  • Adjustable seat
  • Goes well with the Peloton App


  • Membership to their own app costs $28/month
  • The screen doesn't rotate

2. Bowflex C6

Another great alternative to the Peloton bike is the Bowflex C6. Unlike the Stryde bike, this model has no screen built into it, but rather it has a screen holder. Mechanically, the bike also has 100 levels of magnetic resistance, which coincides with Peloton as well.

This bike has a complete and versatile riding experience. You can get the bike for just $999, which makes this bike irresistible for those looking for some value for money.

Finally, the bike has a good warranty and is financially accessible for anyone. Buying this bike is both a sensible and good decision.


  • 100 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Quiet ride, good riding experience
  • Great price ($999)
  • Comes with a USB port and tablet holder
  • Goes well with the Peloton app


  • Doesn´t include a screen
  • A tad difficult to put together

3. Echelon Connect EX-3

The Echelon Bike is the most basic and inexpensive product the echelon brand offers. However, it's still good enough to get on this list and to be considered a worthy alternative to a Peloton bike.

Much like Peloton, the bike works with magnetic resistance, however, this bike only has 32 levels, which might be complicated to adapt to the resistances set on the Peloton app.

This particular model is sought out by many because of its compact size and quality for a low price. Overall it's quite a versatile bike, but it is also a basic one. For example, it has no screen included, nevertheless, you´ll have the option to connect to your TV instead.


  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Has Bluetooth
  • 32 resistance levels
  • Great price
  • Can connect to TV


  • No touch screen included
  • A short 1 year warranty on everything is included
  • Shipping is only available in the US
  • They don't have the best customer service reputation

4. Sole SB 900 Bike

The Sole SB 900 is another candidate you can consider as a Peloton bike alternative. It has a high-quality frame, and overall is considered to be a solid piece of exercise equipment available for a great price. Sole is a reputable brand known for making quality equipment. This bike is no exception.

This bike emphasizes performance and build over adding technological gizmos, something not often seen in the industry. As a result, the bike has a good magnetic resistance system, but only comes with a small LCD screen which can´t connect to Wifi networks.

What makes this bike a good choice is it´s quality and the price you´ll pay for it ($999).


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 48 lb. Flywheel
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Smooth and silent ride
  • Comfortable bike
  • The bike comes with stabilizers to prevent it from rocking
  • Great price to quality ratio
  • Compatible with the Peloton app


  • Small LCD screen
  • A bit lacking on the technological side

5. Keiser M3 Spin Bike

Keiser is a bike brand known for making great spin bikes. The M3 is just a continuation of this trend. Riding the bike is a really enjoyable experience. Additionally, one can do a variety of exercises on it, which makes it a good Peloton alternative bike.

The bike features quality equipment, however it comes with a hefty price tag of $1,700. The bike includes a good screen and has a great computer. The seat can be adjusted for you to ride with comfort, however it's still not the best. The bike rides smoothly and it's quite fun to use.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with customer support
  • Study build
  • Comes with a screen included
  • Adjustable and Magnetic Resistance system
  • Little maintenance required


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The seat is a bit uncomfortable
  • Short six month warranty

Cheaper Alternatives

These spin bikes are for those looking for Peloton alternative bikes without having to spend an absurd amount of money.

Model Price Dimensions Screen Resistance Weight More Information
JOROTO Spin Bike
JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes Stationary (300 Lbs Weight Capacity) (Updated)
$499  L: 42.9"
W: 19.7"
H: 42.5"
No Magnetic 91 lbs CHECK PRICE
Yosuda Spin Bike
YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary - Exercise Bike for Home Gym with Comfortable Seat Cushion, Silent Belt Drive, iPad Holder
$440  L: 55"
W: 20"
H: 55"
No Band Resistance 104 lbs CHECK PRICE
Sunny Health and Fitness Bike
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with 44 lb Flywheel and Large Device Holder, Black, Model Number: SF-B1805
 $600 L: 48"
W: 23"
H: 45"
No Band Resistance 126 lbs CHECK PRICE

1. JOROTO X2 Spin Bike

If you're looking for a budget spin bike, going with the JOROTO X2 could end up being a great choice. This spin bike comes with a magnetic resistance system with 13 different levels, which makes the bike feel silent and smooth while riding. Additionally, the bike comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars to adapt for any kind of height.

However, since it is a cost-friendly bike, there are plenty of compromises you will have to make. The bike doesn't come with a screen of any kind, in fact it is a bit lacking on the technological side of things. The bike has all the essential controls to ride, but you won't get anything luxurious beyond that. The only accessory you´ll get is a water bottle holder/tablet holder.

The bike isn't particularly compatible with the Peloton app, mostly because of its simplicity and resistance system. However, with this bike you can also try getting the Peloton digital app and taking a few cycling classes. Just keep in mind there will be some notable differences.

Finally, this bike has a price of $499.99.


  • The pedals on the bike have toe cages to match any kind of shoe
  • It is a very cheap option
  • As far as riding goes, it's silent and smooth
  • Great value for it´s price.
  • Easily assembled
  • Adjustable seat
  • Low maintenance


  • A bit uncomfortable to ride
  • Has no screen
  • It is quite big and heavy
  • The bike doesn't connect to fitness apps, you can still try taking the class
  • You´ll have to choose to use the holder either for your tablet or your water bottle, not both

2. Yosuda Spin Bike

Another home exercise bike you´ll find for a low price is the Yosuda Spin bike. This bike is characteristic for being simple, effective and affordable, however, you won't find any luxuries with it.

The bike comes with a 35 lb. flywheel and a belt drive system, you can twist the resistance knob to change between an endless number of resistance levels. Another big plus the bike has it that it's quite comfortable to ride. Furthermore, the pedals come with toe cages to match any kind of shoe.

What the bike truly lacks is a lot of work on it´s user interface. There aren't any prepared classes, no statistics, nothing of any kind. However, you´ll still be able to take Peloton classes, as the bike includes a tablet holder.

Overall, for the price of $439.99, this bike offers a ton of value. As you´ll surely get plenty of good exercise done.


  • Best budget spin bike
  • Great price
  • Belt drive mechanism
  • Infinite levels of resistance
  • Makes for a good home spin bike
  • Comfortable Ride


  • Not so compatible with the Peloton app
  • It's a very simple bike
  • It's quite big and spacious
  • Difficult to assemble

3. Sunny Health and Fitness Bike

The Sunny Health SB-B1805 is another cheap indoor cycling bike you can use with the Peloton app. This particular bike is recognized as a durable and sturdy bike which gets the job done. It isn´t the fanciest spin you´ll find, but you´ll do plenty of good exercise with it.

This indoor cycle bike features a belt resistance system and a 49 lb. Flywheel, you can freely change between a variety of resistance levels. The bike also has a really compact design so it doesn't really feel like it takes much space.

The bike is considered to be somewhat lacking in the accessory and interface department. There's no kind of information regarding your ride, the bike is quite heavy and it can be quite comfortable to ride. Overall, the bike does lack the technology to take a Peloton class as one should, but with a bit of will, you can do it.

Finally, for the price of $599, you still get a good bargain for a brand new spin bike.


  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Solid bike
  • Very affordable
  • Belt drive system
  • Pedals with toe cages
  • Good value for money
  • Small design


  • Not the best compatibility with the Peloton app
  • A very simple bike
  • No screen included
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • It´s a heavy bike
  • No data of any kind

Peloton App

The Peloton app is the company's biggest undertaking to this date. The app was created as a resource to guide and entertain people during their fitness journey. It is a database storing all of their classes running in various topics, from running, to cycling, yoga and meditating.

This app is available on most TV´s, Amazon, App Store, Roku, Google Play Store and more. However, you will need a subscription to use it. This costs around $12/month.

Most spin bikes don't have a screen, as an alternative they come with a tablet holder. With this accessory, you´ll be able to use with Peloton app

Adapting Your Bike to Use With the Peloton App

It is very likely that if you don't buy the Peloton bike, your spin bike will vary in some way or the other with the Peloton bike. This could potentially affect the quality of your Peloton experience, Peloton classes and your training. Therefore, here are some tips of how to adapt your bike to the Peloton app.

  • You´re not alone. There are plenty of other people who also didn´t get a Peloton, some of them have come up with ingenious conversion charts to adapt your bike to the Peloton standard.
  • In case your bike doesn't have a screen, you can use your tablet for both on and off-bike workouts.
  • In most cases you won't be able to connect the data on your bike to the Peloton app, however you can use external gadgets such as an apple watch to keep track of your heart rate, calories burned and distance ridden.

Difference Between a Spin Bike and a Stationary Bike

Even though both of these bikes are meant for you to use them at home, there is some difference between them.

Spin bikes are designed to mimic an outdoor bike, therefore, the riding position is the same as a mountain or road bike. For stationary bikes, the seating is different; it is more upright and in some cases you can adjust the position of the seat to adjust for your needs.

Other than that, both bikes are really good for doing some quality exercise and burning calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use the Peloton App with Any Spin Bike?

The Peloton app in and of itself might not be available on every bike. However, you can download the app on your tablet or phone and take classes with that.

The experience won't be exactly the same, after all, the devices aren't the same, so the experience is bound to be different, however that doesn't mean it's bad. You can still have some fun and do some quality workouts.

The compatibility of every bike with Peloton app varies from model to model. However, due to connectivity issues, more often than not, you´ll have to externally download the app. Meaning you´ll have to train without a connection between the app and your bike.

If you can download the Peloton app on your bike, it is quite possible they´re compatible.

In any case, you can still use your bike with the Peloton app. Just expect a different experience.

Which Accessories Go Well with a Non Peloton Bike?

  • Heart rate monitor: If you want to have a heart rate monitor and your bike doesn't have this feature, you can always compliment it with an Apple watch.
  • Cycling shoes: Most bikes these days have toe cages in order to adapt to any type of shoe, However, some bikes, such as the Peloton, will require special cleats.
  • Speakers: If you like to ride while listening to music, some of these bikes might not offer quality speakers, nevertheless, you can compliment it with your personal headphones to make it work.

Final Thoughts

The Peloton bike costs between $1,500 or $2,500 (Plus version). It is a bit on the expensive side. However, there are plenty of spinning bikes on the market which can offer a very similar experience for a much lower cost.

There are some alternatives to the Peloton bike on this list that are even more expensive. Since they're also quite unique and offer something special, they were worth a mention.

Taking Peloton classes with any other model than the Peloton might not lead to the same experience and results. It won't be 100% the same. That doesn't mean it is bad, just different. Just keep that in mind.

The best non-Peloton bike to compliment the Peloton app is The Bowflex Velocore, due to it´s versatility, features and modern design. Furthermore, you can work develop your core while riding as well. If you´re not happy with this bike Nordictrack´s S22i won´t let you down. It is also a very complete exercise machine, which can go well with a variety of apps, including Peloton.

The choice is yours. Go with the bike you wish by taking your priorities, needs and capabilities into account.

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